I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 18 - Shotgun marriage?

Chapter 18: Shotgun marriage?

Su Ziyang lay in bed thinking until he fell asleep in a daze. He was awakened by a fragrance and opened his eyes in confusion. Su Ziyang followed the fragrance and opened the door. He sniffed like a puppy until he reached the kitchen door.

“What is it? It’s smell delicious.” Su Ziyang was still half awake and he suddenly felt his stomach getting famished.

“I noticed that there’s food in the fridge, so I cooked dinner. It’s almost ready. Go to the living room and sit for a while. Here, take this dish out first.” Luoyang was wearing an apron and he looked like a chef.

Su Ziyang took the dish and laughed, “I couldn’t tell that you actually can cook.”

“Its just self-reliance. Okay, go out, don’t let the fume smoke into the baby in your stomach.” Luoyang pushed Su Ziyang out and closed the kitchen door.

Su Ziyang scratched his cheeks, feeling a little embarrassed. Why did he feel that he did not find a tenant, but a nanny?

After sitting in the living room and waited for a while, Luoyang brought out three more dishes. He then served rice to Su Ziyang and said, “Eat, you must be hungry?”

“Thank you. You too.” Su Ziyang couldn’t wait to take a bite of the dish. It tasted very good. Due to all the puking these few days, he did not have much appetite. This time, he ate with relish.

“I’ll cook all the meals in the future, so you can keep your body nutritious.” Luoyang poured himself a glass of water and sincerely said, “I apologize for what I said in the afternoon. I shouldn’t advise you to abort the child. Please don’t mind my words.”

Su Ziyang waved his hand: “How can I! I know you are doing this for my good, just that I… Hehe, I can’t bear this. Then… Since you can cook so well, I will not steal the job from you. But I’ll buy all the ingredients in the future.”

“No need, I will buy after my classess. You’d better reduce the amount of activity you do and have a good rest.” Luoyang refused and he saw Su Ziyang’s embarrassment, so he added, “Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve seen that the price of renting houses around here and it is more than two thousand five. You only charge me one thousand five, which has saved me a lot. We both can’t eat that much anyway, so I’ll buy the food and other things!”

“That’s so embarrassing…” Su Ziyang laughed and said in his heart: Heaven finally grew an eye, sending me such a gentle and considerate handsome guy to take care of my accomodation, and even gave me money every month…

“After the birth of the child, let me be his Godfather. Anyway, I’m gay and is doomed to have no offspring. It will be good to have a Godson to take care of me and send me to my funeral.” Luoyang openingly half-joked.

Su Ziyang no longer refused and quickly said, “Okay! Since you’ve already said this, I will not decline further. I can’t drink alcohol now. Let’s replace the alcohol with boiled water and have a cheer. Its good to know you. In the future, you’ll be the Godfather of this child!”

“We promise!” Luoyang and Suziyang touched cups and decided that the little thing in someone’s stomach would be pampered by a lot of people in the future.

This meal, Su Ziyang unexpectedly ate a lot. He recalled back about how his pregnancy from last life and after rebirth, he had no appetite. Moreover, after eating something, his nausea condition was getting much lighter.

Under the guidance of Luoyang, Su Ziyang drew up an application for leave, then went back to his room to sleep. He was prepared to go to the hospital the next day to get a sick leave form.

As for how to do it, with the help of Luoyang, he did not have to worry about anything.

The next day.

Su Ziyang’s morning vomiting was lighter, but it still took him a while before he stopped.

Luoyang had no class today, but he still got up very early. Two raw eggs were prepared and put in the anti-collision box. When Su Ziyang was ready, he went out and went downstairs with him.

Luoyang called a taxi and sat in the back seat with Su Ziyang. He also carefully prepared an orange and handed it to him. “Pinch the orange peel and smell it, you won’t feel sick anymore.”

Su Ziyang smiled gratefully and then scratched his fingernails on the orange peel and put them under his nose. The sour and astringent flavor suppressed the discomfort that was surging.

While talking with Su Ziyang, Luoyang asked the driver to go to the municipal hospital.

“Just go to Pingan Hospital. Why go to the municipal hospital?” As soon as Su Ziyang heard of the municipal hospital, he remembered that he had lost his life there in his last life, and instinctively did not want to go.

“There’s better equipment and everything. Anyway, it’s only ten minutes more. Regardless, the body is more important.” Luoyang thought Su Ziyang was afraid that the municipal hospital would spend more money, so he explained.

“But…” Su Ziyang also wanted to say something however Luoyang spoke up, “I have friends in the municipal hospital. It will be more convenient to get a leave slip later.”

Su Ziyang thought about it and agreed. Anyway, he was not going to have an abortion. Why was he afraid of?

Registration, queuing and paying were all done by Luoyang. Su Ziyang just waited in the chair.

