I Don’t Want You To Be Responsible!

Chapter 9 - Date? Date your sister ah!

Chapter 9: Date? Date your sister ah!

Although Ling Zhanyi was unable to understand everything, after listening for a while, he could still be able to comprehend what the seeming madman was talking about.

It’s just that …Five million? Wasn’t this pit too ruthless?

It’s just that he bumped him into… Oh, no, it wasn’t a bump, it was him getting a shock, and then he still fell down on his own… does that lead to asking for five million? Although he was not short of money, and five million dollars could be easily taken out but doesn’t this guy looked unharmed?

Even though Su Ziyang swayed him for a while, Ling Zhanyi still looked fine. His head was shaken a little dizzy, so he weakly loosened his grip on Ling Zhanyi. Covering his head and began to moan continually, of course, he did not forget to let his poor five million dollars: “My five million… Wuwu…”

Damn it, why was he so unlucky? He knew the lottery number and wanted to buy a lottery ticket, but he met an accident! Otherwise, he could have already bought the lottery ticket yesterday and when they announced the lottery today, he will be the winner of the prize. Or he could just be less dizzy so that he could buy the lottery ticket first! Wuwuwu——

Ling Zhanyi heard his voice getting weakly, and saw how he was covering his head with a painful expression. He was immediately startled and hurried up to him and asked with concern: “Ziyang, are you okay? It is another headache?”

“I have more than just a headache! I have even heart ache, liver ache, lung ache! It hurts everywhere!” Su Ziyang growled at him, his head buzzed with dizziness and he continued to hold his head and cry for his five million dollars.

Ling Zhangyi blinked and sat at the bedside quietly looking at Su Ziyang’s pretense. His eyes were slightly red, it doesn’t seem like he was pretending to cry, his angry expression contained grievance. What on earth did he do to make him so indignant?

If it was their overload exercise last night… Didn’t he enjoy it at the moment too?

His sight glanced over to Su Ziyang’s handsome face, the doctor’s words rang out in his brain, and his lips were raised slightly: “Ziyang, don’t cry first, I have something to tell you.”

Su Ziyang raised his head and looked at Ling Zhangyi with red eyes that had a trace of irritation – this fellow was the biggest nemesis in his past and present life! Damn, why did he come to find him? He almost had a car accident, missed the chance to buy lottery ticket, and then missed the good opportunity to get rich overnight so that he could concentrate on raising his baby without any worries. That’s not the way it was in the last life, wasn’t it? Wasn’t this bastard supposed to throw his responsibility toward him and both of them will go their separate ways and never meet again? Even when he had no other ways and was desperate to find him to take responsibility for the child in his stomach, wasn’t he cold and unfeeling? And he did not believe him, repeatedly did many tests to confirm that he was pregnant and he still wanted him to abort the child, resulting in his death …

Now, what’s the situation?

“What’s the matter?” Su Ziyang gathered back his shattered heart and looked at Ling Zhangyi coldly.

“Let’s date!” Ling Zhanyi looked at him with a burning glance.


Su Ziyang was stunned and stared at Ling Zhangyi incredibly. “What did you say?”

“I said… Let’s date.” Ling Zhanyi stared at Su Ziyang and repeated, before he earnestly said, “After last night’s incident, I think you suit my taste a lot, and I also make you very satisfied, didn’t I?” In that case, why don’t we try to date? Is that good?”

“No!” Su Ziyang immediately rejected him.

Date… Date your sister ah!

Once was enough for him! After seeing his true color, Su Ziyang wanted to stay away from him. Only fool will date him!

Especially, the old hatred born from how Ling Zhanyi costed him to lost life from the previous life, now there the new hatred of Ling Zhanyi costing him to lose five million lottery money!

Adding the old hatred and new hatred together, Su Ziyang’s immunity to Ling Zhangyi had been raised to a new level…

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