I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 34 - Big Grey Wolf Ling’s ‘conspiracy’

Chapter 34: Big Grey Wolf Ling’s ‘conspiracy’

Hearing Su Ziyang shouting that he was tired, Ling Zhanyi closed the door and paced forward quickly. He squatted down beside the sofa, and asked gently, “Let me massage for you?”

Su Ziyang frowned and thought before he angled slightly sideways: “Then massage my waist. I stood there for so long, it’s almost broken.”

This was a good opportunity to see if this guy had really changed or was he pretending to be so virtuous…

When Ling Zhanyi saw his arrogant appearance, he laughed in his heart, but his movements were not idle. He stretched his hand over Su Ziyang’s side and kneaded it gently.

When he was in the hospital, he asked the doctor about the basic care and techniques for taking care of pregnant people, so a little rubbing could really relieve the pain and soreness.

Su Ziyang sneaked a glance at him as he leaned on the couch. He saw that he was kneading himself intently. His serious and pampering expression made his heart pulsed unexpectedly faster and faster as if he had been scratched by a cat; ticklish and clumsy.

Ling Zhanyi was delighted when he noticed his peeping, but he still pretended not to see it and put on an act to show how he loved his wife dearly.

It took more than one cold day for the river to freeze three feet deep. Therefore, in order to thaw this ice, it should not be done too fast.

Whether Su Ziyang’s so-called “past life” was true or not, he had to leave a good impression in front of him, and then open his mind a little bit!

“Okay, no more, I’m thirsty, pour me a glass of water.” Su Ziyang ordered.

Ling Zhanyi nodded: “No problem!”

While pouring water, President Ling observed the apartment. It was a very ordinary two-room and one-hall apartment. It was not as big as his villa. Don’t talk about his villa, even his bedroom was bigger than this whole apartment. But even though it was small, it gave people a warm feeling, which was unlike his house that was cold and empty. There was no feeling of home at all.

Whatever he did, he seemed to be the only one. Although there were helpers, basically everyone was respectful to him, this feeling was very alienated.

“Splash -” Ling Zhanyi carelessly filled his cup full of water when he was lost in thought. He was scalded slightly and he quickly loosened his hold on the button of the water dispenser. He endured the pain and put the cup on the tea table. He shook his hand vigorously.

When Su Ziyang saw this, he couldn’t help ironically saying, “You are sure a powerful man, let you pour a cup of water, and you even burned yourself.”

Ling Zhanyi was stunned, and the action of shaking hands slowed down.

Su Ziyang continued to order, “Go to the bathroom and get toothpaste. The blue cup is mine.”

Ling Zhanyi naturally would not refuse. He went into the bathroom while blowing his hand. He watched the small bathroom and it was a showerhead. Ling Zhanyi frowned slightly. It was not safe to take a bath. He would slip if he was not careful. No, he had to improve it.

Finally, his sight moved to the sink and saw two cups, two toothbrushes, two tubes of toothpaste, two men’s facial cleansers, two shampoo showers and two towels for brushing teeth.

Whatever it was, it’s in pairs… Ah pei! What pairs? It’s two! Two! Not a pair!

Such a small house and it was still rented out. It’s… really infuriating!

In his mind, his brand filled many pictures of Su Ziyang and Luoyang living together. Ling Zhanyi almost spontaneously ignited. His face was gloomy and frightening until Su Ziyang asked Ling Zhanyi  “Did you find it?” that he came back to his sense. He answered, “Found it”. Then he angrily picked up the tube of toothpaste from the blue toothbrush cup and adjusted his facial expression. Then he went out and handed the toothpaste to Su Ziyang. The heart was still slandering: One day he must bring Su Ziyang back home, or he will drive Luoyang away!

Su Ziyang grabbed Ling Zhanyi’s hand and looked at the burnt red hand. It was okay, not very serious. Just put some toothpaste on it and it would be fine. So he unscrewed the toothpaste lid, squeezed out toothpaste and began to apply it to the burned area of Ling Zhanyi’s hand.

