I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 29: Rare Feng Shui Pattern!

(Feng Shui or feng shui, also known as Chinese geomancy, is a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment . )

In the Qinling area of Shaanxi Province, the villagers unearthed the tomb from the Han Dynasty of a young man of the Republic of China, who was suspected to be ‘resurrected’ .

There had been a long warning line here, and the police officers transferred here were stationed 24 hours a day .

Even when transporting the excavated waste soil by truck, the driver must show his entry and exit permit .

As for the archaeologists responsible for cleaning the ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty, in addition to the first team coming here, there were also 17 national-level professional archaeological teams with a total number of 900 from the other regions .

All members of the archaeological team were divided into two classes . Nine archaeological teams worked during the day . With the bright and glaring military searchlights at night, nine archaeological teams would continue their work .

In the eyes of many archaeologists, the superior was simply going to completely sort out this magnificent Han Dynasty tomb with the shortest time!

To this end, many archaeological team members who didn’t understand couldn’t help but complain many times . “What? No matter how precious a tomb from the Han Dynasty is, there is no need to be so urgent! It’s really troublesome for those stationed police officers to check the license every minute!”

“Exactly! If we’re excavating the tomb of Emperor Qin, I can accept the arrangements of the superiors . But a tomb from the Han Dynasty…ha . ”

“There are at least 300 tombs of ordinary princes in the Western Han Dynasty . Except good preservation and tons of funerary objects, can you tell the difference?”

In fact, these archaeologists didn’t understand .

Due to the highly confidential treaty, not only they but also those guards knew nothing about the truth .

It was noon that day .

On the temporarily constructed landing airport runway, a military aircraft from Guangdong securely landed .

The nearby archaeological team sneaked in and looked at them out of curiosity .

A group of about thirty people, including men, women, children, and monks, who claimed to be the 21st Section of the Special Operations of the National Security Bureau, began to walk into the tombs that had been cleared .

However, no one could understand who they were .

Now Hu Feng had the magical ability to call for induction .

At the internal meeting, the National Security Bureau repeatedly talked about the name ‘Meng Jingyu’ .

Every time they called it, Hu Feng could see who they were, where they were, what the terrain around they were, and why they talked about him every half an hour .

Therefore, the National Security Bureau thought they had secretly collected the metaphysical people and focused on the actions of the ancient tombs this time .

But Hu Feng was already fully aware of it at the beginning .

When this group came to their destination, Hu Feng, who was thousands of miles away, consumed a thousand fudge values to watch there every move .

“Masters, it’s here . ”

The leader of the team, Qin Wenhui, the head of the Guangdong branch .

He pointed to the ancient tomb that fell in the mountains .

These religious metaphysic people from different regions of China, who had already signed a Class III confidentiality treaty and seen the incident of ‘resurrected man of the Republic of China’ on the plane, nodded at the same time .

Next .

With a small circle of their respective capabilities, this group of metaphysic people began to look at them closely .

“Qin, can you prepare me a helicopter?”

“It’s very narrow from the ground . If I can have a look at the terrain from a high level, I can deduce better . ”

Holding the Feng Shui compass, he quickly walked around the tomb . Master Luo, surrounded by several masters of the fellow Feng Shui masters, looked over and said .

As the 27th generation descendant of Guangzhou Feng Shui Master Lai Bui, Master Luo was also a famous Feng Shui master . It was said that he had pointed out many domestic and foreign rich houses, sinister houses and companies .

Qin Wenhui immediately contacted his superior and nodded slightly . “Master Luo, please wait . The helicopter will arrive in 15 minutes . ”

Qin Wenhui also asked his subordinates to tell other metaphysic masters that they could propose, as long as they needed anything .

As long as it was used in the exploration of this ancient tomb, he would never reject .

After fifteen minutes .

With the arrival of the helicopter, Master Luo and many other Feng Shui masters began to board the aircraft .

Given that other metaphysic masters had no valuable discoveries .

Qin Wenhui let them cooperate with the masters on the ground .

Then he simply boarded the helicopter together and hovered for a few minutes at low altitude .

When Hu Feng was almost impatient, Master Luo finally talked .

“Qin, although here is surrounded by mountains, belonging to the Qinling…”

“It is difficult to find a river here . It is a typical Feng Shui pattern of poor mountains and rivers . If nothing is wrong, there are a lot of people living in the villages in this neighborhood, but they’re very poor, right?”

Qin Wenhui was fooled by his speculation .

Hu Feng only felt that it was a nonsense .

After all, here was the mountainous area in the central western regions .

It was inconvenient to get there, the economy was naturally not developing, and the natural water resources were scarce .

With so many unfavorable factors, the nearby villagers of course were poor!

As for Feng Shui pattern of poor mountains and rivers, Hu Feng would not even agree .

The reason why he chose here was because he searched with satellite map and had a field trip according to the records of Feng Shui ancient books .

The terrain here was perfectly in line with the Feng Shui pattern of the Nantok Stars, hence he chose here!

“It seems that either Master Luo has unearned reputation, or that he read few Feng Shui ancient books . ”

Thinking this way, Hu Feng suddenly smiled and had an idea!

– He could prove that this place was extraordinary to the National Special Bureau with this Feng Shui master!

Hu Feng consumed 200 fudge values . He sent a piece of Feng Shui pattern information to Luo’s mind .

“Qin, the Feng Shui layout here is nothing…”

When Master Luo was about to jump to conclusions, he was suddenly attracted by the mountains below .

In an instant, in the mind of Master Luo, he seemed to think of the rare Feng Shui pattern that he saw inadvertently when he was young!

“Wait, don’t land! Fly over there, to the south!”

Suddenly shouting at the pilot, Master Luo ignored the sullen face of several people accompanying him, and he looked excitedly .

“What? Master Luo, what did you find?”

Qin and others were surprised and happy .

But after seeing Master Luo’s meticulous attention to the mountains, they kept quiet and didn’t dare to disturb .

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