I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 117 - Insinuating black-belly

Chapter 117: Insinuating black-belly

When Zhang Qing knocked on the door and came in, Ling Zhanyi had yet to remove the smile on his face. Although Zhang Qing was surprised to see her president smiling so foolishly, she knew better to prey about her boss’ matters. Hence, she acted as if she didn’t see his smile and seriously reported, “President Ling, President Su of Su Group wants to see you…”

Su Yan?

Ling Zhanyi’s smile froze and after some contemplation, he nodded his head. “Invite him in!”

What would come, would come in the end!

After Su Yan entered, he awkwardly glanced at Ling Zhanyi before explaining, “Zhanyi, actually, I’ve given you a call before I came here, but you were on the phone… Am I disturbing your work for coming so hastily?”

He wanted to make an appointment with Zhanyi outside of the office… But he couldn’t wait any longer…

“You are not disturbing me. Uncle Su, please take a seat.” How could Ling Zhanyi not see his urgency? But Ling Zhanyi wasn’t in a hurry. He stood up leisurely and stretched out his hand to direct Su Yan to sit on the sofa beside them before sitting across him.

Zhang Qing knocked on the door and came in with coffee. She placed it beside Su Yan’s hand. “President Su, your coffee…”

Su Yan expressed his thanks and took the coffee cup. Zhang Qing bowed respectfully and left.

Ling Zhanyi went straight to the main point and asked, “Uncle Su, for what matters are you looking for me?”

Su Yan hesitated and moved the coffee cup in his hand repeatedly but refused to drink it. He eventually summoned up his courage after a long silence. “Zhanyi… I want to ask… if you are married?”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyebrow raised and he asked in return, “Why did you say so?”

“Because of the ring I’ve seen on your finger…” Su Yan looked at the ring on his ring finger and thought back to the same style of ring Su Ziyang had worn on his finger that night. His heart was beating fast.

——It was like he was anticipating and was nervous.

Ling Zhanyi was twisting the ring on his finger when he suddenly spoke, “Oh, you mean this…” After that, he deliberately paused for a moment before continuing, “I do have plans to get married, but at present, my sons are still young and the weather is getting colder, so I intend to wait for the weather to warm up and for my wife to give his consent before we get married.” Ling Zhanyi raised his eyebrows again and asked casually, “Why? Is Uncle Su feeling unjust for his daughter?”

Su Yan quickly shook his head. “No- no!”

“Then that’s good… I believe Uncle Su is a reasonable person. Speaking of it, your daughter has been clamouring that she will marry no one else but me. Although I do admire her courage in her resolve, this matter bothers me tremendously. She even wants to hurt my wife… In order not to let her have enough power to hurt my lover, I have decided to set my hands on the Su family’s enterprise. Without any funds and background, I believe she will not be able to cause any trouble again?”

Ling Zhanyi unconcernedly said those words like they were exchanging small talk. When Su Yan heard his words, his complexion turned ugly and felt his face getting lost– that damn girl! She had been excessively spoiled by her mother and actually did such a shameless thing!

The commotion she had caused previously had disgraced him and his friends, now she had actually recklessly confronted Ling Zhanyi? Was she that capable? A move of Ling Zhanyi’s fingers could cause her to die so miserably!

Look, it hadn’t been long since the acquisition of Su’s shares, but Su’s profit had been declining. The company’s financial expenditure was almost reaching equilibrium. If this continued, he’s afraid there would be a deficit soon…

“Of course, Uncle Su doesn’t have to worry because I don’t have any other objective. I just want your daughter to back out, or perhaps, Uncle Su could discipline her instead.” Ling Zhanyi laughed innocuously, “When I’m certain that she won’t think of any other ways to hurt my wife, I will naturally let Su Group’s scale recover. I can also make up for Uncle Su’s loss during the period, so Uncle Su needn’t worry about it.”

At the time, Su Yan then understood– that damned girl even threatened to hurt someone else’s wife?!

Thinking that Ling Zhanyi’s wife was likely to be his son who had grown up in a welfare home, Su Yan felt rather distasteful. Unexpectedly, her daughter even wanted to harm her brother. Sinful! Truly sinful!

Despite his deep regret, Su Yan still decided to ask, “I wonder whose Zhanyi’s wife is…”

“Oh, I don’t think Uncle Su knows him, but he has the same surname as you, even his name is a word different from your daughter’s name. His name is Su Ziyang. Don’t you think this is a kind of fate? So there’s no need to be so ruthless like this, right? Although he is a man like me, I just like him, and we even have children together. Likewise, my parents have also accepted him. We definitely wouldn’t allow any third party to interfere with our relationship! Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell Uncle Su that he has a concealed double body constitution. He can be pregnant and have children. I hope Uncle Su isn’t frightened by it…”

Ling Zhanyi purposely explained and observed Su Yan’s expression quietly. Sure enough, when he heard the “concealed double body constitution”, his expression wasn’t surprised but mixed with some pain and regret…

So… It seemed that Ziyang was really Su Yan’s son?

