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Chapter 281 - Core Psyche Realm

Chapter 281 – Core Psyche Realm

Gu Zuo gasped, and felt that his vision was somewhat blurry: “B-big brother, how are you feeling?”

During their escape for the past few days and nights, as soon as they encountered anyone, a high-intensity fight would break out between the pair and the crowd. His psychic power would quickly see through them, but the enemies ahead seemed like an unending stream — Apart from that Third Prince’s subordinates who constantly encircled and attacked them, Gu Zuo could also sense that there were other people who were spying on them. Although, all of his psychic power was being used for attacking and defending, so there wasn’t enough time to scout and probe those people.

However, Gu Zuo was also aware that the others were glaring like a tiger stalking its prey. If the two of them weren’t cautious enough, even if they could wipe out the Third Prince’s aggression and arrogance, they might not be able to escape from the hands of the others.

Gongyi Tianheng’s qi energy was still considered deep and resounding: “Ah Zuo, if you’re tired, then take a short nap. After you recover enough energy, it won’t be too late for you to come and help me.”

Gu Zuo was a bit gloomy.

He felt very useless. Undoubtedly, he had already mastered a body cultivation method of another type of cultivation system. He also had very strong offensive capabilities. Yet, in the end, because of insufficient endurance, he wasn’t able to keep going.

The ones coming from every direction were all enemies!

But despite his gloom, Gu Zuo knew that he couldn’t hold on. Rather than exhausting the last bit of his psychic power now and becoming a burden, it was better to take advantage of this period of time when his dear big brother had enough strength in order to recuperate. Soon after, wouldn’t it be fine to continue helping?

With his thoughts settled, Gu Zuo shook off that useless state of mind, and stuffed several medicinal pills into Tianheng’s mouth: “Big brother, use these first. Once I restore my strength, or if you run out, just call out to me.”

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo, rest assured. Because of the constant medicinal pills, I still have sixty to seventy percent of my strength right now. This is enough to break through another encirclement.”

Gu Zuo felt slightly at ease. After that, he closed his eyes, hardened his heart, and fully concentrated on operating his inner cultivation method. He absorbed large quantities of medicinal qi, and continuously transformed his true qi… At the same time, because he had used up too much psychic power and because there seemed to be a slight stinging in his Tianfu Acupoint, the newly-made smoky psychic power instantly gushed out. In the blink of an eye, it crammed into the Tianfu Acupoint, entered that vortex, and transformed into gelatinous psychic power. Then, it rapidly changed that empty and barren location into a place that was plump and viscous.

During this period of time, Gu Zuo’s psychic power vortex became smaller and smaller. Meanwhile, the quantity of gelatinous psychic power inside became greater and greater. Soon after, that vortex faded away. Because the gelatinous psychic power was too large, in the wake of even more gelatinous psychic power being shoved inside, the entire mass quickly began to condense! At the same time, that psychic power vortex also gradually built up again.

Just like this, one side disappeared while the other side grew. As the vortex expanded, the gelatinous psychic power inside shrank. Slowly, it reduced in size to the mouth of a well, the mouth of a large jar, the mouth of a bucket… Then, it was the size of a human head, a clenched fist, and then a chicken egg.

Finally, when it was the size of a chicken egg, that gelatinous psychic power became motionless.

Gu Zuo’s whole body was almost completely bundled up in that invisible medicinal qi.

These strands of medicinal qi frantically entered his Tianfu Acupoint. His cultivation method operated at speeds that were over a hundred times faster than normal!

Within Gu Zuo’s Tianfu Acupoint, the strangely-shaped gelatinous psychic power, which was still the size of a chicken egg, suddenly trembled! Even more gelatinous psychic power rushed inside, compressed the chicken-egg sized lump, and swiftly rotated the nearly-solid gelatinous mass. Moreover, amid this kind of rotation, the lump gradually became perfectly round!

