I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chapter 37: The Strong Do Not Need To Understand The Weak

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Two days later.

In Cloud Swallow City, the Central Training Ground.

Northern Sword Valiant was still standing on his sword, but this time with his eyes opened.

The training ground was surrounded by people, and there were at least a thousand of them.

“I heard that Sword God Zhou will accept the challenge today?”

“Yeah, news about it has spread throughout the city.”

“Tsk, who do you think is stronger? Sword God Zhou or Northern Sword Valiant?”

“Northern Sword Valiant should be stronger since he has been famous for quite a while already.”

“The brigands that Sword God Zhou defeated were all at the Foundation Building Stage. They are not considered that powerful.”

The people discussed and commented on the development. Although most of them were against Sword God Zhou, they were still waiting and hoping that he would come.

Xiao Chengfeng, Ms. Zhishui, and Zhang Ruyu were in the crowd too.

Other than them, Old Qing and the man in purple from the demon tribe was at a window and looking at the training ground.

“Young master, do you see Princess Xuanya?”

Old Qing asked curiously. Today’s battle was the most impactful event in the Cloud Swallow City, so the playful and lively Princess Xuanya should be here as well.

The man in purple shook his head and said, “Not yet.”

At the same time.

Amongst the crowd, a slim young man who wore rugged grey clothing was trying to squeeze his way forward.

“Excuse me! Move aside!”

The young man squeezed forward as he shouted. Although his face was dirty, he had exquisite facial features. His eyes were bright, he emanated an aura of handsomeness.

Soon, he squeezed to the front and looked with excitement at Northern Sword Valiant, who was stood at the training ground.

He looked left and right to see if Sword God Zhou was already here.

Suddenly, he saw Xiao Chengfeng and Ms. Zhishui and pulled back his head out of fear. He quickly turned around.

“Why are these two here?” he muttered with curled lips.

One of them was the underling of the Empress, while the other was the maidservant of Concubine Chen.

Could they be in a scandal?

At the thought of this, he rolled his eyes and became excited.

He began frequently peeking at Xiao Chengfeng and Ms. Zhishui.

At the training ground, Northern Sword Valiant stood with knitted brows. It was noon already, but why had Sword God Zhou yet to appear?

He challenged Sword God Zhou neither for fame nor for revenge.

He only heard that Sword God Zhou had great mastery over sword wills. He had slain all his enemies with one slash each, so he desperately wanted to challenge him.

The Way of the Sword he pursued was nothing but battle!

He would only reach the peak of the Way of the Sword by defeating powerful sword cultivators one after another.

But he did not take Sword God Zhou as his opponent, which was why he was not too worried.

It seemed that Sword God Zhou was not comparable to him at all.

Even if he did not come, it was reasonable.

But two days ago, news spread that Sword God Zhou was coming, which roused his interest in him.

“I don’t care whether you are Sword God Zhou or Sword God Li. Under my King Sword, I will strike so much fear in you that you will not dare to hold a sword anymore.”

Northern Sword Valiant thought confidently, and a silhouette flashed through his mind.

That man was his long-term goal!

Sword Noble Xiao Jinghong!

Whenever he remembered that years ago, he was defeated by Xiao Jinghong, he could not help but gnash his teeth.

The crowds noticed his facial expressions and thought that he had become impatient.

“Is Sword God Zhou coming or not?!”

An angry voice shouted from the crowd. Since the crowd was so rowdy, the one who spoke could not be found.

Zhang Ruyu heard him and shouted furiously, “If Sword God Zhou said he will come, he will come! He is the strongest!”

The people around him all turned their heads and gave him a strange look.

Isn’t this the son of Zhang Tianjian?

Didn’t Zhang Tianjian have strong opinions against Sword God Zhou?

Could it be that a traitor came from the Zhang Clan?

Zhang Ruyu did not care about the opinions of the crowd. He revered Sword God Zhou, and he expressed it with a loud voice!


At this moment, a whizzing sound could be heard which cut through the clamor surrounding the training ground.

A slim sword flew across buildings and landed five yards in front of Northern Sword Valiant. The blade pierced into the ground and the blade vibrated ceaselessly.

Windcutter Sword!

At the sight of this sword, Northern Sword Valiant squinted his eyes and exclaimed silently, “Good sword!”

The whole place was silent. The crowd turned their heads like a wave and looked at where the sword came from.

They could only see a small silhouette flying over on a sword.

He was about four feet tall and dressed in a black robe with golden lace. A silver mask was on his face while his hands were at his back. He stood on a majestic silver and black colored longsword.

It was Zhou Xuanji!

With the Hell King Sword, he reached the training ground quickly and looked down at Northern Sword Valiant.

“Sword God Zhou is here!”

Zhang Ruyu shouted with excitement. Even though Zhou Xuanji wore a mask, he could identify him immediately.

That lone swordmaster was one with such an extraordinary look and aura. Who else could it be if not Sword God Zhou?

His excitement roused the others as well.

Though the others did not want Sword God Zhou to look so impressive.

They were there just to enjoy the show.

“So this is Sword God Zhou? He looks like a child.”

“What do you mean? He returned to his youth!”

“He is wearing a mask, it seems like he’s afraid of being shamed.”

“His sword looks powerful, though I am not sure what grade it is.”

“Haha, such a show for his entrance. If he kneels to ask for forgiveness, how shameful will that be?”

The observers talked with one another, and all eyes were on Zhou Xuanji.

The man in purple shook his head and said, “Foundation Building Level Six challenges Enlightening Level Three, he must be seeking death.”

Although Zhou Xuanji activated his Qi Obscuring Incantation, the man still saw through his level of cultivation.

Old Qing chuckled, “There are many reckless youths in the world.”

Other than them, Xiao Chengfeng and Ms. Zhishui shook their heads too.

Xiao Chengfeng laughed at himself, “It seems like my expectation was too high.”

He thought that the battle would be splendid.

It was just a waste of time.

Northern Sword Valiant saw through Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation immediately and said with knitted brows, “Don’t you know I’m already at the Enlightening Stage?”

Qi Nurturing, Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, Great Realization!

The difference between each stage was so vast that it was almost impossible to surpass it.

Zhou Xuanji stared at him and said, “The strong do not need to understand the weak.”

Northern Sword Valiant scowled. Is something wrong with this guy’s head?

The observers around the training ground looked at each other in dismay.

The handsome young man blinked his eyes and looked at Zhou Xuanji with curiosity.

This guy is so arrogant!

Meanwhile, Zhang Ruyu’s eyes were beaming. Sword God Zhou indeed, he’s an outstanding person of our generation.

The man in purple laughed as he shook his head and said, “This kid is quite special.”

The word “special” was meant to be derogative.


Northern Sword Valiant snorted. He was arrogant, how could he endure such an insult from others?

He leaped up immediately, and the sword under his foot was pulled out from the ground and landed in his hand. With that momentum, he slashed toward Zhou Xuanji.

He was swift, the entire chain of movements took less than a second.

Zhou Xuanji dashed to Northern Sword Valiant’s back with the Eight-Step Sword Lunge. He raised his right hand, and the Hell King Sword flew into his hands.

Northern Sword Valiant landed as he turned around and asked in astonishment, “What movement technique are you using?”



A cold glimmer flashed by. Northern Sword Valiant instinctively tilted his head, but his cheek still took a cut from the Windcutter Sword and bled.

Before this, the Windcutter Sword was stuck in the ground. Northern Sword Valiant ignored it, so he was at a disadvantage.

Northern Sword Valiant’s face turned grave instantly. His eyes emanated the intent to kill.

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