Su Yan said with an awkward smile, “No, no.. I’ve heard of this constitution before…”

“That’s good… After all, this kind of thing is too unimaginable… As long as it doesn’t scare you… ” Ling Zhanyi looked at Su Yan with a smile, “Is Uncle Su’s purpose of coming here today to ask me whether I am married or not?”

“I…” Su Yan wanted to say something yet he didn’t. After struggling for a long time, he eventually chose not to say anything. He nodded stiffly. “Yes… After all, Su Ziqi is my daughter. For whatever matters she had done, is it I, her father who has not disciplined her enough. If you are married, perhaps she will give up… However, it seems that she has reached the point of obsession. When I get home, I will try to persuade her with her mother…”

“This would be the best… It is also a blessing to have your parents discipline yourself. I hope she will be able to cherish it…” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes grew sharp and he seemly unintentionally said, “Ah, speaking of it, my wife isn’t so lucky. He is an orphan and grew up in an orphanage, even if he wanted to hear his parents’ teaching, he couldn’t… I even heard that… his parents shunned his constitution and abandoned him in the orphanage. Alas, how could there be such irresponsible parents? It’s not like he wanted that kind of constitution. Besides, so what if his constitution is a little strange? He will not harm others, in fact, he had even brought benefits to others.”

“Take me as an example. I actually like men, so I have never been in sync with your daughter. Generally speaking, the homosexual will be left without any offspring. But thank heaven, I was allowed to meet him. Because of his constitution, he gave birth to twin sons for me. We both love each other and even have offsprings. What a wonderful thing that is! If Ziyang’s parents knew about it, they would certainly regret it. My Ziyang is so wonderful, he is self-reliant and especially charming! By the way, Uncle Su, I will invite you when I get married. You will wish us well, won’t you?”

Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Yan as he spoke. If he was right, Su Yan’s purpose of coming here today was to confess Su Ziyang’s matter to him. However, due to his reputation, he had been hesitating and didn’t dare to explain.

However, it was good that he didn’t explain himself, because what Ling Zhanyi had just said was to get rid of Su Yan’s intention! If he really explained himself, Ling Zhanyi might not be able to refuse him…

They didn’t care about Ziyang for more than 20 years before, but now they want to be acquainted with Ziyang after knowing how good of a son he was?

Were they dreaming?

Ziyang was his! Nobody should even think of trying to snatch him away! Even if it was his parents who had suddenly gained back their conscience and wanted to try to get their son back!

What’s more, it’s not necessarily that he found his conscience. Maybe it was because of his precious daughter…

Ling Zhanyi definitely wouldn’t allow this kind of thing to happen. No matter how Ziyang thought about this, this would only hurt Ziyang again. Why was there such a need! He was reluctant to add any slightest worry to his baby. Let that little thing live under his protection with a little pride and a little temper all the time!

Let him handle all these troubles. He promised that after today’s conversation, Su Yan would not look for him again, and his intention that had just emerged would also disappear…

Su Yan’s face changed from green to pale. Naturally, he didn’t know that Ling Zhanyi had deliberately said this to him and thought that he was just standing his feeling regarding the matter. His remorse had already reached its peak at this moment. However, he could not make it clear to Ling Zhanyi and could only respond to the question that Ling Zhanyi had just asked. “Definitely, definitely… I wish you two happiness…”

“Thank you, Uncle Su, it is still you who is more magnanimous!” Ling Zhanyi smiled amiably. He simply wouldn’t let anyone suspect that, in fact, he was the most black-bellied one.

Su Yan awkwardly put down his coffee cup and got up. “You are busy, I won’t disturb your work any longer…”

Ling Zhanyi also got up and said ardently, “It will be noon soon, won’t Uncle Su have lunch before he leaves?”

“No, no, you are busy, you are busy…” Su Yan waved his hand hastily, and Ling Zhanyi pretended to be regretful. “Well, all right, I won’t force you to stay. Uncle Su, take care…”

After seeing Su Yan off, Ling Zhanyi looked at the time and thought that it was almost time that Ziyang got home, so he called him again. His expression immediately returned to the devoted and good husband mode. “Hello? Wife… Are you home yet?”

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