I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 804 - Destiny Manifestation, Yuan Ruzun Kneels

Chapter 804: Chapter 804 – Destiny Manifestation, Yuan Ruzun Kneels

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Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment before no longer hesitating. His figure flickered as he shuttled through space, phasing out of the Little Samsara.

Yun Dian clucked his tongue in amazement as he exclaimed, “What kind of constitution does this kid have? He can actually phase out of my barrier at will, amazing!”

Zhou Xuanji quickly came to the chaotic universe.

He did not leave immediately, but looked around.

Soon, he caught sight of Yuan Ruzun.

Yuan Ruzun, who was sitting on the shell, opened his eyes too. And when he caught sight of Zhou Xuanji, he immediately stood up.

“Zhou Xuanji, you came out so quickly, it seems you haven’t learned it?” Yuan Ruzun coldly mocked with a grin.

His eyes were filled with terrifying murderous intention.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Broken Sword of Sacrificing Life and the Sword of Past-Life Dreams, and merged the two into Severing Life and Breaking Cycle.

At the same time, the Great Destiny of Moon appeared in his left hand with a flip of his wrist. Both swords were very long, one resembled a crescent moon and the other resembling a rainbow. With the two swords in his hand, Zhou Xuanji’s aura immediately skyrocketed.

The corners of his mouth rose as he said with a contemptuous smile, “I couldn’t wait to come out and kill a dog. Dog, have you prepared yourself to be slaughtered?”

Hearing this, Yuan Ruzun’s face immediately changed. His eyes instantly turned red in anger.

Strands of strange black air rose from the soles of his feet, wrapping around his body like a tornado, causing his clothes to flap continuously.

“Very well, it has been a long time since I have seen anyone who dares to speak to me like this. All of them, who had spoken to me like this, are dead. You too will follow in their footsteps. Your death will be no less painful than theirs.” Yuan Ruzun raised his hand as a long sickle appeared in his hand.


He charged straight at Zhou Xuanji as the shell under his feet shattered instantly.

Zhou Xuanji promptly used the Sword Fusion Technique as he swung the sword.


The two clashed with each other, bringing out their full strength. The two pushed each other back. But they continued attacking each other, without stopping.

Zhou Xuanji waved his sword with both hands, and simultaneously displayed two kinds of Sword Dao-related divine abilities. Furthermore, he was constantly switching between divine abilities.

Ultimate Chaos Dao!

Heavenly Sword Descent!

Sword Soul!

The Great Perception Divine Slash!

Void Instant Kill!

Evil Spirit Retribution!

Sword Sect Immortal Ghost Weep!

Facing Zhou Xuanji’s violent offense, Yuan Ruzun’s offense was equally violent.

His fury had exceeded Zhou Xuanji’s. The stronger Zhou Xuanji performed, the more furious he got!

Who was he!?

He was the top genius of the Imperial Divine Range, an Origin Court War God in his previous life. Someone, who was above all and under just one person!

How could he stand being suppressed by a junior like Zhou Xuanji!


Yuan Ruzun’s arms shook as his aura rose once again to a new level. The universe shook and the chaotic Qi swirled like an apocalyptic tornado sweeping across the universe.

Zhou Xuanji’s glabella spread open as the Soul Source Orb appeared. At the same time, he shot the Exterminating Divine Light!

His eyes and the Soul Source Orb fired the Exterminating Divine Light at the same time!

Three beams shot straight toward Yuan Ruzun!

Yuan Ruzun couldn’t avoid them, and had no choice but to take them head-on. Immediately, he was unable to move.

Zhou Xuanji arrived before him with a step and stabbed the two swords, piercing straight through Yuan Ruzun’s shoulders.

Severing Life and Breaking Cycle and the Great Destiny of Moon crushed the space, causing them to fall into the space and time turbulence.

Zhou Xuanji drew his sword and slashed again.

In any case, Yuan Ruzun was the reincarnation of the Origin Court War God. He didn’t completely lose the battle. His figure flickered as he moved a hundred meters away.

His facial features distorted. He was extremely angry.

