I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: 404 Error Pages and the National Special Bureau

The video was still going on .

The scene changed, and it was Captain Zhou from the Shanghai Criminal Investigation Corps .

He rushed to the capital on a military plane and met with the head number one .

When Huang Xudong saw the face of the head of the screen, he almost jumped up!

The same . It was simply the face of the top leader in reality!

“This… the director or film crew of this video must be really powerful . They have official direct license and endorsement support . Otherwise, it is absolutely impossible to shoot such a movie with his face…”

After watching all the videos, Huang Xudong couldn’t help but forward it to his friends and was ready to tag them on Webo to tell them that he had found something good!

But when he just entered WeChat and Webo, he suddenly found out that his news was out of date .

It had already spread on the Internet .

Lao Wang tagged Huang Xudong . “Exciting! The hope of domestic horror movies . Is this video a movie or a TV series? No matter who shoots it, I became his top fan today!”

F Li tagged Xian . “One thousand likes . I recommend you watch it! I have never seen such a bold movie . The role of the police from the police station, the network police, the criminal investigation brigade captain, the municipal party committee… and even the head!”

“Compared with this bold horror video, the spooky movies involving the modern society in the past suck!”

White dog tagged Color . “Do you know who stars the role of Fu Lu in Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report? He is really a rising star in the entertainment industry!”

“I am immersed in the feared face and other facial expressions . It’s spectacular! If we take the film to participate in the International Film Awards, we must win at least one Oscar award . If not, it means they’re blind, or they deliberately suppress rookies!”

Relatives tagged Huang Xudong . “Watching the movie shot by an unknown director, I have only one thought in my mind… If the perfect score is 100, I am willing to give it 101 points . The additional 1 point for the staff involved in the shooting! I suggest you watch this, Xudong . ”

Huang Xudong looked at the news and was conquered by the advertising of this video because so many people tagged him together and also desperately propagated it .

Shocked, suddenly a news about the video on Webo attracted him .

“Shock! The top secret news that the 1 . 3 billion Chinese people don’t know! The film ‘Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report’ spread by numerous people is not a movie, but an event that actually took place in reality . Haunted event!”

The shocking title looked fake .

But Huang Xudong still couldn’t help but click in .

Very unexpected to Huang Xudong’s expectations, it was actually not fake .

“This time, there are a few points to prove that it is a real, spooky haunted event! We learn that the propaganda department of various districts in Shanghai two days ago issued an urgently printed publication of about 300,000 copies of the cult culture to warn people and government agencies . It states that the game is ‘Ghost Gate’, which is also the mobile game at the beginning of the video!”

“Secondly, after we learn the information from the Shanghai police station, a number of citizens panickingly reported to the police two days ago, claiming that the icon of ‘Ghost Gate’ on their mobile phone screens bled out and formed the bloody sentence ‘you can’t escape . ’ It’s hard to imagine!”

“The most amazing thing is that, though we can’t find or download the mobile games online now, in the famous newly-established forum called ‘Ghost Gate’, up to tens of thousands of users all claim that they have played the game and seen the strange situation of the icon bleeding in the reality…”

“In summary, so many people have insisted on seeing the spiritual phenomena . Many Shanghai residents are afraid . The government has also criticized this publicly… This makes us speculate irresponsibly whether this is really a large-scaled spooky event or not?”


Out of curiosity, Huang Xudong also began to search for the post ‘Ghost Gate’ .

When the mobile web page switched, he actually found it!

Choosing to enter, it was filled with newcomer posts, and the number of people concerning the forum skyrocketed .

In a few dozen minutes, after reading hundreds of hot posts, Huang Xudong had an understanding of the current situation on the forum .

Most people didn’t believe that there were ghosts in the world .

They insisted on the materialistic thoughts, and simply thought that the forum was deliberately established to promote the movie and for a place to discuss about it .

But a very small number of users claiming to have played the game in person, insisted that ghosts did exist in modern society .

Moreover, it was not good for all of China, and there were supernatural phenomena happening all the time .

The reason why no one saw the news because it had been strictly blocked by the state .

If it wasn’t for the fact that the recent Shanghai spiritual event had involved too many people, or else it would have been blocked as in the past .

