I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: We Have Enough Red Bull Drinks

At 5 a . m .

In Magic City Municipal Public Security Bureau .

In a large conference room, the secretary of the Magic City Party sat at the center . Other positions were occupied by the leaders of the Political Department, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Department of Public Security, the Ministry of Internal Security, the Ministry of Legal Affairs, the Network Supervision and Police Department, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department, the Fire Department, and the Security Department .

They were all silent . With the projectors, the video of the female ghost was played .

The direct victim, Fu Lu, as well as the first founders, Leader Liu and other policemen, were all waiting in the reception room of the Public Security Bureau .

“I really want to have a good night’s sleep . ” Drinking coffee, Fu Lu was very sleepy .

Escaping from the dormitory and staying awake for more than ten hours, Fu Lu was kept being questioned by the police .

Even if he was such an energetic university student, he couldn’t handle this .

However, before Fu Lu came here, many police officers reminded him that the secretary of the municipal party committee might directly ask him about the spiritual case .

So even if he wanted to sleep, he could only endure it .

After ten minutes, a well-dressed male secretary came out and signaled Fu Lu to follow him .

“Please, the secretary of the municipal party committee wants to see you . ”

In the meeting room, there was already a seat for him .

Guided by the secretary, Fu Lu sat next to the Secretary of the municipal party committee .

Looking at him, Fu Lu found out that the Secretary of the municipal party committee was a slightly fat middle-aged man with glasses .

He looked nothing special . Greeting the Secretary of the municipal party committee, Fu Lu was a bit overwhelmed and nervous under the gaze of the dozens of people in the conference room .

“Fu Lu, you don’t have to be so nervous . We asked you to be here because we want to know all the details and causes of the case . ”

“Okay . ” Fu Lu had already expected this .

If they didn’t want to know the causes and results of the case, how would they find him?

Slightly sorting out thoughts, Fu Lu explained what happened to him .

“At noon yesterday, I was resting in the bedroom as usual . But a novel mobile game called ‘Ghost Gate’ attracted my attention . ”

“Out of curiosity, I downloaded it for trial…”

Without concealment, Fu Lu told them that he was indulged in mobile games, that he saw a post considering unlimited fatigue in the forum, that he encountered the hidden NPC and received the last book made of human skin, that he read the ghost story, and that the long-haired female ghost in the ghost story came to the reality .

Listening quietly, the secretary of the municipal party committee suddenly asked him .

“With your thoughts, you insist that the ghosts in the mobile game data code came to reality to chase you, right?”

A bit stunned, Fu Lu replied . “I really think so . ”

“Well, please take a look at this file . ” Taking out one of the documents in front of him, the secretary of the municipal party committee pushed directly to him .

Reading only a few lines, Fu Lu had sweated all over his back, and his heart started beating extremely fast!

This turned out to be a file about the bizarre death of the girl in Jing’an District XX Middle School many years ago .

Looking closely at the photo of the deceased, she even looked exactly the same as long-haired female ghost who chased him tonight!

“Fu Lu, according to the story of the ghost book you described, the public security department found a highly similar story from the past files . ”

Knocking at the conference table, the secretary of the municipal party stared at him . “So, I don’t think the ghosts in the mobile game would come to the reality to chase you . ”

Fu Lu was overwhelmed . “That is to say, the long-haired female ghost who chased me is a real thing in reality?”

“But in this way, the female ghost appeared since many years ago . Why didn’t she mess around in the past, but came to entangle me today? I have never been to XX Middle School!”

In the face of his doubts, the secretary of the municipal party committee smiled . “Captain Zhou from the Criminal Investigation Corps can answer this question . ”

“Zhou Qijia, the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Public Security Department of Shanghai, reports to the secretary of the municipal party committee!” Hearing his name was mentioned, the captain stood up and saluted .

He quickly walked over and explained . “According to the analyses of Criminal Investigation Corps, the female ghost who kept chasing you tonight is actually not malicious to you . She just wanted to kill you . ”

Fu Lu got more confused . “Captain Zhou, are you kidding? I was almost killed? And she was not malicious to me?”

Frowning, Captain Zhou asked him . “Fu Lu, when did you encounter ghost for the first time? When was the last time you noticed that there were ghosts around you? Can you answer me?”

“About 4 or 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon, I found out that there was a bloody love letter on my desk . ; the last time I saw a ghost was about 1 o’clock this morning . ” Fu Lu recalled .

With a calm smile, Captain Zhou continued to elaborate . “According to the various details you mentioned, we analyzed that this female ghost should have instantaneous movements, stealth, lurking shadows, and other super powers . ”

“From 5 p . m . yesterday to 1 a . m . this morning, for more than eight hours, the long-haired female ghost with such incredible ability was always near you…”

“Speaking frankly, if she wasn’t playing with you, you might have become an unknown corpse . Your body would rot and would smell according to the police . ”

“Yes, Captain Zhou analyzed very well . ” Pushing the glasses, the party secretary also nodded his head .

“Think about it . Last night, the long-haired female ghost pretended to be a driver to play with you . Until you escaped from the car, she showed you her true face . If she was a bit malicious to you, I am afraid that you would have already suffocated . ”

“Well… even if she is not malicious to me, but her ultimate goal is to kill me!” Fu Lu didn’t know what to say .

“As for your question, after we asked many Chinese folk customs and culture experts for help, we can speculate that…” Captain Zhou helped Fu Lu sort out the cause and effect .

“The girl that passed away many years ago didn’t have any ability at first . ”

“But after the emergence of mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’, her strength became stronger and stronger . Until yesterday afternoon, she began to interfere with reality as a dead soul . ”

The secretary said . “Fu Lu, the reason why you got chased by her was because you obtained the last book made of human skin from the hidden NPC in ‘Ghost Gate’, which records her story of death . Killing you is the invisible instruction given to her by ‘Ghost Gate’!”

“Tonight, the case seemed be an unprecedented case of out country . ”

“But deep inside, there is a hidden hotbed of all kinds of sorrows and ghosts – the mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’!”

Saying, the Shanghai party secretary solemnly stood up, and he raised his tone . “In order to effectively protect the lives and property of the people, the public security officers headed by the captain Zhou must destroy this bad hotbed in the shortest time . Do you have confidence?”

“Yes!” They answered loudly .

“Let’s go!”

The door opened, and a large number of people who participated in the conference came out .

In the crowd, Fu Lu also wanted to leave and find a place to rest . But before he went far, a pair of strong and powerful hands grabbed him .

Looking up, it was Captain Zhou . “Finally, I find you!”

“As the direct victim, you definitely understand the ‘Ghost Gate’ more than us . Criminal Investigation Corps needs you now . ”

“Captain Zhou, I didn’t sleep last night, I really want to sleep now!”

Captain Zhou nodded very seriously . “It turned out to be a small matter . Criminal Investigation Corps has enough Red Bulls . You can drink as much as you want . ”

“If it’s not enough, I will inform the cafeteria to cook ginseng chicken soup for you . ”

“Now your most important thing is to work on the case with Criminal Investigation Corps!”

“Let’s go . ”

Before Fu Lu could say anything, he had been taken away .

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