I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 28 - Blame, I hate you!

Chapter 28: Blame, I hate you!

It was too late when Su Ziyang noticed that Ling Zhanyi was standing not too not far away from the hospital entrance. He only had time to stare at him in surprise before he was embraced by Ling Zhanyi.

Su Ziyang struggled even harder than before.

Ling Zhanyi had no alternative but to hold his arms and at the same time avoided his abdomen. Even more, he had to pacify Su Ziyang’s mood, so he was somewhat flustered, but on the surface, he looked calm.

“Ziyang, I swear, I really have nothing going on with that woman. Don’t refuse me using this matter, will you?” Ling Zhanyi deliberately suppressed his voice and made a gentle appearance of pampering. It could be said that he had put ample effort.

Su Ziyang stopped struggling and said helplessly, “Does this have anything to do with me? You can marry whomever you want to marry, you can betroth whomever you want to betroth, and have children whomever you want to have children with. We really don’t know each other that well. You don’t have to report every single thing to me, let alone explain it. We’ve only had a one night stand. Please be the bigger person and let me, this unimportant person off!”

“I admit it was a one night stand at first, but now that you have my child, we can try to get together and get married. Don’t you yearn for a stable relationship? And didn’t you said that night that if you got pregnant, you asked me to take responsibility? Why don’t you let me take responsibility now when you are really pregnant? What are you afraid of?” Ling Zhanyi’s eyes narrowed, showing an unhappy expression.

His endurance was really reachiing the maximum. If this still did not work out, he really wanted to practice hegemony and tie the person back to his villa to raise him in captivity.

“I’m afraid… I’m afraid that I will die without a proper corpse! I’m afraid of causing the death of two lives!” Su Ziyang went all out and stared at Ling Zhanyi fiercely. “I’m afraid that your responsibility is only on the rise. I’m afraid you’ll hurt me and my child! Even if you don’t, can you guarantee that the woman who loves you won’t hurt me and my child? Let me tell you the truth. I died in your hands in my last life! You dragged me to the hospital and advised me to have an abortion! You killed me and my child on the operating table! I hate you! You don’t deserve to be the father of my child at all! You are not worthy of asking me for my forgiveness! I wish I could stay away from you in my life and never see you again!”

Words resounding with strong love-hate intertwined together were vocalized but the pressure in Su Ziyang’s heart had not eased, but it was even heavier.

What was happening? Even if he added his two lives together, he did not have any deep relationship with this man, it was all just bed labor where both of them had indulged, why did he felt so uncomfortable?

Ah, probably because of pregnancy, he was even beginning to become as sentimental as women. Su Ziyang laughed at himself and pushed aside the almost petrified Ling Zhanyi. He lifted up his head proudly, and walked sideways of him, disdaining even to take a look at him!

Ling Zhanyi was stunned and stupefied in his place, and his brain was constantly echoing Su Ziyang’s words that filled his mind over and over again.

How could this be?

How could he remember his past life?

Why didn’t he remember? Did he ever do such an extreme thing to him?

No wonder he avoided himself like he was a beast…

The troubles that had plagued him for many months had been solved, but his heart was even more blocked.

In the heart of the person whom he cared, his starting point was negative. He made so many mistakes that it seemed that he could not be redeemed anymore.

His mind was in a mess and Ling Zhanyi tried to convince himself. This was just an excuse for Su Ziyang. Excuse! How could he remember what happened in his last life? People have to drink Meng Po Soup to cross the Naihe Bridge. They would not have any memory of what happened in their past life. He just wanted to push himself away, he just wanted to reject himself, so he said such hurtful words! That’s not what he meant, was it?

As soon as Su Ziyang took a few steps, he felt some pain in his lower abdomen. He stopped and held his stomach. In order to maintain his balance, his other hand subconsciously pressed on the side door of the car, which belonged to Ling Zhanyi, and bent slightly.

Hearing the noise, Ling Zhanyi recovered from his fancies and conjectures. When he saw Su Ziyang bending painfully over while holding his stomach, he was shocked. He rushed up to support Su Ziyang and urgently said, “Ziyang, what’s wrong?”

Footnotes: >.>

Meng Po Soup: is a soup where the soul drink to forget their memory before they go through the reincarnation

Naihe Bridge: Is the location where the soul will drink the soup

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