I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Chapter 27: Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword

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“If I cannot do it, I will teach you dual sword wills and will not require you to take me as your master. How about that?”

Zhou Xuanji snorted. This disciple of his deserved to be taught a lesson for not believing in him.

Xiao Jinhong’s eyes glistened and he nodded immediately.

Without saying a word, he drew his sword and began demonstrating the sword technique.

The corner of Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched. This guy did not become his disciple from the bottom of his heart.

He did not think about it any further, and instead fully concentrated on observing Xiao Jinghong.

Little Jiang Xue walked over with Small Er, and Ah Big landed nearby as well.

The two individuals and two eagles looked at Xiao Jinghong without uttering a word.

It must be acknowledged that the Sword Noble deserved his title. His execution of the sword technique was elegant and powerful, inspiring awe in people’s hearts.

You must not fight your opponent with brute force!

Xiao Jinghong’s sword movements were not fast, but enough to induce such a thought in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

This sword technique consists of forty-nine moves, each move closely connected and creating a ceaseless assault. It could be used to attack the enemy at any angle, and it was flawless.

Just in case Zhou Xuanji could not memorize it, Xiao Jinghong demonstrated the technique twice. He was slow enough both times that Zhou Xuanji managed to remember.

Right when Xiao Jinghong was preparing to demonstrate it once more to reinforce his memory, Zhou Xuanji flipped his right hand and took out the Swineculling Sword.

Practicing with the Swineculling Sword made him look very impressive.

The seven-year-old Zhou Xuanji was already at the second level of Foundation Building. Naturally, sword training would not be as arduous as before.

Xiao Jinghong was stunned and put his sword back slowly.

“Right, a person who can execute two sword wills simultaneously must be extremely talented and will remember anything they see.”

Xiao Jinghong shook his head and smiled helplessly. This kid must not be viewed in comparison to an ordinary seven-year-old child.

During the first attempt, his sword moved even slower than Xiao Jinghong’s.

Xiao Jinghong did not tease him, but introduced the sword technique to him, “This is the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword. When you attain Great Accomplishment, you can sever all the vital channels in your opponent’s body in an instant.”

After the first round of practice, Zhou Xuanji began the second round, and it was quicker than the first.

Xiao Jinghong looked toward Little Jiang Xue and asked, “Which clan or sect are the two of you from?”

With Zhou Xuanji’s talent, their background must be extraordinary.

Little Jiang Xue curled her lip and replied, “I cannot tell you.”

This was what Zhou Xuanji taught her, to remain mysterious to deter others.

Xiao Jinghong smiled as he shook his head and did not say another word.

His eyes focused on Zhou Xuanji again.

Although Zhou Xuanji had the correct form, it was still wishful thinking for him to realize the sword will.

Realization of a sword will required insight, it was not achievable with just practice.

The third round.

The fourth round.

The fifth round.

His speed became faster and faster. Within half an hour, he practiced ten rounds.

Xiao Jinghong’s face turned black increasingly.

How come he felt like Zhou Xuanji was about to master Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword?

The fifteenth round.

The twentieth round.

The thirtieth round.

The fortieth round.

The fiftieth round.

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword reached Small Accomplishment!

Xiao Jinghong’s eyes were wide open. He could not believe what he was seeing.

Little Jiang Xue, on the other hand, was already used to it. She laid on Small Er’s back and yawned.

His sword speed increased suddenly and he finished practicing one round within ten breaths’ time.

The fundamental principles of the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword were speed and accuracy, to sever all vital channels in the enemy’s body with extreme swiftness. If executed with sword Qi, one could split mountains and sever rivers.

After a hundred rounds, Zhou Xuanji’s Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword achieved Great Accomplishment.

Xiao Jinghong’s jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Who the hell is this kid?

Is he the reincarnation of an ancient Sword Emperor?

Or has he already mastered Tri-source Vein Severing Sword on his own?

