I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 38 - Second Bedroom

Chapter 38: Second Bedroom

Still as before, Su Ziyang did not take Ling Zhanyi’s words seriously.

Allowing him to enter his home today was his greatest favor, and he still wanted to pester him in the future?

Ling Zhanyi packed up the bowls and chopsticks and left as he had promised. This was contrary to Su Ziyang’s expectation as he thought that this arrogant President Ling would use all the means available just to stay for a while longer. He didn’t expect him to be so obedient and left as he was told to.

Alone by himself, Su Ziyang was soon overcome with boredom. He soon decided to play with his photographic equipment.

He pulled up his shirt and his bulging abdomen appearing in sight. The camera lens had already been adjusted. He walked back and forth while supporting his stomach and murmured, “Baby, did you see this? Now you are still in my stomach and your shape is still only as small as a dumpling, Dad will try his best to eat and give you adequate nutrition to let you grow faster. You will be this big once you are born…” He stood still and gestured a baby’s size with his hand. He smiled slightly, “Dad loves you, so you be obedient okay?”

It was unknown if the little thing understood his words or not, it gently moved in Ziyang’s stomach and soon returned to being still.

Su Ziyang finished shooting today’s part and gathered up his equipment and circled around the room for a few rounds. He ate some food, exercised a little, and then lay in bed, ready to rest.

After all, he was someone who had just left the hospital. No matter how energetic he was, he would still get tired. As soon as his head touched the pillow, Su Ziyang couldn’t fight his drowsiness and he soon fell asleep.

This time, Su Ziyang fell asleep till the next day.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he felt that there was something off about the room. He sat up carefully with his elbows propped up and looked at the baby picture that was pasted on the wall, directly opposite the bed. In the picture, there were two identical little meatballs laying there, looking at him with pure and innocent eyes; it was lovely to the utmost.

Su Ziyang’s eyesight shifted and scanned a large suitcase that was laying in the middle of the floor. There were two identical tiny cars at the side of the suitcase, beside the tiny cars were some children’s clothes and little suits.

Su Ziyang shifted his gaze again and saw a baby stroller that had never once been bought by him.

How did one nap make his house be filled with so many things?

“Luoyang? You bought all this?” Su Ziyang asked aloud as he dressed.

Because usually at this timing, Luoyang would be busy cooking some breakfast in the kitchen.

No one answered.

Su Ziyang swallowed his saliva slowly: “Luoyang? Why aren’t you talking?”

This was strange, he clearly heard sounds echoing from the kitchen, perhaps his voice was too soft and he didn’t hear him?

Su Ziyang put on his shoes, went out of the bedroom and headed for the kitchen. When he passed by the guest room, he was a little stunned. The furnishings in the guest room had all changed!

What was happening?

It looked empty and what originally was Luoyang’s belongings had all disappeared!

Su Ziyang quickened his pace and headed to the kitchen. He opened the door and the man inside turned around and gave him a brilliant smile: “Good morning Ziyang!”

Ling Zhanyi!

Su Ziyang looked at the unexpected guest in surprise. “You一 how did you come in?”

Ling Zhanyi brought out the “newly made” steamed egg with a smooth expression: “Luoyang gave me the keys ah.”

“Why would he give you the key?” Su Ziyang thought of the emptied guest room he had just seen and he couldn’t help asking, “Where is he?”

“He’s gone.”

“Gone?” Su Ziyang’s face sank. “Did you drive him away? Who gave you the right? Why did you drive him away?!!”

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