I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Sword God Zhou

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The white moon floated lazily in the sky, and the night was dim.

Above the Shady Mountain Stronghold, Zhang Ruyu and the three chiefs engaged in a fierce battle.

The blades flashed and released waves of strong gusts. The brigands surrounding them were extremely anxious and did not dare to get close.

No one noticed that Zhou Xuanji was enacting his plan.

He first came to Small Er’s prison wagon and cut up the wooden planks like they were beancurd. Soon, he unbound Small Er and escaped with it.

A child and an eagle sneaked behind Little Jiang Xue.

All the prisoners in the prison wagon noticed Zhou Xuanji’s appearance. They were excited but did not dare to make any noise.

It was a life and death moment, and none of them were foolish enough to shout.

He swung his sword lightly and carved out an opening. Then he stretched his hand to carry Little Jiang Xue out. The others followed and came out as well.

“All of you need to hide first. You cannot be reckless if you want to escape from this mountain,” he instructed. No one had objections.

He took out the Golden Rock Sword, passed it to Little Jiang Xue, and said, “Use this to defend yourself.”

She was stunned and asked, “What do you intend to do?”

With him around, why was there a need for self-defense?

She suddenly thought of something and became anxious immediately.

He said softly, “These beasts must be eradicated!”

His eyes looked determined and she did not attempt to persuade him.

At the same time, the battle between Zhang Ruyu and the three chiefs had entered into its climax. Both the Second Chief and the Third Chief were injured.

As the son of Zhang Tianjian, Zhang Ruyu was not ordinary either. With the sword in his hand, he prevailed over the opponents, albeit with difficulty.

However, Zhou Xuanji could see that it was difficult for Zhang Ruyu to defeat the three chiefs.

The Crimson Dragon Sword and the Frost Wave Sword appeared.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh!

The two legendary swords flew in the opposite direction. Under the night sky, they glistened in cold light. The brigands got their throats cut one after another and died on the spot.

Within three breaths’ time, more than a hundred brigands were slain on the mountain top.

The sight of this left the prisoners behind Zhou Xuanji with eyes wide open and jaws dropped.


The Head Chief furiously shouted as he engaged in battle. He witnessed how miserably his brigands died and was overtaken with anger, so much that he almost fainted.

They were the cornerstone of the Shady Mountain Stronghold.

The Head Chief’s heart was bleeding.

The Crimson Dragon Sword and the Frost Wave Sword flew down the mountain, slaying the other brigands.

After reaching the Foundation Building stage, Zhou Xuanji’s sensory ability was strengthened by a few times. He could sense the Qi signatures of the brigands. Also, he got a good grasp of the situation in Shady Mountain Stronghold on the way up.

A wave of miserable cries sounded at the mountain, which made the Shady Mountain Stronghold feel like hell.

The Third Chief jumped in trepidation. There was more than one enemy?

The Second Chief raged and roared furiously at Zhang Ruyu, “Scum! You tricked us! You brought an army to us!”

Zhang Tianjian was the general of Southern Snow Kingdom. He had hundreds of thousands of elite soldiers in his command. Overturning Shady Mountain Stronghold was an easy task.

Zhang Ruyu was lost.

Are these soldiers really from my father?

Zhou Xuanji stealthily made an opening in the other prison wagons, so more and more prisoners escaped. The noise increased as more and more people were freed.

Although the three chiefs were engaged in battle, they could still notice that something was wrong.

The Third Chief glanced at what the child was doing, and his eyes immediately turned red, charging toward him with his dual blades.

In the night, he was extremely fast, like a ghost.

Zhou Xuanji did not fear him. With the Windcutter Sword in his hand, he stepped forward with Eight-Step Sword Lunge, and his silhouette blurred.

Phhhfft —

The Third Chief’s body stopped suddenly. Blood spurted out from his throat like arrows.

He appeared behind the Third Chief.

“How… could it be…?”