Zhou Xuanji continued with his practice and completed the forty-nine moves within ten breaths’ time.

The more he practiced, the less time he spent.

When he reached the hundred and twentieth round, he completed it within seven breaths’ time.

His sword moved with such momentum that he swept up gusts and shaved the ground bare. Ah Big and Small Er were forced to move back as a result.

With the hundred and fiftieth round, Zhou Xuanji spent only three breaths’ time.

When he reached the hundred and ninety-ninth round, Zhou Xuanji merely used a single breath’s time.

The two hundredth round!

With both eyes closed, he fluently completed the forty-nine moves in an instant.

Sword will!

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword Will!

The Swineculling Sword in his hand transformed into a stream of black light and left countless residual images. Three streams of sword Qi in the shape of a claw swept forward and only dissipated after they traveled close to a hundred yards.

Little Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide in admiration. So handsome!

Xiao Jinghong was bewildered.

He actually realized the sword will…

And in such a short time…

How long has it been actually?

Four hours?

It’s not even night yet…

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword, walked to Xiao Jinghong, and said, “How did I do?”

His face was calm, but in his heart, he was delighted.

Such an imposing sword technique!

It’s even more powerful than both the White Crane and Fiery Sword Techniques!

Just this sword technique was enough to increase his battle power by a few times.

Xiao Jinghong took a deep breath, cupped his fist, and said, “The revered master is impressive indeed.”

From master to revered master, his attitude was evident.

He truly submitted himself to Zhou Xuanji.

After living for a few decades, it was his first time encountering someone more talented than him in the Way of the Sword.

And this person was not merely a bit stronger.

He could hardly believe Zhou Xuanji to be a seven-year-old child.

This child must be the reincarnation of an ancient almighty person.

He had heard of many legends and knew that when many of the almighty persons passed away, their soul would reincarnate. Zhou Xuanji must be one of them.

In his previous life, this child was definitely an almighty sword cultivator.

Zhou Xuanji turned his head and saw that it was still dusk, saying, “We shall meet here at noon tomorrow.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and walked over toward Ah Big.

Xiao Jinghong did not urge Zhou Xuanji to stay, because he trusted him.

He believed his judgment, although Zhou Xuanji was still young, he would do what he promised.

He sat on the ground and began cultivating.

Zhou Xuanji flipped his body up onto Ah Big’s back, Little Jiang Xue leaping up too and wrapping her arms around his waist.

The two dragon eagles flapped their wings and flew toward their home.

Zhou Xuanji looked down and saw that Xiao Jinghong sat on the ground and did not move an inch, like a statue.

“Sword Noble. You deserve this title.”

Zhou Xuanji muttered to himself. Through this encounter, he really admired him.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji still kept vigilant, just in case Xiao Jinghong decided to chase after them.

He only sighed in relief after they entered the valley and the poisonous miasma covered their backs.

Little Jiang Xue jumped and bounced as she followed after him, she asked, “Xuanji, are you really taking the Sword Noble as your disciple?”

The girl was very excited because even Qiu Baili looked up to that person.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “He even did the ritual to acknowledge me as his master, how could I not?”

“However, you should still be on guard.”

“No one in this word is absolutely good.”

She nodded. Although Zhou Xuanji was still young, he could still blurt out many important principles. She had already taken him as the person she relied on.

She walked over quickly and hugged his neck from the back, chuckling, “Xuanji, what do you want to eat for dinner?”

Today, Zhou Xuanji was totally in the limelight and she felt very honored.

In her eyes, his impressiveness was also her impressiveness.

The two of them were already inseparable.

He tilted his head and muttered, “Fish soup will do.”

“Okay, I will get Small Er to hunt for fish.”

She said with a smile, gifting him with a kiss on the cheek before she ran off.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and wiped the saliva off his face.

This girl cannot keep the bad habits formed when she was young.

How could you marry her off like this?

Well, it’s okay if she could not, since she could follow him all her life!

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