I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 17 - Persuading you to abort the child!

Chapter 17: Persuading you to abort the child!

When Luoyang moved in, naturally, he did not need Su Ziyang to help him. He found a moving company to move everything from the school dormitory, and then he carried them up bit by bit.

Su Ziyang initially wanted to help, but Luoyang refused with utmost flagrantly. What a joke, how could he let a pregnant man help him move things?

“Well, I don’t have a lot of things. It will be almost done after one more round. You should have a good rest. Don’t you need to write a resignation letter? But in my experience, you don’t have to resign. Just submit an application for leave and say you are… En… Inflammation of the kidneys… That you need a good recuperate period.” Luoyang thought for a while; this seemed to be the most suitable illness for a leave.

Su Ziyang’s mouth pulled back, “My kidneys are very good.”

Luoyang took the pile of things in his arms and stacked in at the door of the second bedroom. He wiped his sweat and laughed, “Doesn’t this need to take a few months of rest? If it’s inflammation of the kidneys… It’s the easiest to fake… Tomorrow I’ll accompany you to the hospital and ask the doctor to write a sick leave note.”

Su Ziyang was struck dumb, “This will do?”

“Yes, there will be no problem. Rest assured, I’m a professor of biomedicine, this is a trifle!” Luoyang smiled and turned to go out again. “Now you’ll have to figure out how to write your leave application first. I’ll be right back.”

When Luoyang came up with the last box of things, Su Ziyang was once again puking in the bathroom while holding on to his stomach. This painful voice made one’s heart filled with perplexity.

“Hey, are you okay?” Luoyang put down the box and went into the bathroom to pat Su Ziyang on the back. “It’s not good to keep puking like this. How about I send you to the hospital to have a checkup today and see what the doctor can do…”

“No, no need…” Su Ziyang waved his hand, flushed his face with cold water, gargled and straightened up. He looked pale. “I’ve been to the hospital, and the doctor said it’s a normal phenomenon, so I got used to the puking.”

Luoyang looked at him helplessly: “In fact, I want to say, while it is less than a month now, go to the hospital to get rid of the child. Short-Term suffering and long-term suffering, which one do you want to choose?”

Su Ziyang took a deep breath and suppressed his discomfort before whispering, “I will still choose to suffer for a long time, at least I can keep my life.”

“Now the child has not been formed yet. You will only bleed a little, and not lose your life.” Luoyang persuaded while analyzing, “Otherwise, look at how you are suffering now, when the baby gets bigger, it will be more painful and dangerous to conceive the baby…”

Su Ziyang looked up and thought for a while and said stubbornly, “I’ll choose a cesarean section at that time, I won’t give birth.”

“You…” Luoyang was speechless, this guy’s persistence was really deep!

“Ok ok, go and clean up your room. I’ll lie down for a while.” Su Ziyang waved his hand and strolled back to his room.

Luoyang sighed. What was he saying? He was the chief culprit in splitting up the father and child. Forget it, he better not say anything more in the future.

Su Ziyang went back to his room and restlessly lay in bed. He kept flipping around in the bed with his hands on his stomach. Thinking back on Luoyang’s words, In fact, he was right, but… He just could not make up his mind.

Rubbing his stomach gently through his clothes, Su Ziyang whispered, “Baby, if you want to survive well, don’t torture me like that again, will you?”

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