The Third Chief’s eyes were wide open, and he questioned him with a trembling voice. Before he could finish his sentence, all the tendons and bones in his body were severed. Countless streams of blood spurt out from his body.

Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword Will!

Severe all vital channels with one slash!

His cultivation was not as high as the Third Chief, but with the combination of Eight-Step Sword Lunge and Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword, he killed the Third Chief with one strike.

The throng of prisoners was stupefied.

This child is so powerful!

Little Jiang Xue jumped in joy. She was so excited that she clapped her hands without stopping.

Her Xuanji was so powerful!

The Third Chief looked so fierce and undefeatable, but he was no match for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhang Ruyu, together with the Head Chief and Second Chief, noticed the terrible death of the Third Chief. The three of them stopped fighting and distanced themselves.

“What are you?”

The Head Chief asked as he gnashed his teeth. Even he could not kill the Third Chief with one strike. He was both angry and shocked.

Could it be someone at the Enlightening stage?

They could even be at the Inner Pellet stage…

Zhou Xuanji walked toward them with his sword, but he was relieved in his heart.

He might not defeat the three chiefs if they fought them head-on, but by killing the Third Chief with one strike, the other two chiefs were already in a state of great shock.

At that moment, the two chiefs had already begun to overestimate Zhou Xuanji’s abilities.

“I am Sword God Zhou, here to exact justice on behalf of Heaven!”

He snorted coldly. His tender voice resounded through the mountain.

He charged at the Second Chief with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge.

The Head Chief wanted to help, but he was intercepted by Zhang Ruyu.

As Zhou Xuanji charged toward him furiously, the Second Chief was already covered in sweat out of fear. He immediately swung his Guandao and struck the ground.


The ground surface cracked. The Qi from his Guandao rippled outward in a spiderweb shape.

Just when Zhou Xuanji landed on the ground, he felt countless needles of blade Qi sweep toward him, which was enough to blow him into pieces. Zhou Xuanji activated the Eight-Step Sword Lunge again out of fear and moved beside the Second Chief.

Although the Second Chief could not see him in the night, he felt that danger had appeared.

He slashed toward his side with a furious cry.

However, Zhou Xuanji’s Windcutter Sword was faster!

His sword flashed and blood spurt. All of the Second Chief’s vital channels were severed, and all signs of life dissipated.


He fell to the ground, dead as a doornail.

At the sight of this, the Head Chief shook in terror.

He said in a trembling voice, “Sword God Zhou… We have no grudges nor enmities with you…”

Zhang Ruyu was also surprised in his heart. Who is this Sword God Zhou?

Such a powerful person, how come he had not heard about him before?

The most important thing was…

This guy seemed to be only a child…

Zhou Xuanji walked toward the Head Chief and snorted, “I, Sword God Zhou, spend my entire life exterminating evildoers. As long as you do evil, there is an enmity between you and me!”

After he said this, he charged toward the Head Chief.

He did not have any issue with killing such an evildoer.

The Head Chief turned to flee immediately. He ran to the cliffside and leaped. An iron fan appeared under his feet and he flew away on it.

This guy fled so quickly that even Zhou Xuanji could not get to him on time.

Zhou Xuanji sighed. He turned around and said, “Everyone, time to escape!”

The three chiefs and the elites of the Shady Mountain Stronghold were all dead. Those that were left were nobodies and could not withstand the fury of the prisoners.

The prisoners that were stunned by what happened began to come back to themselves.

“We are saved!”

“Sword God Zhou is awesome!”

“He really is the Sword God! The three evildoers could not even take one hit from him!”

“Faster, run!”

“Run from what? The Shady Mountain Stronghold is no more after today!”

The prisoners cheered. They were so moved that they cried in joy.

Zhou Xuanji quickly took away the storage bags and rings of the Second Chief and Third Chief.

Little Jiang Xue and Small Er followed closely behind him.

He did not leave immediately but began to plunder the Shady Mountain Stronghold.

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