I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 27: Who the Body in the Tomb is?

In the meantime, at the scene where Hu Feng was unearthed by the villagers before, an archaeological team in Shaanxi Province was carefully exploring the excavation .

Officer Huang and others were collecting all kinds of funerary objects taken away by the villagers before .

From the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon, the outline of a small tomb was barely cleared .

Bronze, jade, ceramics, bamboo slips…

Horseshoe gold, ligament gold, the gold the Han Dynasty emperor gifted to the officers, the old gold that officers produced…

There were about 100,000 tons of copper money…

The archaeological team leader holding the shovel carefully looked at the artifacts unearthed in each of the tombs in front of him .

Combined with the calculation of the soil year, he was 100% sure that this was a large-scale, well-preserved Han Dynasty tomb .

But regarding the identity of the owner of the tomb, Captain Chu was really a bit confused now .

“Officer Huang, please come over!”

For a moment, Captain Chu felt the need to tell his doubts .

Officer Huang, who was collecting the number of funeral objects, immediately came over .

“Professor Chu, what’s the matter?”

As he approached, he took out a pack of cigarettes and started smoking .

He also offered Captain Chu to have one .

Euphemistically refusing his kindness, Captain Chu pointed to the tomb that had been cleared out .

“Officer Huang, we have already confirmed that this is a tomb of the Han Dynasty about 1700 years ago . The scale is huge, and the number of funerary objects is numerous, so the owner of the tomb was at least one of the officers in Western Han Dynasty…”

“Good, Han Dynasty is good!” Officer Huang was happy .

He could almost see an honor was added on his personal resume .

“But…about the photo of the owner of the tomb that you gave us doesn’t seem to the ancient corpse from Han Dynasty?”

Officer Huang almost jumped up and couldn’t help but yelled .

“It can’t be wrong! Hundreds of villagers saw it . Although the body in the coffin was not rotten, and it looked like a living person, but it was the owner of the tomb!”

“You can see the photo . ”

Handing over a color photo, Captain Chu pointed at the clothing of Hu Feng, who was lying in the coffin, and asked .

“Officer Huang, how can this black gown exist in the Western Han Dynasty? This cloth looks like the popular long-sleeved shirts of the Republic of China!”

Officer Huang still couldn’t believe it .

“This can’t be… . this completely explains the problem? I remember that in Kong I Ji, a book written by Lu Xun, there were people wearing long-sleeved shirts sitting on the second floor of the restaurant, as well those wearing short-sleeved shirts sitting in the lobby . It is normal for the ancients to wear long gowns!”

“Maybe a poor student in the Han Dynasty was buried with long gowns and a few pieces of copper coins . But there is never a wealthy person with such shabby burial!”

Shaking his head with a wry smile, the captain of the archaeological team told his student to bring a stack of pictures .

He looked through the catalogue and found the Han Dynasty costumes .

He handed them straight to Officer Huang .

“You see, the Western Han Dynasty pays attention to burial! Those wealthy officers still expected themselves to enjoy the same wealth and prosperity as before, inside the earth . ”

“We cleaned up more than 400 pieces of horseshoe gold, gold toe gold, gold cakes, and musical instruments . There are at least 100,000 tons of coins . You know how wealthy these guys were…”

“It can be said that those wealthy ones still wear golden jade dresses when buried… Without that ability, they wear silver enamel clothing made of copper coins and silver lines!”

“…” Officer Huang was completely speechless .

He frowned and whispered . “Professor Chu, you mean…”

“This tomb is from Han Dynasty, but the body of the tomb owner has long been taken away by the tomb thieves from the Republic of China . Then, they might have killed each other because of uneven distribution . The corpse was killed by the tomb thief at that time?”

“A thief from the Republic of China?”

The captain shook his head and denied his inference .

“No, no, our archaeological team has checked all the places in the vicinity . There are no traces of burglary . ”

Officer Huang scratched his head . “Then how about the body wearing clothes from the Republic of China? Where did the real corpse go?”

“Oh, I am also confused!” Captain Chu couldn’t explain .

When they were confused, a police officer suddenly came over and stammered to report an amazing news .

“Leader Huang… The ancient corpse in the tomb was witnessed by many tourists in Chongyang Palace . His every move was like a martial arts master in the novels . Many people were filming!”

Officer Huang doubted whether he had problems with his ears, or how could he hear such absurd news?

“Are you sure that you are not mistaken about the content of the message?”

“Leader Huang, here is the ultra-definition video sent from the network police . Take a look…”

Taking the tablet and clicking on the video to play, Officer Huang and Captain Chu immediately started watching .

On the screen, an adult also wearing a black gown, who resembled the corpse in a coffin, claimed to be Meng Jingyu .

He came to Chongyang Palace for searching for a person…

Fixing the picture, Officer Huang repeatedly zoomed in on the face of the youth .

Then he compared the difference between him and the photo .

Time passed by .

Except having cold sweat on his back, Officer Huang did not discover any difference!

The two were exactly the same!

Captain Chu, who was also shocked, couldn’t help muttering to himself .

“Resurrection? Is there such a weird thing in the world?”

However . After a few minutes, the two looked at each other .

They had read each other’s thoughts from each other’s eyes .

This strange tomb and corpse must be reported to their superiors immediately .

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