I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 24 - Laozi don’t want you to be responsible!

Chapter 24: Laozi don’t want you to be responsible!

President Ling knew where was the sensitivity spots of the prey at his hands. Su Ziyang’s handsome face blushed and his eyes twinkled as he shifted his vision away. He mumbled “No, this is not… The child is really not yours… You made a mistake… Let me go! I don’t need you to be responsible for me! Really, I don’t need you to be responsible for me!”

Ling Zhanyi’s expression changed and he felt like gnashing down on something. But he just couldn’t bear to make a move on this little thing. He held out his hand and slowly slid it down Su Ziyang’s shoulder. He rolled his finger hard at the front point of his chest. Su Ziyang took a cold breath and his body became even more stiffened.

Ever since he was pregnant, the two points in front of his chest would frequently itch and it was extremely sensitive. He could not be able to even stand a light touch, let alone such a skillfully grind.

Su Ziyang’s face was flushing red and the expression of him glaring at Ling Zhanyi with stubbornness released Ling Zhanyi’s playfulness. He did not expect that such an effect would be achieved by playing with this little thing’s chest. Since he had caught him, let him continue to play for a while more. Su Ziyang was panting and he wanted to move away, but Ling Zhanyi loosened his grip. His fingers continued to slide down, covering Su Ziyang’s round abdomen and gently rubbed at it.

Tell me, is the child mine? En? ” Ling Zhanyi asked forcibly.

“Ling Zhanyi! You, you bastard… Hurry let go…” Su Ziyang’s lower back and abdomen were aching from laying at this position for some time. He felt uncomfortable and he could no longer endure it; even a rabbit would bite, what’s more, this was someone was hairs were already standing. He shouted, “The child in this man’s stomach has nothing to do with you at all! You let go of the man! Damn it, the waist of this man is going to fold up!”

Ling Zhanyi had a black face and was puzzled, “You are unwilling even if someone wants to take responsibility? If not, I can also provide you with child support? You should be having a shortage of money? Don’t you want 5 million?”

“… I don’t want you to be responsible! The child is not yours! Your head that this man wants you to be responsible! Ling Zhanyi, you let me go! Aiya, my stomach hurts…” Su Ziyang cried out loudly. Although the temptation of five million was great, he was not worried about food, clothing and definitely not about raising his child. It was not easy for him to endure to the fourth month and remained safe and sound. How could he taint himself with this poison called Bastard Ling? He would die if he got tainted by this poison. He must not be enticed by the temptation! Absolutely not! Could money buy old me? Hmph! You got the wrong plan, Bastard Ling!

Ling Zhanyi thought that he was more or less done teaching this little thing a lesson, but he was still so hard headed. If he went on punishing him like this, he would really not be able to endure it. So when Su Ziyang shouted that he was in pain, Ling Zhanyi was so frightened that he hurriedly released him. He carefully straightened the other party up and made him sat properly. He even asked, “Where is the pain? Are you okay? Does it hurt badly?”

Su Ziyang leaned against the back seat and gasped for a moment. He then stabilized himself and rested his hand on his stomach. When he felt less uncomfortable, he glanced at the Ling Zhanyi beside him.

“How is it? Are you feeling better?” Ling Zhanyi, seeing that he was finally willing to give himself a look, hurriedly asked.

Su Ziyang hummed pretentiously, but he was actually complacent inwardly: Hmph, Bastard Ling, you also have such a tensed day? You deserved it!

“It is still painful? I’ll take you to the hospital right away!” Ling Zhanyi saw that he was still humming. He dared not delay any more. He was afraid that his prank of intimidation would make the little thing risk a miscarriage. So he got out of the car and went around to the front driver’s seat and drove to the hospital.

Su Ziyang stopped humming as soon as he heard that he was going to the hospital. “No, it’s all right. It’s not painful. I’m not going to the hospital!”

What a joke! This scene was so similar, all because Bastard Ling wanted to take him to the hospital. What if he wanted to check the baby in his stomach, and after confirming it was his child, and then asked him to get an abortion? Now the baby was already four months old. The abortion in his past life had taken his life when he was just in the third month, wasn’t four months asking him to just drop dead?

No way, no way, no way could he be taken to the hospital!

Ling Zhanyi, however, had a graven face: “Even if you don’t feel any pain, you should go to the hospital to have a check-up.”

“I’m really all right, you let me down. I don’t ask you for your money. Really, let’s just do that. Let’s go our separate ways, okay?” Su Ziyang nervously discussed with Ling Zhanyi.

However, the more he did not want to go, the more he was tantalized, and the more Ling Zhanyi believed that the child in his stomach was his own. Of course, the child was indeed Ling Zhanyi’s; he did not guess this wrongly.

“Go our separate ways? No way!” Ling Zhanyi shook his head. “The child in your stomach is mine. I have to take responsibility for it. Aren’t you denying it? Then I’ll take you to the hospital for a check to see many months is the baby, and then I’ll figure out if you slept with me that night, so as to know whose baby is this.”

Su Ziyang insinuated in his heart that it was bad. It really developed in this direction. What should he do? Later, when he goes to the hospital, Bastard Ling would change his face once it was confirmed. He would become irresponsible, and ask him to have an abortion, and then he would die.

Ling Zhanyi watched the restless Su Ziyang from the rearview mirror and laughed in his heart: This little thing knew he could no longer hide and was getting anxious. Ah, it would be good if he could have admitted from the start, he just had to let him use this method and was now getting worried.

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