When he was bored of waiting, Su Ziyang looked through the entertainment magazine next to him. As soon as he held it, he eyes went wide from the startled of seeing the familiar man on the cover – Ling Zhanyi?!

President Ling Zhangyi and the Rich Young Mistress Su Ziqi will be having a shotgun marriage!

The title was very dramatic. Su Ziyang stared at the two words “Shotgun Marriage” and he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

Sure enough… Marriage with a woman was a gay’s ultimate destination.

Su Ziyang gently rubbed his lower abdomen, suddenly thinking that it was very ironic to have the flesh and bones of that bastard in his belly.

In the last life, he had no other ways other than to look for him to take responsibility. He didn’t think about getting any title, nor did he thought about marrying him. He just wanted to make the bastard surnamed Ling to guarantee his food and clothing during his pregnancy until the child was born safely. It didn’t matter who will be taking the child after it was born, yet he took him to the hospital to have an abortion, which also made him lose his life. Including the child that was justing forming in his abdomen, that was a total of two lives…

Now that he saw Ling Zhanyi was going to have a shotgun marriage with a woman. Su Ziyang wanted to laugh, yet he couldn’t. His heart felt depressed.

Not that he and Ling Zhanyi formed a deep feeling overnight, but that feeling of being neglected and the suspicion of being abandoned made him felt very terrible…

Forget it, he was just a jerk, it was not worth his sadness. Besides, he didn’t plan to intersect with that person with the surname Ling in his whole life. The most important thing was to ensure the pregnancy went well and then raise the child by himself…

So with this thought, Su Ziyang closed the entertainment magazine and just wanted to put it back but he suddenly heard a familiar name. He was shocked and flipped over the magazine and covered his face with it.

“Ling Zhanyi, what is the meaning of bringing me here?” A beautiful voice sounded with a trace of anger in it.

Because Su Ziyang’s seat was near the corner of the corridor, and the voice was deliberately suppressed outside the corner. He could hear it faintly, plus there was Ling Zhanyi’s name. So, out of curiosity, Su Ziyang moved to this side and eavesdropped.

Sure enough, the next moment, Su Ziyang heard Ling Zhanyi’s hegemonic voice: “What do you mean? Of course I brought you to check! How many months is the baby in your stomach?’

“… Yi, don’t be like this, unless you still doubted me?” The beautiful voice lost all its anger and turned into flattery. “This child is really yours, and aunt has confirmed it. She promised me that I could give birth to the child, and afterward… It doesn’t matter if we divorce. Would you let me have the baby?”

“Su Ziqi, don’t pull this trick in front of me! We haven’t seen each other for four months. You said that the child in your stomach is mine. Then go with me to the gynecological and obstetric department to check if the child is really four months old!” There was no anger in Ling Zhanyi’s voice but it still maintained a dignified temperament. “Besides, you drugged me that time. I didn’t drink that glass of water at all. Later on, I just followed your tricks and I did not touch you at all. Could Young Mistress Su still be pregnant?”

“You…” Su Ziqi gritted her teeth and said, “Anyway, this is your Ling family’s seed regardless if you recognize it or not!”

“I know what you’re plotting. Do you think that if you subdued my mother, you can then enjoy a good life? Also, you intentionally cooperated with the media and published the magazine without my consent. Are you intending to threaten me? Let me tell you that not only will you fail to do so, but you will also put yourself in a situation where your innocence will get destroyed. Young Mistress Su is so smart that she won’t be foolish enough to make a mistake with me, will she?” Ling Zhanyi straightened out his tie and said, “I won’t marry you!”

Somehow, when he heard these six words, Su Ziyang raised his mouth slightly and showed a faint smile.

Of course, his heart did not forget the slander: Bastard Ling was just a Bastard Ling. Previously, he still looked at him with higher regards, unexpectedly, he ate all men and women, and he was not responsible after eating! It’s absurd for a man to say that he’s pregnant and then asking responsibility for it; It’s fine if he chose not to recognize it. But now it was a woman, and his family had already accepted the situation, and even agreed for the divorce after the child was born, but the bully still refused to take responsibility!

Hey, was there anyone in the world more slag then Bastard Ling? Was there?

Luoyang went through a series of formalities to greet the doctor before he came back to Su Ziyang, but Su Ziyang seemed to be dazing off with a magazine on his face, so he pushed him, and gently said, “Ziyang, it’s your turn, let’s go and do the examination!”

Su Ziyang was shocked by the unexpected conversation. He threw down the magazine in a hurry, jumped up, pulled Luoyang and ran in the opposite direction of the corner where Ling Zhanyi was.

“Hey, Ziyang, what’s wrong with you? Don’t run so fast. Take care of your stomach…. Wu– “Luoyang’s words were stopped by Su Ziyang’s slap and was stifled. Meanwhile, both of them had already run to the end of the corner. Su Ziyang could not bother about waiting for the elevator anymore and continued to drag Luoyang along the corridor and went down the stairs.

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