I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Four Mystery Town

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“How inhumane, Jiang Xue is only six!”

“Yeah! What is it you want for you to bully a small kid?”

“If you are capable, go find Crazy Old Woman!”

“You have the face to collect debts from a child?”

The villagers argued, but no one dared to chase the middle-aged woman out of the village.

The woman’s name was Shen Hua. She was a relative of a rich and powerful clan in a nearby town. To offend her was to offend that clan.

Shen Hua was furious when she heard their comments, and roared back, “Paying up your debt is perfectly reasonable. If you are not happy, you can go and reason with the Fang Clan!”

The Fang Clan!

A clan that specialized in cultivation from Four Mystery Town, which had in their control all the town’s prostitution services. Even the town head did not dare to offend them.

There were at least thirty villages like Green River Village that relied on Four Mystery Town. If they offended them, the Fang Clan could cut off their trade partnerships with other villages with a single command.

Even though Shen Hua was not a direct descendant and did not have much of a say in the clan, the Fang Clan’s influence was just too dominant.

The two strong men who stood behind Shen Hua were also cultivators. Although they had just entered the Qi Nurturing stage, they were still stronger than ordinary people.

Just by standing there, they made the villagers feel an incredible pressure.

Little Jiang Xue walked out of the hut.

Fear was written all over her face. Although she did not know what a brothel was, all the ladies in the village said that it was like hell. Once you are in one, you will never come back.

She told Zhou Xuanji not to come out so that she would not get him involved.

“My grandma will come back after some time…she would not leave me behind…please…” Little Jiang Xue said carefully, like a frightened rabbit.

However, before she could finish her plea, Shen Hua rudely interrupted, and berated her, “I gave you three months already! Do you take me to be a Bodhisattva who exists to save the world? Take her away! If she does not obey, break her legs!”

“Yes, madam!”

One of the strong men behind her moved toward Little Jiang Xue.


Little Jiang Xue was so afraid that she subconsciously took a step back, and almost fell to the ground. She was only six years old, after all.

But when she almost hit the ground, Zhou Xuanji held her steady.

He held her up and pulled her behind him. He stared at Shen Hua and mocked her, “Fat old woman! So it is true that appearance forms based on one’s heart. No wonder you are so ugly because your heart is so vile! ”

Hearing these words, the strong man who was coming toward them was stunned and stopped advancing.

Shen Hua’s face changed drastically, and the villagers were stunned too.

This is coming from a two-year-old kid?

“Beat him to death!”

Shen Hua screamed at the top of her voice, so furious that her body fat quivered.

Having heard her command, the strong man went after him immediately.

Zhou Xuanji laughed with disregard. His Crimson Dragon Sword appeared in front of him out of nowhere, the tip of the sword pointing ahead.



The Crimson Dragon Sword penetrated the chest of a strong man, followed by Shen Hua’s chest.

One sword, two lives!

The strong man that was left alive was so frightened that he turned around and fled immediately.


All the villagers took a step back out of fear, their faces overrun with shock.

The Crimson Dragon Sword swiftly flew toward the strong man who was escaping and cut his head off.

After he had come back as a human again, and he was then pursued by the Empress, who wanted him dead, he finally understood the principle of eradicating problems at their root!

Although he did not have spiritual energy, his Crimson Dragon Sword was already united with him and struck where he wills.

The speed of the silver grade legendary sword was not something that these underlings who just entered the Force Nurturing stage could stand up to.

It was Little Jiang Xue’s first time seeing a person die, so she covered her eyes out of fear.

He took a deep breath and said to the villagers, “Everyone, if you don’t want to get Green River Village involved, you should understand that what happened here must not be spread to others.”

The villagers looked at him with terror and stepped back. No one answered him.


He is a demon, for sure!

He dared to kill someone at just two years old, and was different from the adorable child that they used to view him as.

And that sword. It is a devilish sword, a demonic sword!

Zhou Xuanji saw their expressions. He could not help but shake his head.

He walked toward the three corpses and searched them.

He finally found three coin pouches and put them into the Supreme Storage.

After this sequence of events, it was clear that he could no longer stay in Green River Village.

You could only travel the world with ease when you have money.

“Could you help me settle this?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

The villagers heard him and began to flee in panic.

He sighed. His Crimson Dragon Sword flew back and stopped before him, disappearing. Pausing, he turned around and walked toward Little Jiang Xue.

Little Jiang Xue opened up her fingers and peeked through the gap between them. When she saw him walking toward her, she threw her arms around him and wailed loudly.

He patted her back and comforted her, saying, “Don’t be scared, you have me here.”

Zhou Xuanji thought that after she had seen that he killed people, she would distance herself from him. To his surprise, it was the opposite.

This moved his heart.

In her heart, she took him to be her younger brother.

Little Jiang Xue calmed down only after much comforting.

She asked nervously, “Brother, you killed them, government soldiers will be coming to capture you.”

Government soldiers?

He burst out in laughter.

Although the Great Zhou Empire controlled tens of kingdoms, and the kingdoms controlled many cities, and there were countless towns and villages under the control of cities, the government’s soldiers did not have much power.

Especially in peripheral areas.

After all, this is a world of cultivation. The strong reigns supreme.

As long as you are strong, there will be countless powerful organizations that would bring you in, regardless of what evil you did.

In contrast to Earth, this world is undoubtedly more ruthless.

“Now we need to run away. Are you going to follow me?” Zhou Xuanji asked seriously.

For him, the most critical mission is to stay alive. As he ages, he will surely become stronger.

He could only adventure into populated areas after he becomes strong enough to protect himself.

“We are going to run away? But if grandma comes back…”

Little Jiang Xue was hesitating. Although Crazy Old Woman did not fulfill her responsibility toward Little Jiang Xue, she was her only living family.

No, there is one more family member.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Sister, if we don’t leave, and are caught, isn’t that giving more trouble to your grandma? If something were to happen to you, how sad would she be?”

He put a smile on his face, but inside his heart, he was furiously berating Crazy Old Woman.

He could have enjoyed a happy childhood in Green River VIllage, but now he got involved in all this trouble, purely because of the mess that Crazy Old Woman left behind!

When he thought about what Little Jiang Xue was muttering about in her dream, he was even angrier.

This old woman was as loathsome as Emperor Yan of Zhou!

Little Jiang Xue thought about it and nodded, “Give me a short while. Let me pack things up.”

After she finished speaking, she turned and went back to the wooden hut, intentionally avoiding looking at the three corpses.

“Sword Spirit, can I put the entire house into Supreme Storage?”

Zhou Xuanji stared at the hut that they were living in and asked.

He lived here for three months and had developed feelings for the hut.

After this, he planned to hide in the mountains for a few years. It would be excellent if they could have a house to live in.

“Yes, you can.”

The Sword Spirit answered, which made him feel ecstatic.

“Sister! Stop packing! Come out quick!”

Zhou Xuanji shouted. Little Jiang Xue, who just entered the hut, walked out again after she heard him.

Confused, she asked, “Why? Aren’t we running away?”

He held her small hands, and commanded in his heart, “Sword Spirit, store the house!”

The wooden hut disappeared before Little Jiang Xue’s eyes, and she shuddered.

“Don’t worry, I know spells. I stored the house.”

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