I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 39 - Can’t him be stubborn! Can? Can? 

Chapter 39: Can’t him be stubborn! Can? Can? 

Ling Zhanyi was holding a porcelain bowl as he shook his head innocently. “You’ve wronged me. I didn’t drive him away. He himself decided to leave. When I came to see you this morning, he was already packing his luggage. He was accompanied by a young boy… It was probably his relative. Anyway, he left with the boy. He knew that I was the father of the child, so he gave me the key and said that I should take good care of you.”

Su Ziyang recalled back to yesterday, where he saw Luoyang leaving on a tall boy’s motorcycle when he left the hospital. He felt relieved, but he was even more sad.

“He’s gone?” Su Ziyang muttered, how could he leave without saying goodbye to him.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes narrowed. What he said just now was partly true and partly false. Luoyang did indeed left and he also indeed left with the boy. But whether he left voluntarily or not, was still unclear.

Perhaps it was because of his words that made him decide to move away. Nevertheless, as long as his aim was achieved, he doesn’t mind being a wicked person once.

In the early morning——

When Ling Zhanyi left last night, he had already made up his mind to move in with Su Ziyang. Even though Su Ziyang did not want to accept him right now, Ling Zhanyi had never  thought about giving up.

After a night of practising his knife skills until 4 a.m, Ling Zhanyi finally learned how to make a simple steamed egg from Zhang Mama, who had been taking care of his parents’ everyday needs for over 10 years. He also let Zhang Mama make a few snacks and pack them together into the food box before he rushed off. As a result, he met Luoyang, who had just arrived downstairs.

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes flashed and he stopped at the next step: “Mr. Luo! Please hold your steps!”

Luoyang looked up at the tall man and frowned slightly: “What’s the matter?”

“I have something to discuss with you…” Ling Zhanyi’s face showed a slight look of embarrassment. “Could you please move out of the apartment? I know you have been taking care of Ziyang for the past few months. It’s rude for me to say such a thing, but you can rest assure that I will take good care of Ziyang. I’m really grateful to you. I am very sincerely grateful!” After a pause, Ling Zhanyi continued, “If you don’t have a place to live, I can provide you with a house. It’s quite near to the university where you teach. The location, lighting, and decoration are absolutely first-rate. Don’t be in a rush to reject me. I’m not doing this for charity, I just want to express my sincere thanks.”

Luoyang was not moved. He held a stack of books and gently gave Ling Zhanyi a side-eye: “You have so much money, you must have felt that money is omnipotent, and it can help you solve everything, right?”

“But I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t want to move yet. I have gotten along very well with Ziyang since this period of time. What’s more, I have to take care of Ziyang’s daily needs. Six months later, I’m waiting to be the baby’s godfather.” He smiled softly and added, “I will be the first person to see the baby after it is born.”

Ling Zhanyi’s face sank and his voice was laced with warning: “Don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit.”

“What? Why? Aren’t you quite easy to be angered?”, Luoyang turned their topic, “You love being angry so much, how can you take good care of Ziyang?”


Ling Zhanyi was speechless for a second before he gave a cold smile, “This is my business, there is no need for you to be bothered about it!”

“That’s right, I don’t want to meddle in your business either. I just want to take good care of Ziyang. He is a good person, very optimistic, cheerful and positive. He even refused to bow his head down to such a big matter一such as being pregnant一even if he is facing it all by himself. “

“He even rented the house to me at a low price and didn’t charge me some deposit. For me to take care of him is voluntary and that’s because I owed him.”

Luoyang stared at Ling Zhanyi’s noble and elegant suit and jeered, “Aren’t you rich? Then why not take Ziyang away? Didn’t you say that you are going to take good care of him? Wouldn’t it be better to take him to live in a big villa and have a servant for him to order at will and provide him with a good living  environment? What kind of man are you to come and chase me away so fiercely now? It’s your business to take care of him. And it’s also my business to rent in Su Ziyang’s apartment. There’s no conflict, is there?”

“You——” Ling Zhanyi was choked speechless. His imposing manner weakened and he sighed before laughing bitterly. “I wanted to take him away from this place but一ah! What could I do if he doesn’t agree.”

Ling Zhanyi was no longer as arrogant and set high up on a pedestal as he ordered Luoyang. Luoyang also regained his gentleness. He guessed, “You must have done something wrong to Ziyang, hence the reason as to why he is so wary of you.”

Ling Zhanyi spreaded his hands in a helpless manner and said, “I didn’t do anything to wrong him. In the beginning of our relationship, we were both willing parties. What is there to say sorry about?”

“Later, he became entirely out of the character and sneaked away by himself. I wanted to formally date him, but he avoided me like a plague. After I learned that he was pregnant, I wanted to take responsibility for him, but he persistently refused. What else do you think I can do?”

Luoyang was silent. He was also gay, so he knew that these people were actually just insecure. What一’Love each other throughout their life?’ They were all just an unrealistic rose-tinted view. The reality of this cruel dictator world would use all means to strike at  their only hope.

