I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Madam Night Seven

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Zhang Tianjian, the general of Southern Snow Kingdom. His cultivation had reached the fifth level of Inner Pellet. He had a high level of mastery in the Way of the Sword and also commanded three hundred thousand knights.

Zhang Tianjian wore a blue cotton robe. A white cloth made of silk was tied around his forehead, and his black hair was let loose. He stood tall and straight with a cold and arrogant face. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, with his left hand holding onto his scabbard.

He shot a glance at the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends and snorted slightly.

The Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends were evildoers that all great kingdoms sought to eradicate. If not for the fact that he was here to snatch the dragon eagle, he would have gone after them.

At the thought of the dragon eagle, he immediately felt heated in his heart.

If the dragon eagle were tamed, Southern Snow Kingdom would become stronger.

To throw this kind of demon into the battlefield, it would be a killing machine.

The Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends noticed Zhang Tianjian as well.

They sneered, and intentionally spoke with loud voices and mocked Zhang Tianjian.

“Who would have thought that the great general of an empire would come and compete with us.”

“Shhh, don’t be so loud. That person is Zhang Tianjian, a powerful cultivator in the Way of the Sword. Although he was rejected when he tried to make the Sword Monarch his master, he’s still pretty strong.”

“Hahaha, he thought that he was extremely talented in the Way of the Sword, but in the end, he was looked down upon by Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch, who considered him not talented in the Way of the Sword.”

“You want to die? He can hit people, but not in the face!”

“I’m not sure if the flesh of a sword cultivator is nice to eat.”

Zhan Tianjian grew furious, and he looked like he was going to draw his sword.

The most shameful thing in his life was to be rejected by the Sword Monarch.

Fifteen years ago, he realized a sword will, and swept over the enemy nations, achieve many victories. His fame spread far and wide, which inflated his confidence, and so he went to ask the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou to become his master.

However, the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou rejected him in front of many and said that he was not talented enough in the Way of the Sword and that he could hardly amount to much.

After that, he returned shamefully to the Southern Snow Kingdom and became a general.

Like this, he became a laughing stock to many. Even after fifteen years, some still talked about it occasionally.

He did not dare to hate the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou. He was a being that was much greater than him.

But he was not afraid of the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends.

In his eyes, the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends were already dead.

As they saw that Zhang Tianjian was about to explode, the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends began changing the subject.

They still feared Zhang Tianjian, and they did not want others to reap the consequences of the conflict between them.

Time continued to pass.

The dragon eagle’s roars began to weaken. Even the demonic aura that enveloped the forest was also weakening.

Finally, someone could hold on no longer.

That person was agile as a swallow. He leaped up from the forest, stepped on the cliffside as though it were level ground, and rushed up toward the peak.

Others started to move out after they saw this, and so did Zhang Tianjian and the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends. All of them rushed upward.

To compete for the dragon eagle, all the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends were mobilized. There was no one to keep watch of Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue.

In the forest.

Zhou Xuanji looked up, and through the gaps between the leaves, he saw cultivators rushing up toward the peak one after another. Some rode on their swords and flew, while others dashed up along the cliff. Each had indeed shown their respective capabilities, and it was a very grand scene to behold.

“Did all the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends go up?” he asked in his heart.

The Sword Spirit’s capability was not limited to explaining how to use the Supreme Legendary Sword System, it could also help him to keep watch over situations around him, and even analyze another person’s emotional fluctuations.

“No trace of them found within a radius of five hundred meters,” The Sword Spirit replied promptly. Zhou Xuanji immediately took out his Crimson Dragon Sword.

The legendary swords in the Supreme Legendary Sword System could be used with mental power, which was perfect.

He commanded it, and the Crimson Dragon Sword cut the red rope that bound him as though it was a strand of hair.

Little Jiang Xue sighed in relief and patted her chest. She was trying to keep calm, and muttered, “Let’s quickly run.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and leaped up onto his Crimson Dragon Sword, then he reached out with his hands to pull Little Jiang Xue up.

Flying and controlling a sword!