These crazy users who believed in the existence of ghosts, didn’t spare any effort to publicize it to others .

They told them not to play any spiritual game or go out for an adventure at night .

Some users with extreme thoughts and stubborn behavior also uploaded various Taoist, Buddhist amulets, yellow paper spells, mahogany swords, and exorcism symbols that they bought at Taobao, claiming that they still invited the statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva at home .

Every morning and evening, incense was lit to avoid the ghosts .

It was so exaggerated…

Huang Xudong was little interested .

He continued to see what the netizens who believed in the ghost had done .

But when he refreshed the page, all the posts were suddenly gone…

404! Limited to relevant laws and regulations, the page you visit does not exist!

Huang Xudong couldn’t help but widen his eyes…

The timeline jumped back to the time when【Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report]】hadn’t yet become popular all over the Internet and occupied every mobile phone and computer screen of all the national netizens .

A two-hour video inexplicably appeared in the attention of all netizens .

This was so serious that the network police departments across the country couldn’t be indifferent .

As early as numerous netizens were still confused, the network police department had launched several attacks and tracking of the video .

But no matter how hard they worked, all the attacks against this video were all in vain .

This strange, totally unreasonable strange thing made the local network police departments have no choice but to choose to report to the country, requesting to send technical personnel to deal with .

It had not been a few days since the mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’ was released in Shanghai .

As the news of this video was reported, it immediately received great attention from Beijing .

Inside the second administrative building in the capital .

“This is a provocation!” With both hands leaned over the conference table and looking at the other Standing Committee members and the military high-level generals, the head was angry .

He turned to remind the Secretary-General to immediately show everyone the last ten minutes of video .

The Secretary-General was nervous and did so immediately .

Ding .

On the wide screen of the conference room, the military optical projector was enabled, and the video that spread throughout the Internet started .

The last period of the video started . On the screen, there were the head, nearly 100 members of the National Think Tank, and Captain Zhou discussing .

The heads of the central government and the top military generals were stunned .

The conversation involving high-level officers had always been secreted and not published .

It had never been leaked on the Internet .

How could it be spread today?

Recalling the documents about Shanghai haunted mobile game given to everyone before the head summoned them to the meeting, did ghosts really exist in this world?

Otherwise, how could the top secret conversation between the chairman and the think tank be leaked?

Slapping on the conference table, the head was furious . “Everyone must have seen it? Today, the spooky video on the entire Chinese Internet cannot be deleted or tracked according to the report files of the local police departments…”

“This kind of means are almost the same as the way ‘Ghost Gate’ hides itself on the Internet!”

“I have a good reason to suspect that the game is provoking us now . This 2-hour video is the evidence!”

“Or, it is warning us that we shouldn’t care too much . Otherwise, next time it might not be a video of the conversation being leaked, but they call out ghosts to attack us!”

The central heads of the conference room and the military high-level generals sighed .

Everyone had never seen him being so angry .

After venting his anger and grievances, the head took a deep breath and frowned slightly .

“I decided to look for people with supernatural powers from all over the country to form National Special Event Investigation Bureau, or National Special Bureau . ”

“I don’t want it to be fast, and I don’t want it to be false . What I want is a supernaturally powered elite combat squad that can at least counter the spiritual mobile game . I don’t want a street magician or some religious swindlers!”


Looking at the heads of the central government, the military high-level generals leaving, the head turned his attention to the Secretary-General .

“Is there any follow-up to the video?”

The Secretary-General quickly handed in the documents . “The think tank has simulated it . ”

After reading a few pages of documents, the head knew that the person who stood up to be the scapegoats .

“Let Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Wu Jing take the initiative to stand up and claim that the video was a secret production of their cooperation…”

“Directly approved by the National Folklore and Culture Bureau, strongly supported by the head – a unique modern social spooky movie with a high cost…”

“And then release some scandals and affairs of famous stars to distract the national public attention…”

“At the same time ask the local network police department to closely supervise the discussion about the spiritual mobile games, they must block them instantly…”

Collecting the documents, the head stepped out .

“Good simulation . Let’s start . ”

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