I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 156

//I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 156

I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 156

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Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

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Chapter 156: Cooperate

Nodding his head, Master Wisdom simply started meditating on the spot.

It seemed that he would not leave before the head gave him an answer.

“Well now I don’t have much to do.”

Seeing his meditation posture, the long-bearded man lay on the ground, patted the wine gourd at his waist, and the crystal-clear wine spurted out.

Though the wine gourd looked small, he kept drinking for several minutes, as the wine seemed endless.

The head No. 1 left with the Chinese Dragon Group.

In the conference room, the monitoring images were enlarged to the limit, and the details of the facial features of them two were displayed in front of everyone.

The secretary-general stood up and gave everyone a rough explanation of them.

Understanding the information, the leader of the National People’s Congress frowned. “What is the disaster mentioned by them?”

“We also tried to ask, but the boy did not answer.”

The Secretary-General responded truthfully, and the head No. 1 crossed his hands and placed it on the conference table, adding. “The long-bearded man said that it’s difficult to detect, but Master Wisdom added that the recent weird events might be an omen of Emperor Flood.”

“What is the emperor flood?” Many in the conference room looked ignorant.

“The emperor flood was from the ancient books.”

Director Guo stood up and explained to everyone. “It’s shaped like olives, and objects will become monsters once affected…”

Director Guo then mentioned that the recent supernatural events were all related to the emperor flood.

Everyone in the conference room nodded.

“Since it’s a precursor to the disaster, do they two really know about it?” Someone raised his own doubt.

“It is difficult to judge.” Director Guo said helplessly.

After arguing for a long time, everyone had reached a consensus.

Regardless of the disaster, they seemed to care about the [cyber evil spirit prototype] very much.

If they were ordinary people, who asked to take away the national treasure, the state would not even care about them.

However, things were different, as the state was worried that they might try to rob it once the state refused.

Politics meant that the two sides compromised each other, negotiated with each other, endured small differences for the great interests, drew over the vast majority of people, and turned the enemies into a means of their strength.

Since the state could not find valuable data in the prototype, it would not even be a loss if the state gave it to them, not to mention that it could exchange the latter’s goodwill towards the country and let them stand on the same front with the country against the disaster in the future.

However, the problem was that there was only one prototype, but they both wanted it.

It would definitely hurt one’s feelings if it was given to the other.

They sorted out the information about them, but it was still difficult to decide.

When the head No. 1 sighed helplessly, Hu Feng stood up. “The head, I have an idea, but I don’t know if it is appropriate.”

“Rest assured.”

Hu Feng cleared his throat and said. “They both have the intention of taking away the prototype of the cyber evil spirit. No matter whom the country gives it to, the other one will turn vengeful.”

“Thus I think we should jointly explore function of the cyber evil spirit prototype with them!”

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