I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 23 - The child is really not yours

Chapter 23: The child is really not yours

The car was moving slowly and Su Ziyang carefully guarded his stomach. He secretly observed the Ling Zhanyi driving in front of him. Several times, he wanted to speak, but all of each he failed.

He was somewhat confused about what this fellow wanted to do but Ling Zhanyi never once spoke. Su Ziyang, who was restless and nervous, finally summoned up his courage and said, “That… Why are you looking for me?”


The answer to Su Ziyang was silence.

Su Ziyang thought his voice was too soft, so he repeated it again and raised his voice: “That… Can you drop me off? I feel a little dizzy and want to puke. It’s not good to dirty your car later.”

Ling Zhanyi looked at him in the rearview mirror angrily and gritted his teeth. “I am not called ‘that’!”

“… Ling, Mr. Ling… You see, we’ve been minding our own business. Where on earth do you want to take me to? I feel a little dizzy and blargh—” Su Ziyang made a gesture to vomit and put his hand over his mouth to see Ling Zhanyi’s reaction.

He remembered his last life that this bastard stopped and threw him down on the side of the road.

The result was neither did Ling Zhanyi’s eyebrows wrinkled nor did the car stopped, but the speed was much slower than before, which can be described almost as smooth.

Su Ziyang was surprised and said, “Are you not afraid that I vomited on your car?”

“That’s all right. If you want to vomit, you can vomit. If you get it dirty, it can be cleaned. It’s too hot outside, as long as you don’t get heatstroke it will be good.” Ling Zhanyi was angry that Su Ziyang called himself by the alienated name of ‘Mr. Ling’, but when he saw that he was feeling uncomfortable, he pushed down his unhappiness.

“Mr. Ling… I have something else to do today. If you have something to do, can you come back to me another day? Su Ziyang’s eyes circled around, thinking of the way to get away.

“Call me — Yi!” Ling Zhanyi finally could not endure anymore and corrected him. His tone was rather good; not too loud nor did it sounded angry.

Su Ziyang helplessly shook his hand: “We are not so close to each other… Oh…”

The car stopped and although it was driving slowly, Su Ziyang still hit the seat in front of him. Of course, it was not his stomach but his forehead. When he covered his head and groaned, Ling Zhanyi had already rounded the front door and pulled the back door open and went onto him.

When Su Ziyang heard the door opened, he put his hand covering his forehead down and saw the Ling Zhanyi was nearing him. He was frightened and moved to the other side with a cry of alarm: “What are you doing?”

Ling Zhanyi looked at him with a smile and approached slowly, “What do you think I want to do?”

“Mr., Mr. Ling…” As soon as Su Ziyang’s address came out, his right shoulder was held by Ling Zhanyi’s stretched out left hand. He swallowed his saliva and tentatively said, “Yi… You, you don’t be like this…”

“Now you know how to correct your words?” Ling Zhanyi came closer and closer to him. His left leg knelt on the side of the seat and was half pressing his body on Su Ziyang. His right hand climbed on Su Ziyang’s left shoulder. “We are not so close? En? We already have a child. Why did you say we’re not so close? En? Ziyang, you hurt my heart too much. Do you know that?”

“That… Er… Not… Yi, Yi! Don’t get agitated… I, I don’t mean that… And… This child is not yours… Don’t get me wrong… Haha… Haha…” Su Ziyang laughed with insufficient courage, but his sight wandered on Ling Zhanyi’s hands on his shoulders for fear that Ling Zhanyi would do something to him.

And this posture…

It’s hard for him to stay like this.

— At this moment, Su Ziyang was lying on the back seat, half of his butt was hanging in the air. His waist, abdomen and upper body were leaning on the seat, but his two knees were squeezed by the Ling Zhanyi, this posture… It’s a position where something happened easily.

But the key was that he had a full stomach now, and because of his past life experience, he was somewhat afraid of Ling Zhanyi, so Su Ziyang dared not show any imposing attitude at this moment. His face was almost stiff from smiling, but this bastard Ling was still wearing a smiling-but-not-smiling poker face that seemed to indicate he was in control of everything.

“Is the child not mine? Are you sure?” Ling Zhanyi looked at the carefully small figure of the person under him, and could not get angry even if he was, but he still did not let go of him. He inwardly thought that the thing was still being stubborn, that was, he refused to admit that the child was his own. He did not say that he would not be responsible ah!

“It’s my Ling family’s seed. I, Ling Zhanyi will take responsibility. Ziyang, think again, is this child mine? En? ” Ling Zhanyi approached Su Ziyang ambiguously and blew a breath in his ear.

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