I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 21 - Abhorrent little thing! Just you wait!

Chapter 21: Abhorrent little thing! Just you wait!

A listed media company… En… Unexpectedly, that little thing did have a pretty good job. At the very least, it had a high degree of freedom, strong flexibility, and even regular company paid traveling…

Above was what Ling Zhanyi had in mind when he strolled into Su Ziyang’s company.

The lady at the front desk saw Ling Zhanyi entered in and her eyes went bright. Wow, a big handsome brother!

Eh? Wait a minute. He looked familiar…

President Ling! My God? It was the President of Ling Shi Enterprise!!!

The cover of the best-selling entertainment magazine on the other day was him! Handsome and rich, looked gentry and gentle. He was the Prince Charming in the mind of countless girls!

Why did he come here? Although their company was not small but compared with Ling Shi Enterprise, it was simply not worth mentioning!

Could it be… There was an insider gossip?

The desk girl’s smile was getting more gentle and bashful. When Ling Zhanyi approached, she felt her face stiffened from smiling.

“Hello, I’m looking for Su Ziyang. Could you please call him for me?” Ling Zhanyi spoke politely. There was no conscientious of him knowing he was a handsome guy, and the smile on his face charmed a sea of people.

“Okay…” The front-desk sister unconsciously agreed to his request, and when she came back to her sense, she found that the person he was looking for had not come to work for several days, and it seemed that someone had just helped him with his vacation procedures.

“Sorry, Su Ziyang has taken a vacation.” The front desk sister was apologetically and began to gossip in her heart. What issues did President Ling have for coming to find Su Ziyang? She knew who was Su Ziyang. He was an optimistic and positive young handsome man. However, he was said to be an orphan, how could he be acquaintanced with President Ling who was such a powerful man? Could it be… In fact, Su Ziyang was the illegitimate son of Ling Shi Enterprise’s former director?! Ling Zhanyi, president of Ling Shi Enterprise, was Su Ziyang’s brother?!

Oh my God, this gossip had been filled up by her fantasy too much!

“Holiday?” Ling Zhanyi didn’t know what was going on in the woman’s mind. He frowned slightly. “Is it paid annual leave?”

“Oh, it shouldn’t be. It seemed to be sick leave. Someone just helped him to go through the formalities for his vacation and it’s quite a long vacation…”

Sick leave? What happened to him? What illness? Ling Zhanyi was in a daze and he chased for answers.

“This… I’m not sure about the details. Shall I call his manager out for you and ask him?”

“No, I’ve troubled you.” Ling Zhanyi turned around and left. He pushed open the glass door of the front desk and pressed the button of the elevator and left very soon.

The girl at the front desk stared helplessly at the empty hall where his figure had disappeared. She sighed and muttered the last sentence: “It’s not troublesome… Don’t go so fast. I still want to talk to you a little more…”

Ling Zhanyi knew the address of Su Ziyang’s house, so he could not be bothered to enquire from the people in the company again. Instead of wasting time there, he would rather drive to Su Ziyang’s house to see what exactly happened to him.

When the doorbell rang, Su Ziyang had already taken out the photographic equipment brought back by Luoyang. He was skilled as he put on the different lenses, showing off his photographic skills to Luoyang.

Hearing the doorbell, Su Ziyang and Luoyang looked at each other for a moment and said, “Do you have a guest?”

Then they both shook their heads.

“You told other people that you live here?” Su Ziyang whispered.

Luoyang continued to shake his head: “No, could it the tenants who saw the post online and came to see the house?”

Su Ziyang denied, “No way, I deleted that post long ago.”

“Could it be your colleagues come to see you?” Luoyang guessed.

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, boss! Only you wicked teachers can finish classes so early! It’s good enough for the average companies to get off work in time. Moreover, there are very few people who know my home address. I just told them about the location. As for which house unit, they don’t know and won’t be able to find it.”

“It must be recorded in the company address book!” Luoyang looked at him contemptuously and then said, “Do we open the door or not?”

Su Ziyang frowned. To tell the truth, he didn’t want outsiders to see him now. Although his stomach did not have many changes yet, what if he started vomiting and scare the person off?

Ling Zhanyi had been ringing the doorbell outside for a long time and nobody answered it. His eyebrows grew more pressed. At last, it twisted until his eyebrows became this word “川”.