A cool feeling came from his hands. Ling Zhanyi pulled his thoughts back and looked at Su Ziyang curiously. “What is this?”

Su Ziyang finished smearing. He took his hand and looked at it carefully. En, it was almost done. The toothpaste was evenly wiped.

Ling Zhanyi saw that he was disdained to answer his own questions. After thinking about it, he suddenly realized, “It can treat scalds?”

“En. Wait a while and it will be fine. It’s very effective. If you really can’t wait, go to the kitchen and put your hand in the refrigerator to freeze, so as to prevent blisters.” Su Ziyang loosened his hand and handed him back the toothpaste. “Go and put the toothpaste back.”

Ling Zhanyi put back toothpaste as he said, and then saw Su Ziyang holding a glass and blowing a mouthful of water. Curiously, he slipped to the kitchen and toured it. Wu, the kitchen was so small and the refrigerator was so small. When he opened the refrigerator, Ling Zhanyi was surprised by the amount of food in it: “Ziyang, you can still cook ?”

Su Ziyang shook his head: “No, but Luoyang know, I am just in charge of eating.” There was a triumphant smile on his face as he spoke.

This smile stimulated Ling Zhanyi. He slammed the refrigerator door and muttered in a low voice, “Isn’t that just cooking? What’s the difficulty? I’ll learn as soon as I can!”

After touring the kitchen, Ling Zhanyi pushed open the main bedroom door on this side. “Ziyang, is this your room?”

Su Ziyang nodded: “That’s right. Don’t go in.”

“Can’t I go in and take a look?” Ling Zhanyi took back the steps he had taken.

“Isn’t it the same as looking from the door?”

“All right.” Ling Zhanyi shrugged his shoulders. He leaned against the door frame and looked around. He found that although it was not very neat, it was at least not messy.

A desk with a laptop on it, and a few books scattered around at random; a sofa, a bed, and several photographic pieces of equipment on the floor, which had been erected and facing the direction of the bed.

Ling Zhanyi snicked in his heart, I really can’t see ah- so Ziyang has the habit of self-portrait.

The line of sight suddenly stagnated. Ling Zhanyi saw a few small clothes on the bedside, it was especially small and exquisite. They were all children’s clothes. They looked very lovely.

He was already preparing the clothes for the baby. He was indeed the wife candidate he had taken a fancy to, such a “good wife and good mother”!

However, what kind of clothes is this ah, it seemed that the quality was too poor. Next time, he who was the baby’s father must buy better for his child!

When Ling Zhanyi was thinking about how to please Su Ziyang, heed looked at his watch and urged him, “It’s getting late. You should go back.”

Ling Zhanyi listened to his order of deportation and began to think about countermeasures: “Now it’s time for dinner. What are you going to eat when I’m gone?”

“Don’t worry about it. I have something to eat.”

“Is it snacks? You are pregnant. You can’t just eat snacks. Besides, you can’t get full from snacks! ” Ling Zhanyi said, “You are in need of supplementary nutrition now. Why don’t we go out to eat? It’s my treat! You can eat whatever you want! “

“Nowadays, the food outside is not clean, so it’s better to have snacks. I won’t go out to eat.” Su Ziyang pouted his lips. “I’ll wait for Luoyang to come back and cook for me. His school is near. He’ll come back to cook at noon.”

“…” Ling Zhanyi’s mouth pulled and his glance was stern.

Luoyang Luoyang! It’s Luoyang again!

No way! He can’t bear it anymore! Tomorrow! Tomorrow he must find a way to invite Luoyang out of this house! Keep him away from his wife!

Of course, his wife had to be taken care of by himself… Right! This little thing doesn’t want to go home with him. He could live here.

That’s the decision! Get rid of Luoyang tomorrow, and move in by himself! Kill two birds with one stone, perfect!

“Even if it’s close, it’s not good to bother people.” Ling Zhanyi smiled proudly. “Isn’t that just cooking? I know too! You wait, I’ll cook for you! What do you want to eat? I’ll do it right away!”

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