I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 37 - Fetal Movement

Chapter 37: Fetal Movement

Su Ziyang looked at the six dishes and one soup in front of him in surprise, and his eyes almost flew out!

This Bastard Ling really did it! It was still… full of color, fragrance, and taste!

Ling Zhanyi who was wearing an apron put the chopsticks and bowls with affectation. His face was impeccable and he said softly, “Ziyang, are you hungry? Taste it, I’ll do it again if it doesn’t suit your appetite.”

“These… You did all of these?” Su Ziyang took the chopsticks handed over by Ling Zhanyi, still feeling a little disbelief.

This fellow was clearly the kind of big young master who never had to fend for himself. How could he possibly cook such a prestigious meal?

“Oh, yeah. Try my cooking!” Ling Zhanyi admitted cheekily, then he urged.

Su Ziyang then took a mouthful of fish and was stopped by Ling Zhanyi when he was about to put it to his mouth. “Wait a minute!” Let me help you see if there are any thorns. Be careful not to get pricked!”

Ling Zhanyi then selected several pieces of fish meat and put them in the rice bowl in front of Su Ziyang: “Now it’s fine , eat it.”

Su Ziyang ate two mouthfuls and nodded frequently: “En, it tastes good…”

Ling Zhanyi listened to his praise, and his heart bloomed flowers as if these dishes were really made by him. But the next moment, he would feel a little guilty.

Because after Su Ziyang ate a few other dishes, he asked suspiciously, “Could it be that you called the restaurant when I was sleeping to bluff me?”

Ling Zhanyi laughed so hard that he said, “No! How is that possible? You should be able to taste the food in the restaurant. It’s all msg, the taste is all very strong, and the dishes all have a lot of oil in it. You can taste them again to see.”

Su Ziyang tasted a few more mouthfuls. Well, sure enough, it’s home-made. There’s no such thing as oily, salty, and flavorful msg like in the restaurants, and most of them were light flavoured.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you right?” Ling Zhanyi was waiting for his praise.

As a result, Su Ziyang said, “It’s not as delicious as those made by Luoyang.”


Ling Zhanyi took a deep breath and kept telling himself to be calm, to be calm. This little thing had a taste bud problem. Don’t follow his general knowledge.

After a meal, Ling Zhanyi didn’t say anything. He just moved all kinds of dishes to the dishes in front of Su Ziyang in silence and was considerate.

Su Ziyang enjoyed himself and ate a lot. After all, there was still a small guy in his stomach to feed.

Su Ziyang didn’t put down his chopsticks until he blurped. He laughed and said, “En, I was just kidding. You made better dishes than Luoyang did!”

As if in response to his words, the baby in the stomach also kicked a foot to show his consent.

Su Ziyang cried out, and Ling Zhanyi stared at him fiercely: “What’s wrong? Your stomach hurts again? I’ve told you that it’s better for you to stay in the hospital a few more days and rest then leaving so soon.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s just that the baby kicked me just now.” Su Ziyang moved his palm and covered it in the center of his abdomen. He laughed and said, “Oh, here it comes again.”

Ling Zhanyi became delighted: “I want to feel it too.” As he spoke, he gathered in front of Su Ziyang, squatted aside, reached over and asked, “Where is it?” Where is it?”

Su Ziyang was having a good time with his baby and did not care about Ling Zhanyi’s involvement. He took his hand and put it over his right abdomen: “Hey, here, do you feel it?”

Ling Zhanyi felt the feeble movement of the fetus and his heart was in ecstasy. This feeling was fresh and made him feel accomplished. After all, it was his seed. So he laughed along with him: “I felt it, it was very faint. Otherwise, you won’t be able to stand him playing football in your stomach. You would be screaming with pain at that time.”

“You will be the one screaming!” Su Ziyang realized and pushed Ling Zhanyi aside. “Who asked you to come and touch me?” Go, and tidy up the bowls, chopsticks and leave quickly. I’ve already given you face to let you stay in my house for so long today! “

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes remained smiling. “Okay, I’ll clean up the dishes and chopsticks. You have a good rest.” When he got up, he proclaimed, “It seems good to be in love when you have a child. Ziyang, I will certainly woo you to my hands. Wait and see! You’ll be my Ling family!”

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