Could it be… He was really sick?! Not at home but in the hospital?!

In retrospect of the information he just asked, Ling Zhanyi thought: the receptionist said that someone else handled Su Ziyang’s vacation procedures, that was to say, Su Ziyang did not go to the company in person. Since this was the case… He had a good chance of being in the hospital…

What exactly… Was the illness? Ziyang…

Before Ling Zhanyi left, he shouted Su Ziyang’s name several times but there was still no response. He turned away disappointedly.

It seemed that he still had to ask someone to investigate which hospital was Su Ziyang staying at now. Was it serious or not? That he had reached the point of getting a vacation? It should be very serious, right?

The more he thought about it, the more it gripped his heart. Ling Zhanyi quickened his pace. When he got out of the elevator, he began to make calls and ordered people to do things.

And Su Ziyang’s expression changed when he heard Ling Zhanyi’s voice. The camera in his hand was bluntly pinched: How did this fellow find it here? It shouldn’t be… Hadn’t he given up on him?

No, it was impossible. He was just playing. He was not even responsible for women, let alone himself.

He could not have any more interaction with him!

This was the urgent cry in Su Ziyang’s heart!

“Luoyang, I have something to ask you for help!” Su Ziyang loosened the camera and gazed sincerely at Luoyang’s with his ten fingers folded. “After that, no matter who rings the doorbell, don’t open the door. Pretend that there is no one in the house!”

“… All right. ” From that time, since Luoyang went to the hospital and pulled him to run, he noticed that something was wrong. But Su Ziyang never explained, and he also never asked. Today, he was even entrusted with this request. Although he still did not explain what the situation was, Luoyang guessed that he should be hiding from somebody. Since he didn’t want to be found by that man, he had to help him.

“But what if he waits at the door? I’m bound to bump into each other when I go out from here. I can’t miss class, can I? If I don’t attend classes, I won’t be able to earn money, and then I won’t be able to pay your rent.” Luoyang shrugged helplessly.

In fact, his personal suggestion was to have Su Ziyang talk to the man he avoided like he was a snake or scorpion. It was not a matter of escaping all the time. Couldn’t it be that they had to lower their voices and speak softly every day?

“Well…” Su Ziyang scratched his cheeks and his eyeballs swirled; He thought of a good way to do it. “How about this! You pretend that you are the owner of the house. If someone asks you, you say that I’ve moved out. and you don’t know where I’ve moved. In a word, it’s better to disclaim all relations!!”

Luoyang was at a loss as to whether he should cry or laugh: “All right. You are the big boss now. The world is big, but it is not bigger than you. Take good care of the baby in your stomach, leave the rest of the matter to me!!”

“How kind of you, Luoyang!” Su Ziyang embraced Luoyang and then began to fiddle with his camera.

He had long thought about taking pictures of his pregnancy period. After the birth of the baby, he would also take pictures of the growth process of the baby. He could do it himself without going out to spend money to take pictures of the baby’s 100 days, birthdays, full months, and so on. He could do it by himself and not spend any cents.

But Su Ziyang was forgetting one thing, that was, in any case, he had to go to the hospital for maternity examination, which was once per month, if not, how would he know about the baby’s health and things to take precautions?

Since the prenatal inspection was required, then he would have to go out. Since he had to go out, how could he not meet Ling Zhanyi?

However, in fact, the first two production inspections really did not meet!

Because Ling Zhanyi still had to deal with the lots of troubles brought by Su Ziqi. What marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage, to comforting his parents and finding ways to break the marriage.

It would be three months before he finished all these troubles.

At this time, it was four months since he last saw Su Ziyang.

While he was indeed busy, he still went to Su Ziyang’s house once, but the person who came out from the door was a gentle university professor. He politely and alienatedly explained to him Su Ziyang’s moving away, and then he left for his classes.

Ling Zhanyi lingered for half a day at the entrance of Su Ziyang’s house. He even listened to the movement of the house for a long time but he didn’t find anyone else in it. He couldn’t break into the house without permission, could he?

So, the depressed President Ling left crestfallen and then he continued to intensify his efforts in search of Su Ziyang’s whereabouts.

Looking at the stack of information on hand and Su Ziyang’s maternity report in Pingan Hospital, Ling Zhangyi was both annoyed and surprised.

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