I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 26 - Who’s eating your vinegar?

Chapter 26: Who’s eating your vinegar?

Ling Zhanyi had his fingers supporting his forehead as he sighed, feeling at the end of his rope. With a face of bitterness, he asked, “Can you tell me why you don’t believe me? I haven’t done anything to wrong you, have I?”

“Who said you didn’t!” Su Ziyang retorted with great vigor, “What you did wronged me too much!”

Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang in astonishment, then he stooped down with a listening-wth-respectful-attention appearance. “Can I request Master Su to tell me what on earth did I do to wrong you? Is it still not okay even if I change?”

Su Ziyang straightened his waist and his stomach bulged out. This sight was just comical no matter how it was viewed. He was just about to speak up on how Ling Zhanyi made him had an abortion and caused his death from massive bleeding. However, on his second thought, this was not right, no one would believe him even if he spoke out.

Ling Zhanyi, seeing that he was not speaking, could not help urging him with modestly: “Request Master Su to speak out -“

Su Ziyang gritted his teeth and his eyes swirled. He glanced at the entertainment magazine he had seen in the corridor seat last time. He pointed to the book and said proudly, “Hey, look there, you’re going to marry another woman. What are you going to do by dragging me in? We are from the two different worlds, you go to your broad road, while I go to my single-plank bridge, how good is this!”

Ling Zhanyi suddenly understood and he could not help but took Su Ziyang into his arms. He patted him on the back with placation and muttered: “Ziyang is jealous ah. All those were written by journalists without basis, I did not want to marry, and it was even more impossible for me to marry a woman. Besides, don’t you know that? If I liked women, how could I have been so contented with you that night? And let you have the seeds of my Ling family…” While saying, Ling Zhanyi’s hand climbed up to Su Zi yang’s round abdomen and gently rubbed it. His movements and tone were ambiguous.

Su Ziyang slapped his hand away, stepped back and said, “Who’s eating your vinegar? Keep dreaming. Besides, this child is really not yours! Don’t talk nonsense!”

“Whether is it or not, we will know when we check it. Let’s go and have the doctor give us the results of the examination and see if you could be still so stubborn!!”

Su Ziyang was half embraced and half grabbed by Ling Zhanyi and brought into the blood test room. His ring finger of his left hand was pinched and passed over to the doctor. His blood was collected and examined immediately. It was more accurate than the urine test.

Su Ziyang was restless and waited with difficulties. While Ling Zhanyi was listening to the doctor’s instructions carefully after the result came out, he sneaked away.

Ling Zhanyi did not see anybody when he turned his head back. He couldn’t bother about speaking to the doctor and rushed out in a hurry.

“Ziyang? Ziyang! ” It was just a blink of an eye, how was it possible for him to disappear so quickly! Ling Zhanyi shouted a few times and no one answered, so he followed along the corridor and inquired the nurses and the patients.

Su Ziyang hid in the corner and looked at Ling Zhanyi’s terribly anxious appearance. He covered his mouth and laughed happily.

Hmph, Bastard Ling, you are still good at pretending! Let’s see how long can you carry this act!

Sure enough, before long, Ling Zhanyi sat on the bench in the corridor and helplessly took out a cigarette. He took two puffs and his expression was very lonely.

Su Ziyang was just about to take the opportunity to slip away, but he heard Ling Zhanyi sighed quietly and helpless proclaimed, “What do you truly want?”

Su Ziyang thought he had been found and was too frightened to speak out, but he heard another familiar voice. If he remembered correctly, it was Su Ziqi, the main character of the entertainment magazine from last time.

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