I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 22 - Overbearing exposed, I am the child’s father!

Chapter 22: Overbearing exposed, I am the child’s father!

Ling Zhangyi was annoyed —— he had made such a low-level mistake! When he heard from Su Ziyang’s company that Su Ziyang was ill, he had sent people to the different major hospitals to check, but the person wasn’t found. So he automatically interpreted Su Ziyang’s behavior as an “Evasion Disease”.

The little thing even quitted his job and moved house to stay away from his sight.

—— The above was what Ling Zhanyi was thinking.

If he kept thinking like this, he would probably never see Su Ziyang again. After all, there were so many people in the world, Su Ziyang was not only the one that could enter his sight, he just needed time to forget.

Fortunately, after dealing with Su Ziqi’s affairs, he intensified his search and finally made a major breakthrough.

Four months… Looking at the pregnancy period shown in the maternity examination report, Ling Zhanyi kept on smiling that his mouth could not be closed. Even his cold eyebrows and eyes were smiling.

Four months… That was a good number!

If he counted it back, wasn’t this his child?

Very good, Su Ziyang, you are very good! How dare you hide it from me for so long!

Other people who were pregnant were so aggressive in finding him for responsibility, such as that Su Ziqi, let alone the child she was pregnant with was not his own. Su Ziyang was good, hiding from him like he was the God of plague and quietly disappeared without a trace!

Ah… Little thing, stealing my seed and still wanted to be at ease all the time? Impossible!

He did not know that Su Ziyang had experienced the tragic experience of Ling Zhanyi in his previous life. He automatically interpreted Su Ziyang’s disappearance with the ball as stealing his seeds.

Forget it if it was woman. Although Ling Zhanyi did not have any relationship with women, but in context of his understanding, if it was a woman, he would certainly not sprinkle his seeds and give the other side the chance to steal his seeds.

Who asked him to like men!

The advantage of liking men was that he didn’t have to consider that the other person would steal the seeds intentionally when they are doing the deed, let alone worry that he would be held accountable after a few months with a big belly. He could play as he wanted, shoot as he wanted…

But… This Su Ziyang… Haha… He really couldn’t tell…

How he secretly stole his seed! And still didn’t hold him accountable!

Ling Zhanyi was angry and delighted. He took control of his expression, grabbed the car keys solemnly and left the company. He went down to take the car below and sped off towards Su Ziyang’s house.

Besides, Su Ziyang could no longer tolerate after three months. He couldn’t stand being stuck at home for so long without going out. What’s more, he always liked to go out for entertainment. This time, because of his pregnancy, he had to deliberately restrain himself. But he really held back for three months, his hair would grow alright.

Su Ziyang had long changed to his loose sportswear. Somehow, in this life, he felt this was a difference from the previous one. Although he vomited a lot in the first two months, he miraculously recovered back to normal in the third month. He did not vomit, nor did he felt nausea, and his appetite was good enough.

However, the abnormality was that his belly had swelled a lot more the previous life. When he reached three months, his stomach had bulged largely, now he was reaching four months, he was almost as pregnant as an ordinary woman of five months!

Usually, he would stay at the bed, refusing to move, so he could not see it. One time, when he was taking a bath, he looked down and was startled. This… The child’s growth rate… It’s a little too fast!

Today it was the day of maternity check up again. Su Ziyang changed into light blue sportswear and slowly went downstairs.

Luoyang just called him and said that he would be back soon. He had a class today and would rush back after class to wait for him downstairs. When Su Ziyang came downstairs, he would be almost there.

Ling Zhanyi had been waiting downstairs for a long time.

He got the news that today would be the day when Su Ziyang went to the hospital for maternity check-up. Naturally, he would not let this opportunity go.

Aren’t you hiding from me? Can’t I stay here and wait for you? When I really see you coming out of the building, let’s see how you will explain!

As he was slandering inwardly to himself, he saw a familiar man coming out of the corridor and slowly going down the steps while holding his stomach carefully.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes went to Su Ziyang’s bulging stomach at first sight. Although he was wearing sports clothes and there was a certain shielding effect, as Su Ziyang moved down the steps, Ling Zhanyi could still see a small bulge in his abdomen, which looked very lovely.

The line of sight moved up and gradually fell on Su Ziyang’s face.

Ling Zhanyi’s expression could not help but become more gentle —— the little thing’s expression was good, his skin was white and red. It’s tender and it could be described with “can pinch water out”.

