I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 20 - A freak combination of circumstances!

Chapter 20: A freak combination of circumstances!!

The instance Ling Zhanyi thought that the child must be his own, happiness erupted in his heart at once! But very soon, his expression froze abruptly!

Just now… The man who called for Ziyang… It sounded like a man… And his tone of speech towards Ziyang was even concerned, it seemed… to have a hint of ambiguity…

The more he thought about it, the more he felt an impending crisis. Ling Zhanyi’s gaze then slid onto the magazine lying on the chair next to him. The news of Su Ziqi and him getting married on the cover was striking.

Ling Zhanyi inwardly shouted shit! Damn! That cover must have been seen by Ziyang! What should he do, what should he do? He would surely misunderstand!

Ling Zhanyi raised his feet and chased to the end of this corridor while shouting, “Ziyang!”

At this moment, Su Ziqi’s weak moan came, and all the people around her were exclaiming their alarms.

Ling Zhangyi’s footstep halted slightly and he turned his head sideways only to see Su Ziqi covering her lower abdomen and leaning weakly against the wall…

When he was trying to get away from Su Ziqi, the strength Ling Zhanyi used wasn’t small and it seemed that he had swung Su Ziqi to aside. Who knew that this had caused her to risk a miscarriage… If she was really pregnant…

His vision fell onto the few drops of blood-red liquid on the ground and Ling Zhanyi really wanted to just turn around and go off, but there were already people supporting Su Ziqi. There were also people pointing fingers at Ling Zhanyi: “What’s wrong with young people? There is no need to harm her and cause a miscarriage just because you got her stomach big and did not want to take responsibility? Can’t a discussion be done instead?”

“That’s right. Young people nowadays… Are just too recklessly…”

“Young man, what are you just standing there? Hurry up and go take your girlfriend to the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department on the third floor?”

“Any further delay, be careful of losing two lives !”


The noisy and chaotic accusations came out one by one, even if Ling Zhanyi wanted to step out and chase after Su Ziyang, he wasn’t able to.

He took a deep breath and looked helplessly at the end of the corridor. Then he turned around and hurriedly back. He bent over and carried Su Ziqi, who was clutching over her stomach and limped on the ground before running to the third floor.

After having a brief understanding of the situation with the doctor, Ling Zhanyi was finally free after being occupied for a while. But he also knew that he would not be able to catch up to Su Ziyang at this point.


Ling Zhanyi sighed. That little thing… Why on earth did him acted as he was some disaster or beast and avoided him ah ah ah …

Thinking that Su Ziyang was also here for examination, Ling Zhanyi’s eyes flashed. He pulled the doctor who was staying behind for his duty and asked, “Excuse me… Did a person named Su Ziyang just come to register and queue up? “

“Su Ziyang? Su… Zi… Yang… Oh, yes, he’s on the 26th queue. He was called for a long time but nobody came up…”

“Then, excuse me… What department is he going to see? Ling Zhanyi questioned.

“Oh… It seems to be… Urological Department… Yes, urology.”

“Urology?” Ling Zhangyi remained unresponsiveness for a while. Why was it the Urological Department? Wasn’t it supposed to be the Obstetrics and Gynecology department? What did he need to see the Urological Department when he was well?

Ling Zhanyi carelessly muttered when he was questioning himself. When the doctor heard his murmur, he couldn’t help laughing: “He is a man, what is there to see at the Gynecology and Obstetrics department! You sure are funny!”

Ling Zhanyi puckered his lips and did not speak anymore. He crossed his arm and leaned his against the wall, looking at the Urology Department opposite the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. He sighed a really long one.

Sure enough, it was unbelievable for a man to be pregnant.

But it didn’t matter. Even if the odds were small, he would still give it a try.

Before that… Ling Zhanyi took a glance at Su Ziqi’s operating room. His eyes gleamed. Before he and Su Ziyang started anything, he had to solve this problem called Young Mistress Su first.

In the shadows of the wall outside the Municipal Hospital, Su Ziyang held the wall in one hand and covered his stomach with the other. He stooped half-way and gasped heavily.

Luoyang looked at him anxiously. “Are you all right? You ran so fast just now… Does your stomach hurts?”

Su Ziyang waved his hand and said, “I’m alright… Let me rest a moment… And I’ll be fine…”

“Are you sure you are alright? Don’t force yourself!” Luoyang didn’t felt assured so he took a look at Ziyang’s complexion. Although he was sweating profusely, fortunately, that beautiful white cheek had a hint of rosiness in it. He should be fine.

That run from just now had really frightened him. His heart had come up to his throat and it refused to go back down.

What exactly was this guy playing at? He started running out of nowhere and refused to go back for the sick leave slip; he only wanted to go back home.

Luoyang was afraid that this urgent run would risk a chance of miscarriage and him getting a stomachache, which would not be good. So he stopped him from leaving the hospital. Instead, he brought him to the shade and let him rest for a while. Only once when he was sure that Su Ziyang was really okay, then did he dared to bring him home.