It seemed that, through this highly-skilled polishing, this nearly-solid mass rotated faster, its shape became rounder, and its size became smaller. In addition, none of the psychic power was being flung away. On the contrary, even more psychic power was being sucked in. Gradually, the chicken-egg sized psychic power was shrunk to its limits. And then, after Gu Zuo suddenly shivered, that psychic power pulsed! It came to a stop!

At this moment, the entire psychic power vortex was present in a gelatinous state. As for the psychic power being rigidly fixed in the center, it was now only the size of a pigeon egg. It was perfectly round, and it was lustrous and glossy. It was just like a solid pearl!

Gu Zuo suddenly became clear-headed.

That was k2014;

His psychic power had unexpectedly broken through to the Core Psyche Realm!

At this time, Gu Zuo heard a slightly urgent voice: “Ah Zuo, how are you feeling?”

Gu Zuo snapped out of it, and immediately smelled the heavy stench of blood. He became fretful at once: “Big brother, are you injured again? Are your injuries serious? Why didn’t you call out to me to give you medicine?!”

At the same time, Tianheng similarly opened his mouth: “Ah Zuo, just now, your body was burning up, and your qi emissions had some fluctuations as if it was out of sorts. Now that your body temperature has fallen, do you feel unwell anywhere?”

Gu Zuo suddenly understood.

Just then, because he broke through, he had probably spent a very long time doing so. Something unusual also happened to his body, so his big brother didn’t disturb him all the while… Tianheng also protected him in this place up until now.

“This place” was a cellar.

It was the type of basement that ordinary people would dig out from under their own homes.

Gu Zuo never expected that his big brother would bring him to hide inside a cellar.

This was a difficult situation… Moreover, Tianheng had certainly used many methods to be able to avoid the eyes and ears of those people.

Gu Zuo’s heart ached a little. He mumbled: “Big brother, I’m sorry…”

Immediately following that, a warm and large hand pressed down on his head, and it used a bit of strength to ruffle his hair.

Tianheng smiled: “It’s good that nothing bad happened to Ah Zuo.”

After clearing things up, Gu Zuo realized that while he was recovering his psychic power, he was in a semi-unconscious state. And after Tianheng discovered that something wasn’t right with Gu Zuo, he promptly disengaged from those people besieging them. He spent nearly all of his true qi, and this extraordinary display allowed him to temporarily throw off all of those people.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the two were draped in hooded black cloaks — This cloak was one that Gu Zuo recognized. They were obtained inside the final tomb chamber of the Human King’s tomb. The product grade wasn’t known, but it could alter its owner’s qi emissions. It was very useful.

However, the cloaks were originally put away inside Gu Zuo’s storage space. If the cloaks hadn’t recognized them as owners through a drop of blood, and if Tianheng wasn’t a guardian whom Gu Zuo trusted with his heart and soul, Tianheng basically wouldn’t have been able to summon the cloaks. Previously, Tianheng only made an attempt, and through this attempt, he fortunately succeeded. This was considered a great help to the two.

After Gu Zuo finished listening, he sighed in relief: “In that case, the Third Prince’s people shouldn’t be able to find us.”

Tianheng, however, stated: “They certainly won’t be able to find us at the moment, but this might not necessarily be the case as more time passes.”

Gu Zuo understood. Because searching required a certain amount of time. This was also the time that his big brother previously struggled for.

After pursing his lips, Gu Zuo didn’t bother about anything else. First, he took out a top grade Revitalization Pill, and handed it over to Tianheng: “Big brother, eat this.”

Tianheng naturally didn’t refuse his kind intentions. At once, he swallowed the pill. As he sensed the faint stinging of the numerous gaping wounds in his flesh squirm and heal under the cloak, he asked: “Ah Zuo’s psychic power…”

Gu Zuo saw that Tianheng’s complexion had improved somewhat, and recalled the matter just now. He wore a trace of happiness: “Big brother, I broke through! I made a breakthrough from the Coalescing Psyche Realm to the Core Psyche Realm!”