He did not know the Sword Flying Technique, but flying a legendary sword with his mind could be done easily.

In the past two years, he was not merely cultivating by internalizing Qi.

He focused his spiritual energy at the sole of his shoes, and established a tight connection between himself and the Crimson Dragon Sword, while at the same time he took hold of Little Jiang Xue. He then began to weave through the forest.

The Crimson Dragon Sword was not traveling at a high speed. An ordinary Foundation Building cultivator could easily catch up with him, let alone a powerful Inner Pellet cultivator.


Even before Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue could get out of the forest, a miserable shriek came from the sky above the forest.

A strong gale followed after. The trees were bending left and right because of the wind, and dust swirled up into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji immediately flew up with his Crimson Dragon Sword. He did not want the trees to crush him to death.

The leaves became like blades and left cuts on his and Little Jiang Xue’s bodies.

It was better for Zhou Xuanji because he had the Golden Body Incantation, which made his flesh harder than an ordinary person’s. However, it was not something that Little Jiang Xue could withstand. By the time they were out of the forest, Little Jiang Xue was wounded all over her body, and even her face suffered some small cuts, almost becoming disfigured.

Zhou Xuanji could not bother to comfort her. He quickly drove his sword to escape.

As he turned back and looked, he saw a giant eagle soaring with open wings beneath the clouds.

Dragon eagle!

It had brown feathers on its body and a wingspan of thirty-five yards. On the eagle’s head were a pair of dragon horns, and it even had a dragon’s tail. Black dragon scales glittered in the sky.

The Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends sat on their mounts and cast spells at the dragon eagle.

Zhang Tianjian and the other cultivators were also in the sky. They attacked the dragon eagle from all directions.

As it faced attacks from all directions, the dragon eagle was quickly wounded. Its blood was spilling from the sky.

Zhou Xuanji did not know what happened in the battle afterward. He flew as hard as he could to escape this place.

The bone-chilling wind blew at them. Little Jiang Xue hugged him tightly. Even though she was aching all over, she did not even whimper.

He only slowed down after they flew over the mountain peak and distanced themselves from the dragon eagle.

He turned around and looked at Little Jiang Xue, and said with a sense of guilt, “Hold on a little longer. I will help you to heal once we reach a safe place.”

Little Jiang Xue nodded and smiled, “I’m okay.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed and did not speak further, continuing to fly away.

They flew in silence for about four hours.

The Crimson Dragon Sword landed in a valley. The place was surrounded by mountains, and there were many trees and plants at the bottom of the valley, which made it easy for them to hide.

After they had landed, Zhou Xuanji stored his Crimson Dragon Sword into the Supreme Storage. He then took out some medicines to apply to Little Jiang Xue’s wounds.

The medicines were from the Demonic Inferno Sect’s Ye Feifan. He had already asked Qiu Baili about the name and effects of this medicine. He did not want to accidentally consume poison.

As he used the medicine, Little Jiang Xue’s face twitched continuously, gasping irregularly, which scared him. He was even more anxious than when using medicines on himself.

After half an hour, Little Jiang Xue’s wounds were fully recovered. After she wiped away the bloody scabs, her tender skin could be seen once again, with only red and narrow traces of her wounds still there.

“Such a wonderful medicine!” said Zhou Xuanji, amazed.

“This medicine is brilliant. It’s mine now.”

Madam Night Seven’s voice came from above them all of a sudden. Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue jumped in shock.

They raised their heads and saw Madam Night Seven standing on the wall of the mountain, close to thirty meters above the bottom of the valley. Blood was all over her body, and her clothing was tattered and torn.

His face turned somber. He still underestimated the flying speed of an Inner Pellet cultivator.

However, where is Madam Night Seven’s mount?

And why are the other sixteen fiends not around? Could they be dead?

Madam Night Seven slowly slid down along the wall of the mountain. Her breathing was unstable, and she did not even fly in the air. Seeing this, his eyes began glowing.

This vicious woman is severely injured?

Retribution always comes around; Heaven leaves no one out.

It’s time for a counterattack!

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes, and an intent to kill welled up in his heart.

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