I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 3 - I’ll pee on your hand

Chapter 3 – I’ll pee on your hand

Su Ziyang stared at Ling Zhanyi for a few seconds and handed him the cup. “Help me hold it.”

Ling Zhanyi’s lips thinned, he wanted to just leave this person and walk away. But on second thought, he will just hold on to it and supervise this person, in case this person had some trick in his sleeves, so he reached for the cup.

Su Ziyang looked downward to hid the calculation in his eyes. He opened his sports jacket, took off his sports pants, and exposed his brother. He then looked up with a brilliant smile directed to Ling Zhanyi, “Yi ~ Please help me catch the urinate, I’m peeing-“

Ling Zhanyi was not upset. He leaned slightly and approached the cup in his hand to Su Ziyang’s brother. His eyes inadvertently passed over the waist and abdomen that was exposed when he opened his sportswear – His skin was white and tender, it was as attractive as that night. However, it was flat and without any extra flesh that night. At the moment, it was slightly raised, as if there really was a small life in it.

When he thought about that night when he rolled the sheets with Su Ziyang, his face was flushing and panting as he called him “Yi”; Ling Zhanyi was distracted.

Until his hands felt warm, Ling Zhanyi immediately came back from his thoughts. He looked down and almost poured the cup of urine into Su Ziyang hands!

This guy! He actually pissed on his hands!

Fuck! This is just a urine test for pregnancy. Why did you pee so much?

Su Ziyang quickly turned off his ‘tap’ and apologized, “Ai! Sorry, sorry! I didn’t manage to stop in time! I’ll get you a tissue!”

Ling Zhanyi stared at his beautiful face and gritted his teeth secretly. Didn’t this fellow not realized that his upwards mouth and bent eyebrows had betrayed him?

He did it on purpose!

Ling Zhanyi took a deep breath and put the cup on the aunt’s desk and suppressed his anger. “How long will it take to get the result?”

“Very soon.” The aunt coughed a little. She saw enough of the two men’s tricks just now. She put on the gloves solemnly, took the cup, and began urinalysis with the pregnancy stick.

Before long, there were two obvious lines on the pregnancy test. The aunt’s glasses almost fell off. She looked at Su Ziyang in surprise and wanted to ask a question – Are you actually a woman dressed as a man? But just when he was peeing just now, she saw his’s brother. He can’t be a woman, but this… The result… What was this situation?!

“What’s wrong?” Ling Zhanyi frowned. Looking at the reaction of the aunt, he had a bad feeling in his heart. Could he really be … Pregnant?!

How was this possible?!

“He… He… He’s really pregnant!” The aunt stared at the two lines and tried her best to speak.

Su Ziyang threw a triumphant little eye at Ling Zhanyi, as if to say, look, I did not deceive you, right?

There was a buzz in Ling Zhanyi’s mind, he grabbed at his tie impatiently and said to himself, “This shouldn’t be accurate, right? Is there a more accurate verification method?

“Yes, blood tests, B-ultrasonography is more accurate than this!” Aunt hurriedly suggested.

It must be inaccurate, otherwise, how can a man be pregnant?!

Ling Zhangyi pulled Su Ziyang to the B-ultrasound department and said, “Go and test again!”

“Hey, B-ultrasound had a lot of radiation, it is not good for the baby…” Su Ziyang was grabbed by him and his hands ached. He could not help scorning, “If you don’t want to be responsible, the child will be raised by myself…”

“Shut up!” Ling Zhanyi stopped his words and pushed him into the B-ultrasound room. He said to the doctor coldly, “Give him a B-mode ultrasound!”

The results of the Type-B ultrasound came out, it was still the same as the urine test results, Su Ziyang had been pregnant for three months…

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