I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 19 - Could he be… Pregnant?!

Chapter 19: Could he be… Pregnant?!

Ling Zhanyi’s expression changed when he heard the word “Ziyang”, and turned to the direction of the voice. As a result, he was pulled by Su Ziqi: “Yi, don’t do that. This child is really yours. Aren’t you going to check it?” Okay, I’ll check with you! If it’s confirmed, you will marry me, right?”

Ling Zhanyi looked back impatiently: “I will not marry you even if I confirmed it! What’s more, the child can’t be mine at all! Let go!”

That said, he was just acting according to the circumstances, putting the disgusting manner of Young Mistress Su under his eye. As to why he followed her tricks was because he wanted to continue to cooperate with the Su family. He did not wish to offend her so openly.

But now he found that the means of Young Mistress Su were not any ordinary dirty, ‘false pregnancy’, ‘subduing his mom’, putting a front on the surface but plotting inwardly. Now she even wishfully wanted to use these means to force him to marry her! Ling Zhanyi was totally fed up with her! If he said he was a gentleman before, then now, he did not want to see her for a moment!

“Yi… Is it not good that I’m already obeying you? Go, I’ll go with you! I’ll check it right away!” Su Ziqi opened her mouth, and then pulled Ling Zhanyi to the end of the corridor on their side.

Ling Zhanyi missed the familiar name he just heard. He had not seen Su Ziyang for a long time. He missed him very much.

That day after he returned, he ordered people to thoroughly investigate the matter of Su Ziyang. When he looked through the stack of materials, Ling Zhanyi felt a sudden sense of clarity in his heart.

It turned out that the night he was intoxicated with was Su Ziyang’s first night!

He was almost deceived by his arrogance! Clearly, he was someone who had never eaten meat. He pretended to be so bold and overbearing, with an ‘if I couldn’t do it, who else could’ attitude. Although under his formidable aura, Ziyang’s overbearing was just on a small scale. However, anybody who faced Su Ziyang’s do-as-he-pleased attitude would think that he was an experienced lover?

What’s more, he saw on that day where he calmly went to the convenience store to buy a pregnancy test…

He pretended to be too calm!

After learning the truth, Ling Zhanyi wanted to return and continue his wife-hunting plan. However, his mother called him and said that his father had a heart attack, asking him to rush home.

Ling Zhanyi’s parents lived in the suburbs. He drove back urgently for two hours before he knew this was all planned by his mother.

The Su family was a wealthy and influential, they had always been in contact with the Ling family. Su Ziqi was the apple of Su Family’s eye. She came to the Ling house for sometime before she went home. She actively expressed all kinds of sweet words of an understanding wife and loving mother, and then she started vomited around, deliberately exposing her “pregnancy” situation. The two elders of the Su family were also there. So with the help of her parents and the “child”, she was quickly accepted by his mother. Although his father will not be subdued because of these. However, as his mother had already ‘surrender to the enemy’ and his father being one to listen to his wife’s persistent nagging, naturally he would not say much.

Ling Zhanyi had a hard time holding his position. He escaped from his home and returned to the city.

What happened in the end?

Su Ziqi even contacted the magazine to get their wedding dates out!

He didn’t promise anything, okay?!

Ling Zhanyi went to the hospital with Su Ziqu with a belly full of rage. He wanted to see how the child in her belly came from. Anyway, it’s not his Ling’s seed! Don’t think of getting him to be responsible!

Just now, he heard someone call ‘Ziyang’ and the image of the little thing instantly jumped into his mind. Instinctively, he wanted to chase him to see if he was the one he cared about, but Su Ziqi kept on pestering him. By the time he was annoyed and perplexed, he broke away Su Ziqi’s hold and turned across the corridor, he could not see anybody.

Thinking back to that sentence just now — Ziyang, it’s your turn, let’s go and check up — Check what? What happened to Ziyang? Why come to the hospital for an examination?

Thinking of the last time where he saw Su Ziyang holding the a pregnancy stick, there was a jump in his eyebrows – could he be… Pregnant?!

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