A fierce aura broke out as he fiercely swung the sickle, tearing apart the space and time current around him.

Zhou Xuanji smiled contemptuously as his figure burst with a silver glow.

The power of time and space!

He got his Impenetrable Sovereign Physique in the time-space chaos. So, he could absorb the power of time and space, which was why he moved the battlefield here.

At this moment, he seemed to have entered a godly state. There was a magnificent aura around him.

Yuan Ruzun let out a furious roar as black energy around him turned into black flames, attaching themself to his body. Very soon, an armor of black flames with three pairs of black flame wings congealed around him. The wings spanned over a hundred feet.

Next, he raised the sickle and rushed straight at Yang Kai. The flames on his body transformed into a terrifying dragon head that quickly ballooned as it flew straight toward Zhou Xuanji, roaring. It was completely unstoppable.

Countless Sword Qi immediately burst out of Zhou Xuanji, shooting toward all directions.


The black flame dragon head burst apart as Zhou Xuanji and Yuan Ruzun ripped apart the black flames and clashed with each other.

The two swords were as swift as wind; the speed of Zhou Xuanji’s swings had reached the extreme, leaving countless after sword images. Yuan Ruzun’s movements were equally sharp and swift. The two were evenly matched.

They fought and moved around, trying to find each other’s flaws.


The sword and sickle clashed with each other. The two plunged deeper into the space and time turbulence, and finally arrived at a quite and peaceful universe.


With the arrival of the two, the universe began to collapse.

The two fought without a care. They were only focused on each other. They vowed to kill the other.

“Are you only capable of this much?” Zhou Xuanji mocked. His black hair danced wildly. And coupled with his purple eyes and the Soul Source Orb in his glabella, his entire body was exuding a crazy aura.

Yuan Ruzun had similarly gone mad. However, he looked more violent.

Suddenly, he let out a roar as his figure grew bigger before he swung the sickle, knocking Zhou Xuanji away.

Zhou Xuanji felt his entire body go numb. How did this guy suddenly grow stronger?


The violent Yuan Ruzun was like a prehistoric fierce beast. He roared at the top of his lungs as his body rapidly grew taller. Very soon, his height crossed a thousand feet, and then ten thousand feet!

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, cast the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. A stalwart sword Buddha rapidly rose, whereas Zhou Xuanji stood on the top of Buddha’s head, gazing at Yuan Ruzun.

The golden Buddha had reached a height of a million feet, looking down on Yuan Ruzun. Thousands of arms were protruding from its back, each holding a golden giant sword that slashed straight toward Yuan Ruzun.


Yuan Ruzun was pushed back, again and again. His body was incomparably sturdy. The continuous onslaught of Thousand Hand Sword Buddha couldn’t break his defense.

“It should be me asking you, do you only have this much strength!?” Yuan Ruzun countered with a crazy smile. Seeing Zhou Xuanji unable to hurt him the least even after using full strength, he felt very happy.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly merged with the Thousand Hands Sword Buddha. Immediately, a silver halo appeared on the surface of Thousand Hands Sword Buddha.

He had directly cast the Destiny Manifestation Art.

Yuan Ruzun’s past, present, and future were directly presented before his eyes.

He saw Yuan Ruzun’s might and heroic figure, saw Yuan Ruzun in a sorry state before a dark figure, tremblingly begging for his life.

He promptly manifested the future death catastrophe.

Suddenly, Yuan Ruzun’s heart started beating wildly. He even felt his scalp tingle and soul tremble.

“What’s going on?” Yuan Ruzun was a little flustered. Zhou Xuanji can’t give me a sense of crisis, then why am I getting all restless?

Is there a strong enemy nearby?

He immediately retreated and scanned the surroundings nervously.

A sneer appeared on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s face. Right then, a black vortex appeared above Yuan Ruzun’s head as a terrifying black figure descended, oppressing Yuan Ruzun.

Yuan Ruzun wanted to evade but he found that he couldn’t even more. His legs couldn’t bear the pressure and he knelt right away.

He looked at the terrifying shadow in horror.

What is this!?

An unspeakable terror gripped his heart, causing him to tremble non-stop.

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