Ling Zhanyi was unlike the second-rich generation playboy he had seen in the past. He had been repeatedly refused by Su Ziyang for so many times but he still maintained his position. Now he even came to beg him to leave.

He was not a man without understanding. It was really annoying to have an outsider stuck between a couple’s business.

Originally, he came back from Ye Shuo’s house with the intention to move away. What happened just now was just an attempt to find out what kind of feelings did Ling Zhanyi had towards Su Ziyang.

Ling Zhanyi had been observing Luoyang. Seeing his face softened, he continued to make great efforts, striking while the iron was hot: “I am trying my best to chase him, but I have no other solutions. I can only start with Mr. Luo, you can rest assured that I am not some irresponsible playboy. Whomever I’ve recognized, I will cherish and protect them well.”

“… What makes you think that I’ll believe you?” Luoyang had been somewhat moved. Subconsciously, he hoped that Ziyang could be happy, but what he hoped more was that the gay couples that he knew, could get together and be happy, that they would age together一 loving each other for a lifetime, such that they could ruthlessly give a resounding slap to reality’s face!

Ling Zhanyi opened the big thermal food box in his hand, and there were all kinds of snacks in it, all of which was what Su Ziyang liked to eat: “Although I can’t prove it with a more convincing evidence now, I believe the idea here is enough.”

Luoyang’s eyes moved away from the food box and landed on the dark circles of Ling Zhanyi’s eyes. He already understood.

The man with a strong tyrannical aura, the man with a habit of controlling everything一must have stayed up all night in order to bring this breakfast to his beloved in the morning.

The fingers on Ling Zhanyi’s left hand was still covered with several bandages, which he hadn’t seen yesterday when he picked up Su Ziyang from the hospital. If he had guessed correctly, the cuts should  be from Ling Zhanyi practicing how to cook. He just didn’t know how long this aloof and remote man could persist, but since he had the heart to learn for Su Ziyang, that’s enough.

Everything had to start from somewhere, so long as Ling Zhanyi was willing to take the first step, then he believed that he could persevere in the next ninety-nine steps in the future.

Luoyang took out the key from his pocket and handed it to Ling Zhanyi. “What I’ve said just now is offensive. I hope that Mr. Ling won’t  mind? I know you’re driving me away in order to cultivate feelings with him. This is the key to Ziyang’s house. Here, I’m giving it to you. Anyway, since I’m alone, it doesn’t matter where I stay. But just let me say a few ugly words in front first, if you can’t take good care of him, I’ll be the first to find you!”

Ling Zhanyi’s eyes were narrowed. He took the key after a moment’s of muttering to himself. He asked, “What’s your standpoint in saying that?”

“Me… Of course, it’s as the child’s godfather.” Luoyang shrugged and looked across Ling Zhanyi’s shoulders at a black Audi behind him.

“You shouldn’t… Are you jealous?” Luoyang teased him and took the lead in turning around and striding towards the steps. “Don’t worry, him and I would not have any sparks generated. But I have to go up again and pack my luggage.”

Ling Zhanyi breathed a sigh of relief and followed up: “I will help you.”

In the process of packing, the noises did not wake up the soundly  sleeping Su Ziyang. Plus, the fact that Luoyang was a young and single professor, the things he had was not alot and they were quickly packed up.

Ling Zhanyi sent him out. At the door, he saw the boy who was following Luoyang in the hospital. He heard Luoyang call him Ye Shuo.

Different surnames… Cousin?

Ling Zhanyi was anxious to go back and make some steamed ege for Su Ziyang. As a result, he didn’t notice the obscure look that was given to Luoyang by Ye Shou.


“What are you daydreaming about?!” Su Ziyang’s voice drew Ling Zhanyi’s thoughts back. He handed over the egg soup in his hand and said with a smile, “Nothing, why don’t you try my cooking?”

Su Ziyang frowned at the egg soup and shook his head. “I don’t want to eat it.”

He hated eggs the most.

“Well, try it. It’s good for the baby, I’ve already checked it online.”

“During your pregnancy, I’ll cook and supplement your nutrition according to the recipe. Now is the most suitable time to eat eggs.”

“Don’t be stubborn okay?” Ling Zhanyi took a spoonful of egg and blew on it a couple times before he passed it over. He coaxed, “Come on, I’ll feed you. Open your mouth, ah~”

Su Ziyang stepped back and avoided his spoon. “I really don’t want to eat it. Can you change it into something else?”

Why did this fellow used the same method as Luoyang on making him eat nutritious foods ah!? What cooking according to the recipe, what most suitable time to eat? These two sentences kept coming back and forth and he didn’t know how to reject them anymore.

But that was in the past, in the face of Luoyang, who had worked hard to cook food for him, he could not bear to refuse. But now…

It’s Ling Zhanyi who insistently tried to stick to him saying that he was going to take care of him. Couldn’t he be stubborn a while? Can? Can?

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