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Chapter 604: A Psionicist’s Arrogance

Chapter 604: A Psionicist’s Arrogance

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Looking at these righteous, outraged people, all the members of the Superpower Combative Police Force felt a headache coming on.

They also did not understand why their group was sent to handle this kind of thing. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the Superpower Combative Police Force was not suitable for handling this matter. Whether they successfully dispersed the protestors or failed to do so, there was no advantage to be gained, just a flurry of trouble.

“Austin, the situation here is complicated.”

Lane, who was hiding behind John, pressed something by his ear and whispered into the headset, “This group of people is from the lowest rung of society and they are unreasonable. If we use force, it’s even more inappropriate. Why on Earth did you send us here?”

“I don’t know, this is a direct order from General Manager Liu.”

Austin’s voice came from the headset. “You should ask Mr. Liu directly.”

“That’s not necessary.”

Before Austin finished speaking, Liu Zhijian’s voice came through the headset. “What I can tell you is that earlier, the family of a higher-up in the company accidentally clashed with the demonstration. Although there was no further incident, they were still frightened.”


Everyone suddenly understood.

The Superpower Combative Police Force could be regarded as the veteran of the world’s major superpower police forces. Since they were veterans, of course, they understood that there were only twelve people who would be addressed as a “higher-up” by the general manager of the Northern American Division.

“A member of the Disciple Council in God’s Forbidden Zone?”

Lane asked in a low voice. At the same time, he raised his head and looked in all directions but the square was surrounded by hundreds of people, and there were no passers-by who seemed to fit the description.

“Surely you understand now why I’ve sent you guys.”

Liu Zhijian did not deny it but said softly, “Perform well and maybe you’ll catch the eye of those higher-ups and receive some form of appreciation.”

However, although Liu Zhijian had explained as much, the six of them were still opposed to this.

After all, they were all psionicists who existed above ordinary people. Perhaps the Disciple Council controlled Blackwatch from behind the scenes, but they were not afraid of that. After all, even if they left Blackwatch, they would still be a major figure in any faction.

This was the arrogance of a psionicist.

At this time, John who was standing in the front was still persuading the demonstrators, but no matter how he tried, the other party did not have any intention to disperse. On the contrary, the group of people became agitated by John.

“Guardian, we’re disappointed in you!”

“Give it up, we won’t go away. As long as Blackwatch doesn’t withdraw their androids, we won’t stop the demonstration!”

“But it doesn’t make any sense to do this.”

John advised them with all his heart, “I understand you very well and sympathize with you, but this isn’t an excuse for you to destroy the property of other citizens as you like!”

“No, you don’t understand us!”

The black woman raised her middle finger and shouted, “You’re the lapdogs of the Blackwatch Corporation! You don’t care about the interests of the poor at all!”

“Yea, lapdog!”

The rest of the people scolded loudly, “Scram, lapdog!”

With that, some people even threw eggs and tomatoes at the Superpower Combative Police Force.

Everyone dodged but there were too many projectiles. The six of them became more or less contaminated with a lot of filth. Even John was hit squarely by an egg.

“D*mn it!”

Jeff the Dragonfly Man cursed softly. He took a step forward but was halted by John’s hand.

John cast a stoic look at the black woman heading the group, lowered his head, and gently wiped off the egg white on his chest before he raised his head again and made a thumbs-up gesture toward the crowd. “Very well, you win!”

As he said, John took off directly by himself and flew into the sky without looking back.

“He’s left?”

The other five were a little surprised. They glanced at each other and then turned and left helplessly, leaving only the group who triumphantly cheered.

At this time, Chen Chen stood in the crowd and looked at the scene with interest. With his eyesight, he could faintly see the fury in John’s heart. He almost thought that John was about to explode in public.

“It seems that the mentality of these psionicists has changed.”

Little X’s voice came. “But this is also normal. The human ego will expand, especially when they have a smooth journey, and even possess power beyond ordinary people. Then, the expansion will be more intense.”

“This self-defeating action was the order of Liu Zhijian.”

Chen Chen still remembered Liu Zhijian. “Knowing that my parents were at the scene, he was afraid of leaving a bad impression on me, so he dispatched the Superpower Combative Police Force to solve the matter, but things only got worse thanks to that.”

“Then remove him.”

Little X laughed and said, “He can’t grasp the psychology of the Superpower Combative Police Force at all. Those people who are beyond mortals have already placed themselves above ordinary folk. How can they have the patience to persuade a group of poor people?”

“I won’t go that far yet.”

Chen Chen shook his head. “Although this error will affect the Superpower Combative Police Force, it’s not a big deal. It will be resolved after a few pressings.”

Little X said, “But what I’m worried about now is that John wouldn’t just leave it at that.”

“In that case, we might as well turn John into our weapon.”

Chen Chen turned to leave the crowd of onlookers, and at the same time said nonchalantly, “Send the information of the one behind this affair and the leader of the demonstration to Liu Zhijian, and ask Liu Zhijian to pass it to John.”

With that, Chen Chen’s figure disappeared completely in the flow of the crowd.


Suddenly, there was a dull thud on the roof.

Liu Zhijian was sitting in an office on the top floor of the building. He frowned slightly when he heard the sound, but then saw a crack appear in the ceiling as a whisper of dirt fell.

Liu Zhijian stood up angrily and looked toward the door. The next second, John walked in with a gloomy face.

“Are you trying to demolish my office?”

Liu Zhijian suddenly said huffily, “How many times have I told you, John, even the ceiling cannot withstand the impact of your drop. Do you get it?!”

“Give me the demonstration leader’s information.”

However, John completely ignored Liu Zhijian’s anger and said coldly, “I want to know her information, her home address…”

“What do you plan to do?”