After a long delay, Su Ziyang rubbed his stomach. He felt less frightened and was relieved. He grinned and said, “Okay, I’m alright. Let’s go home!”

“You don’t want a sick leave slip anymore?” Luoyang looked suspiciously at Su Ziyang, somewhat unable to comprehend what exactly was he hiding from.

“No need. I thought about it. My nausea condition seems to be getting better! I think… I will continue to go to work!” Su Ziyang uttered a bold statement.

Luoyang’s mouth twitched: “Who’s the one shouting about never going to work while vomiting severely?”

Su Ziyang scratched his cheeks and “heh heh”. He dragged Luoyang to the roadside. “Besides, I still have ten days annual leave to use. Let’s wait for the annual leave to finish first. If I still continued to vomit badly, let’s go and write a sick leave slip.”

Luoyang had no other choice, so he had to go along with him. Then he raised his hand by the roadside and called for a taxi. He got in the car and went home!

Sure enough, Su Ziyang, who had returned home, vomited for a long while in the toilet with his arms hugging the bowl due to the after effect of the car ride. After vomiting until he was dizzy and weak, he rolled over to his bed and never got up again. He barely took a few bites of his dinner when Luoyang brought it to his room.

“You’re right. It’s more important for me to rest well at home.”

The next day, even if Louyang made every effort to get Ziyang out of bed, it was useless. He left him food and went to the university for his classes.

After class, Luoyang went to the hospital to find a friend to write a sick leave slip, and then returned home.

Su Ziyang was still asleep and he looked half dead.

“How many times did you vomited today?”

“… I just vomited for the sixth time…:

“Well, here’s the sick leave slip I’ve got for you. You can’t go to the company like this. Tomorrow I only have one class. I’ll help you go to your company to go through the vacation procedures when I am finished with my class. Do you have anything to hand over?” Luoyang put down the sick leave slip and opened the refrigerator to see that the meal he left for Su Ziyang remained untouched. He felt a little helpless, “You still have to eat some even if you can’t swallow it down. Otherwise, where will the nutrition be?”

Su Ziyang looked through the small crack at the door and glanced at the probing Luoyang. He gave a forced smile: “I really can’t eat…”

“Come on, I’ll cook two eggs for you later. Now that the baby is almost four weeks old. It’s better to eat more eggs.”

“Give me a break!” Su Ziyang lamented. He hated cooking eggs because of the variety of ways to cook the eggs! He even had to eat two… My God!

“For the baby’s sake.” Luoyang stopped discussing with him and decided to return to the kitchen to start cooking.

Su Ziyang pushed lightly at the snacks brought back by Luoyang and saw a bag of sour plums. Su Ziyang immediately brightened up: “I like to eat this!”

Luoyang also did not turn back to see. He directly raised his tone and said, “Eat whatever you like, don’t need to inform me!”

“Thank you!” Su Ziyang rolled over and sat up. With his thighs as the table, he opened up the sour plum bag, picked up two of them and threw them into his mouth. The sourness filled his mouth and it ached his teeth but he seemed to not realize it and ate them with relish.

After eating half a pack of the sour plums, Luoyang was also done with his cooking. Su Ziyang, under his persuasion, barely ate half an egg. He did not eat anymore no matter what.

“Where is your company? Write it down for me. I’ll help you settle your vacation leave. Also, list the items that belonged to you in the company. I’ll bring them back to you in one go.” After the meal was done and the dishes were cleared, Luoyang handed Su Ziyang a pen and paper and ordered him to do so.

“This is so embarrassing. I’ll go with you.” Su Ziyang scratched his head and spoke with embarrassment.

Luoyang pushed his glasses as he leaned against the table next to him, and laughed, “Come on, don’t mention it. Hurry write so that I can go to bed. Tomorrow my class is the first one in the morning and I’m sleepy.”

“All right then.” Su Ziyang wrote down his company’s address, listed his office supplies and handed them to Luoyang. “I will treat you a big meal after you come back.”

“Record it down first, you can return the favor after the baby is out!” Luoyang took the paper and folded it twice before he slotted it in his pocket. Then he put the sour plum in his bedside. “If you feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night, you can have one. I’m going to bed. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Luoyang, who seemed mild and gentle, was polite and skillful when he went to Su Ziyan’s company to apply for vacation. He greeted the colleagues of Su Ziyang with a smile. However, when he completed his application for the vacation and was about to go off with the photography equipment, several of Su Ziyang’s colleagues and even his head said that they want to visit Su Ziyang and asked him to tell them which hospital was Ziyang staying at. Luoyang smiled and shook his head with alienation: “Sorry, he needs to rest now. I’m afraid I can’t tell you. When he recovered, he’ll report back the company. Thank you. Goodbye!”

After Luoyang’s taxi left, Ling Zhanyi’s car stopped at the door of Su Ziyang’s company…

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