I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 35 - It’s you who make trouble!

Chapter 35: It’s you who make trouble!

“You?” Su Ziyang stared at him suspiciously. “You can cook?”

Ling Zhanyi nodded: “Of course!”

“… I don’t believe it. You are boasting!”

“Then what do you want to eat? I’ll make for you to see!” If Ling Zhanyi said it’s windy then the rain would follow. He turned out a pen and paper from the tea table and urged, “Quick, report the name of the dish. I’ll write it down first.”

Su Ziyang was led by him by the nose. He did not think about how this guy was taking the opportunity to stay, and even held his chin to meditate for a while before he listed out several dish names: “I want to eat fried ribs, sweet and sour fish, fish-flavored shredded pork, hot and sour potato shreds, shredded cabbage… Ah, and chili butyl!”


Ling Zhanyi did not write any word on the white paper. He raised his head with difficulty and showed a brilliant smile: “Ziyang ah, can you change to some simpler dishes?”

Su Ziyang blinked innocently: “These are already very simple dishes, Luoyang will make more complex ones.”

—— Was he a university professor or a hotel chef?

Ling Zhanyi squeezed out a smile, wrote down several dishes that Su Ziyang had just listed, and then opened his mouth with insufficient energy: “Well since you want to eat these, I will do these. Nothing else more?”

“En, when I’m hungry in the afternoon, make some cakes for afternoon tea.” Su Ziyang added.

Ling Zhanyi smiled reluctantly and said, “Okay, okay, I’m going to cook first. Watch TV for a while but don’t go too near the TV. Don’t play with mobile phones. Be careful with the radiation!”

Su Ziyang ignored him. He got up and went back to his room to lay in bed, and began to sleep!


This was really a good way to pass the time! Not only did it have no radiation, no pollution, but it could also keep the fetus safe. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang lying in bed for a while before he turned back into the kitchen and closed the door. Facing a large pile of pots, bowls, pots, vegetables, melons, and fruits… And was sullen!

His hair was going grey!

He was the president of a multinational group. He had no need to fend for himself. What he usually come into contact with was document ah, computer ah, mobile phone ah. When did he touch these things?

Let him cook instant noodles, he might even add additional salt. Don’t even mention about letting him cook.

But this was a problem of a man’s face, if that white chicken could do it, he could do it too! He must never lose to that fellow!

Otherwise, in the heart of his wife, he would surely be second place, and not as good as the white chicken who could cook.

—— Wasn’t there a saying? If you want to grasp a person’s heart, you must first grasp his stomach.

Although this saying was old, if you thought carefully about it, in fact, this was not without sense.

It didn’t matter if he could not do it. He could learn! Now that the network was so developed, was it not easy to learn how to cook according to the recipe?

Ling Zhanyi rolled up his sleeves like he was a proper chef. First, he took out his large screen mobile phone and searched for recipes. Then, he placed the mobile phone in an unobstructed place and began to prepare the ingredients according to the recipes…

When he really cooked, Ling Zhanyi found that cooking was such a difficult thing.

The recipe mentioned ‘a little, ‘a certain amount’, ‘for a moment’, all these sorts of adjectives. He was a person who had not cooked before. How would he know what a little, what a certain amount, and what for a moment was?

Unexpectedly, he heard footsteps coming, Ling Zhanyi cut the dishes in a serious and elegant manner, the knife was chopping loudly, but his sight was directed at the kitchen door. Sure enough, a familiar figure crept up to the door and peeped in stealthily — who else would it be if it was not Su Ziyang?!

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