Liu Zhijian looked even more furious. “Do you want revenge? Are you going to kill her? Do you know how this will affect the company? Also, the company’s plan…”

Nevertheless, Liu Zhijian had not finished speaking when he suddenly saw a blur in front of him. In the next second, John was already standing in front of him and at the same time, he lifted Liu Zhijian with one hand!

“I said, give me her information and I mean now!”

John looked sinister and his eyes even glowed with dazzling red light!

“Let, let me go first…”

Liu Zhijian was shocked. He quickly grasped John’s arm and said in a low voice, “Calm down first, John, don’t you want to advance in the ranks anymore? If you do it without authorization, you might be kicked out of the Superpower Combative Police Force!”

Hearing this sentence, John slowly let go of his grip, allowing Liu Zhijian to slide down.

“Huff, huff…”

Liu Zhijian’s face was pale. Earlier, he even had the impression that he had one foot in the grave. Although he personally watched John grow up little by little, John’s personality had become increasingly disagreeable over the years and even Liu Zhijian could not hold him back anymore.

At this point, Liu Zhijian slowly realized that perhaps deep down, John had already placed himself above human beings.

D*mn, the psychiatrists did not detect this at all. This matter must be reported to the company…

Liu Zhijian thought to himself. He returned to his seat and watched John turn and leave, but in the next second, an email notification popped up on the computer in front of him.

Liu Zhijian clicked on the email while adjusting his shirt, only to see the identity information of several people and a notice.

The notice was sent to Liu Zhijian in the name of the Disciple Council of God’s Forbidden Zone, and its message was very simple. Namely, it said to hand over the information of these people to John, so that John could kill these people without revealing his identity.

Seeing this, Liu Zhijian could not help frowning. Letting one of the three strongest psionicists in the world act as a killer — would this not aggravate John’s instability?

After all, many people were worried that if this guy was allowed to kill too many people, it was inevitable that he would eventually regard himself as a higher species than human beings.

Nonetheless, this was no longer up to Liu Zhijian. He continued to read on and saw that there were a total of five people on this list. Four of them were the senior officials of several well-known consortia in Northern America and even a congressman. It was only the last one who was an ordinary black woman.

“Are we doing this?”

Liu Zhijian had to shake his head. Although he did not approve of letting the psionicists perform more killings, since this was a high-level order, there was no other option.

With this in mind, he sent the name list and proof of information to John’s mailbox. Then, after he thought about it, he sent an assessment report to the dark web of God’s Forbidden Zone.

John naturally did not know about what Liu Zhijian just did. He simply shut himself in his office with a sullen heart, silently looking at the scenery outside the window.

The egg white on his chest had dried out early in the morning, but it clung to his tight outfit, like a mouth cracked in a grin, laughing at him.

“D*mn woman…”

John looked malevolent. When he thought about how they kept rebuking him and even threw eggs at him, he felt a sense of humiliation, which was something he had not felt in a long time.

Even at Blackwatch, Liu Zhijian would not dare treat him like this. How dare that b*tch?

The more humiliated he felt, the angrier John became. He could imagine that by tomorrow or tonight, countless small media organizations would report this story, publicizing how he had an egg thrown at him.

However, when John was bristling with hate toward the other party, suddenly, there was a vibration from the watch-like communicator on his wrist.

John raised his arm and slightly pressed the communicator with his other hand. Suddenly, Liu Zhijian’s holographic projection appeared.

“John, after consideration, I agree to your request. Moreover, I will not only give you the identity of the demonstration’s leader but will also send you the information of the people who planned this event from behind the scenes. For now, you’ll have no missions for the next few days. Your secret mission is to fly to these five places in Northern America and kill all these five people silently…

“Don’t let me down!”

After adding that last sentence, Liu Zhijian’s figure disappeared completely and then a list of assassination targets appeared, followed by their backgrounds and the evidence of their schemes against Blackwatch this time.

Seeing this list, John’s expression finally brightened. He nodded in satisfaction. Now that they had given him the information of the black woman, he would kill all those who were behind the scenes in one go. He might as well anyway…

Thinking of this, John’s figure flashed. He disappeared in front of the window in the next second, leaving only a whirlwind-like afterimage…

Late at night, Amelia Susanna walked feebly along a dark road.

After a day of demonstrations, Susanna’s throat was completely hoarse because she had to keep on leading the crowd to shout slogans and continue negotiating with the government’s representatives.

Moreover, no part of her body was not sore. Tottering on high heels, her feet were burning up already. She could not wait to kick off her shoes in the next second to free her feet.

Still, for Susanna, all this was worth it…

Thinking of this, a satisfied smile flickered at the corner of her mouth. She gently turned on her phone and checked her bank account.

In her bank account, there was a large string of zeros lying quietly, worth millions of dollars.

With each day that she led the group of homeless people to demonstrate, she gained one hundred thousand dollars in her account. In just one month, she had accumulated millions through her own efforts, which was comparable to her lifetime income.

“After a few months of work, I can stop working…”

Susanna laughed in a low voice. “At that time, I can fulfill my dreams, go to the Hawaiian Islands on vacation, and go to…”

Before she finished speaking, Susanna’s words were suddenly choked in her mouth.

She stopped walking and looked at the darkness ahead. She could faintly see that not far in front of her, at the end of the alley, a figure was standing there with folded arms.

At the same time, a faint pang of danger seized her heart…

Subconsciously, Susanna immediately turned around and walked in the opposite direction. Before, she chose this alley by herself to take a shortcut. She originally thought that there would be no problems but she did not expect that she would still run into danger.

Was it a nearby gang or was it…

She suddenly had a guess about the other party’s identity, but her footsteps did not stop. She knew that she could get rid of these people as long as she returned to the main road.

However, her premature assumption this time seemed to be mistaken.

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