Su Ziyang was focused as he went down the stairs while holding onto his stomach. Naturally, he did not notice that the person in the car not far away was peeping at him.

When he got down the steps and walked a few steps out, he saw a taxi stop over there. Luoyang had already got out of the taxi and was waving to him.

Su Ziyang also waved his hand and went toward there with a big smile.

Ling Zhanyi at first thought that he saw himself, but before his smile could blossom, he found that Su Ziyang was not smiling at himself at all. He was not waving to himself either! He’s waving and smiling at the glasses-wearing young man who he once met before!

Very good! Abhorrent little thing! It turned out that you had conspired to deceive me! Now you are so affectionate with that ‘white chicken’!

Ling Zhanyi’s fingers clapped loudly as he grasped them together. He pushed the door open, stepped out of the car with his two big legs, and then walked quickly towards Su Ziyang.

Su Ziyang didn’t pay notice at first. He watched the road intently. After all, he was carrying a life with him. A trip and a fall would be fatal.

As he walked along, Su Ziyang suddenly noticed a man approaching himself. Su Ziyang was frightened at first, then stopped and looked up at the stranger slowly. His face changed greatly when he saw who he was.

Ling Zhanyi?!

How could it be him?!

Didn’t this bully gave up on him long ago?! Why did he appear here?!

After Su Ziyang saw Ling Zhanyi clearly, his first reaction was to run!

However, he overestimated his ability. Although he could not say that he had a big stomach, his ability to move was much slower than before. When he had just taken two steps backward to turn around, he was caught by Ling Zhanyi who had seen through his intention!

Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang struggling in his arms with a black face. How he wished he could beat him up!

Did he have three heads or six arms? Would he eat him or kill him? Why… Why did he run away every time he saw himself?!

“Su Ziyang, if you move again, believe it or not, I’ll beat you up?” Ling Zhanyi swore that he had absolutely no intention of beating him, but he still gnashed his teeth as he said this.

Su Ziyang dared not struggle anymore when he heard it. He put back his obvious surprise and fear on his face and tried to laugh heartlessly. “Hehe, so is was Young Master Ling. You scare me to death. You popped up suddenly, and I thought it was a robbery! What… Young Master Ling… You see… Can you let me go… I still have something to do… Otherwise, let’s do it another day—— Ah ——”

Ling Zhanyi ignored his nonsense and tugged him at his wrist to pulled him to his car. He opened the door and then with ingenuity, pulled Su Ziyang into the car!

Su Ziyang was startled and frightened. He protected his stomach as he said, “Young Master Ling, what are you doing? I have something else to do. Please forgive me for not being able to accompany you.”

Ling Zhanyi ignored him and slammed the door shut before he turned around and stared gloomily at Luoyang who was running towards them.

Luoyang was waiting for Su Ziyang and saw these two people entangled up. He was afraid that Su Ziyang might face danger so he rushed to Su Ziyang. However, the man in front of him had already squeezed Su Ziyang inside the car.

Luoyang was panting as he thught about how to start his words.

Ling Zhanyi was a bit taller than Luoyang. He looked at this thin and fair, just like a white chicken with glasses contemptuously and blocked what he wanted to say by injecting, “This is a family affair between me and Ziyang. I hope you don’t intervene.”

Luoyang was indeed choked half dead by his words. Family matters… Family matter!

That meant…

This man was the father of the child?!

“But…” Luoyang considered that although he came knocking onto the door already, but Su Ziyang did not want to be found at all. As a tenant and the child’s Godfather, Luoyang felt obligated to do something, but this person’s temperament was full, and a look at this person, he could tell that his person was not of a small background. What could he do?

“I’m the child’s father! Excuse me, do you have any questions?” Ling Zhanyi stared sharply at Luoyang.

Luoyang took a deep breath and shook his head. After some pondering, he added, “You… You take good care of him…”

“Of course!” Ling Zhanyi stared at him faintly.

Su Ziyang was patting the window and gesturing. Luoyang was afraid to respond to anything.

He still remembered that last time, he was used as a shield to dismiss the “infatuated” man in front of him. Unexpectedly, he made a comeback again, which showed that he really loved Ziyang deeply! Coupled with the powerful temperament of this person, where would Luoyang dare to cover up for Su Ziyang?

Ling Zhanyi’s sharp eyes stared at him for a while. Luoyang turned around and went away, leaving Su Ziyang alone, drawing circles and cursing in the car.

Luoyang… You are not loyal…

Heaven… You really don’t have good eyes…

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