I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 33: Online Booking Provided

In modern society, it was not difficult to find a person’s daily life and behavioral activities .

If it was in the city, under the supervision of various government cameras, a large number of police officers manual search, and the neighborhood committee, it was just an issue of cost to find out that a person’s information .

However, if this person didn’t come into contact with the outside world, and didn’t live in any city, even if there were satellites monitoring the ground, it would still be extremely difficult .

It was undoubtedly the latter case for those who wanted to find Meng Jingyu .

Director Guo looked at the people who were thinking . “If anyone has any suggestions or advice, just elaborate it . ”

But Guo was still focused on Qin Wenhui’s face . After all, this seemingly unappealing, younger subordinate really brought him too many surprises .

After pondering for a long time and listening to other companions, Qin Wenhui stood up decisively .

“Director Guo, since he was resurrected, he has never taken the initiative to find the government for help . He may have no trust in the government, so he stays away from it . ”

“So I suggest that we euphemistically hold a national religious meeting for the martial arts masters using a non-government name…”

“Inside and outside the conference site, we recruit a large number of people . Once Meng Jingyu appears, we immediately send someone to take the initiative to meet him…”

Qin Wenhui took a breath and continued . “When chatting with Meng Jingyu, the people we send must test him . If Meng Jingyu doesn’t reject contacting with the national government, we will clarify our real identities and inform that we can call the resources of the entire country to help him . ”

“If he is very resistant to contact with the country? Then what?”

Qin Wenhui indulged for a moment: “That doesn’t matter . The people we send out can be disguised as characters of the private consortium . We can continue to chat with him . We can keep knowing his information little by little and plan for a long battle!”

Director Guo looked around . “Do you have any opinions on Comrade Qin’s proposal?”

Everyone looked at each other and no one stood up to oppose it .

However, someone asked a key question . “Who should be sent to contact Meng Jingyu?

Everyone seemed to realize that this was really a key problem .

First of all, Meng Jingyu definitely had different thoughts, experience and behavior from modern people .

Although from the report submitted by the local police, it could be easily seen that Meng

Jingyu learned everything in modern society fast and seriously…

But they wanted to play it safe!

If those they sent over inadvertently offended or insulted Meng Jingyu, the consequences would be simply unimaginable!

“We must find a member who is not only an internal member, but also skilled in talking . In addition, he needs to understand the customs of the Republic of China . ”

Qin Wenhui touched his chin and muttered thoughtfully .

Qin Wenhui didn’t notice that when he said this, Director Guo and others all stared at him .

Five minutes later, only Qin Wenhui and Director Guo were in the office .

“Comrade Qin Wenhui, you should be the one who communicate with him . ”

On behalf of the national special bureau, Director Guo looked at him with appreciation and expectation .

Qin Wenhui completely panicked .

Why did I set up a trap for myself?

“Director, I am afraid I really don’t have this ability, because I know nothing about the customs of the Republic of China… You still have to ask others!”

“But the central government has already decided that you’re the one who would contact Meng Jingyu . The customs of the Republic of China are not a problem . We have found many experts and professors who have studied and researched the culture of the Republic of China . Within 24 hours, you will be able to become an expert in Republic of China!”

“How about other comrades? Do they agree this?”

Director Guo frowned . “Well, since you are not willing to do so, then I will hand it over to the temporary non-staff personnel in the bureau . The lieutenant colonel from the First Liberation Army Group is fine . A soldier is always obedient to his superiors . His ability is definitely better than you . ”

“Just talking to a young man from the Republic of China, right? Don’t involve other comrades, I can complete the task alone!”

Qin Wenhui immediately accepted this mission .


Director Guo clapped his hands, and the office door was immediately pushed open . More than a dozen experts and professors from different universities, but all of which were experts in customs and culture studies of the Republic of China, walked in .

“Comrade Qin, the only task for you in the next 24 hours is to master the basic customs, language and habits with these teachers in the shortest time . ”

Qin Wenhui couldn’t refuse, and the experts and professors had already gathered .

“Okay, let’s start!”

“Starting with the name between people in the Republic of China . ”

“Although Yuan Shikai abolished the worship ceremony, but the folks still call others masters, young masters, and so on . The first lesson you have to learn is how to properly call Meng Jingyu…”

The huge national order was mobilized .

In a very short period of time, all the well-known religious figures and the martial arts sects, received a secret notice from the Chinese Ministry of Culture:

——In order to promote the positive traditional Chinese culture, in order to show the uniqueness of Chinese civilization to the world, and to enhance the national culture self-confidence, all religious figures and the martial arts sects must arrive in Beijing within 3 days to hold the first national religion and martial arts traditional culture conference .

When receiving the document, the major religions and martial arts sects across the country were simply overjoyed . It was hard to imagine that even if they hadn’t been valued by the state, they still had the honor today!

With complex emotions such as ecstasy and excitement, these major religions and martial arts sects rushed to the capital .

On the publicity channels such as the Internet, TV screens, and physical newspapers and magazines, there was no national factor at all .

—— Recently, major religious figures and martial arts sects in China spontaneously gathered in Beijing, spending a lot of money to rent the Bird’s Nest stadium, trying to judge which one is the top religion and the top martial arts sect in China through a variety of games of metaphysics and martial arts . Citizens who are interested can go to watch by purchasing the Bird’s Nest ticket, and we have already provided online booking…

——Ordinary ticket 399/person, VIP seat 1888/person . Tickets are limited in number . First come first served .

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