Tianheng suddenly revealed a smiling expression: “As expected, it was like this.” Then, he praised, “The speed of Ah Zuo’s progress can hardly be compared to that of ordinary people. This elder brother is delighted.”

Gu Zuo’s face reddened: “I also don’t know why this happened, but while I clearly didn’t have any breakthroughs in the past two years, I suddenly had one now. I have no words to respond with.”

Tianheng smiled and said: “It should be fighting to the death with other people during these days. Ah Zuo’s utilization of psychic power has also become increasingly fine. After this, through the constant consumption of psychic power, the impassioned spirit in your mind, and the countless hardships and perils, the pressure has been pouring down on your head. However, once the pressure reached its peak, it became an opportunity for a breakthrough. This ought to be a matter of course for Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo rubbed his face, and his eyes shined: “I can sense that the total amount of psychic power is over a hundred times greater than before! Moreover, the speeds of operating my inner cultivation method and recovering my psychic power are also a hundred times faster than before! If I fight alongside big brother later on, I won’t be running out so much anymore!”

Although the amount of medicinal qi he used up would also be a hundred times more than before, the size of his medicinal qi consumption wasn’t worth mentioning when compared the rate that his own strength increased! What’s more, with the amount of medicinal qi he had previously accumulated, he had enough to last for quite some time based on his current speed of consumption…

Tianheng’s heart stirred. Soon after, the edge of his lips curled into a grin: “Right now, this elder brother’s true qi has also completely recovered.”

Gu Zuo turned his head: “Big brother has a plan in mind?”

Tianheng lightly nodded his head: “Since the Third Prince isn’t willing to let us get away, you and I will go and kill a couple hundred of his subordinates. When that time comes, he’ll probably show himself.”

Gu Zuo swallowed a mouthful of saliva: “Big brother is thinking about…getting rid of that Third Prince, too?”

Tianheng’s smile deepened: “How would that be possible? He certainly has a hidden trump card on his person, so I’m afraid it would be rather difficult.”

Gu Zuo was suddenly overcome with a great ambition: “If we can’t kill him, then we have to make him spit blood! Only then can we get our revenge for the enmity of being hunted down!”

Tianheng saw him acting this way, and couldn’t help laughing. After that, he spoke in a light tone: “What Ah Zuo says is reasonable.”

The two made a decision just like this, and removed the cloaks on their bodies one after the other.

This object was also considered a trump card. Previously, whenever it needed to be used, it would be used. But now, their energies were plentiful and vigorous, and the cloaks could be stored.

After putting the cloaks away, they both changed their clothes. Immediately, their tattered and ruined appearances became bright and beautiful. Following that, they didn’t recklessly storm out of the cellar. Rather, Tianheng carried Gu Zuo on his back, and the two were like inseparably close shadows. In a split second, they came to the street.

Gu Zuo’s legs tightly clenched around Tianheng’s waist, while his arms wrapped around Tianheng’s neck. He firmly hung onto his big brother’s body. As for Tianheng, both of his hands faintly trembled. Once he discovered any enemies, he would promptly react.

The pair’s heartstrings were pulled taut as they noiselessly crossed over several city blocks.

Finally, they saw a few dozen armor-wearing soldiers — There was no doubt that they were the Third Prince’s people.

At this moment, they were searching from building to building. The atmosphere was tense, and their expressions were solemn. It was clear that they were in the middle of handling what they considered an extremely grave and serious matter.

Tianheng pulled his bow. He was preparing to shoot.

The person he aimed at was naturally the commander at the very front.

However, Gu Zuo stealthily tugged at his dear big brother.

Tianheng startled.

[What’s wrong?]

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes.

[Big brother, I’ll prepare a big move. Wait for me, and let’s do it together!]

It was only natural that Tianheng agreed.

After that, Tianheng discovered that countless strands of energy were rapidly gathering in front of him. What slowly formed was an incomparably fierce…wolf-tooth cudgel?

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