I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Translator: Sheng Chen

Editor: Arya

Chapter 38: Three Conditions

With the expectation of Director Guo and others, Hu Feng raised three fingers up and talked slowly .

“First, on behalf of the country, you must find Lin Qingxue at all cost and help us reunite . ”

“Second, in the past, China was poor and weak, and it was called ‘a sick man in East Asia’ by the Western countries . I shall contribute the secret martial arts to the country today, aiming to help all Chinese people to practice martial arts and to be physically and mentally stronger . ”

“Third, the lovers lamp is my lover’s treasure . I can lend it to you, but I must be with you . Its light must be in my sight all the time . ”

Director Guo frowned, and he was a bit confused . “Accordingly, we should agree with your requirements in the name of the country . ”

“But I need to ask the superiors about Master Meng’s three demands . ”

Hu Feng only said that they could talk about the lovers lamp and the secret martial arts after agreeing with these three requirements .

Arranging people to entertain Meng Jingyu, Director Guo hastily left .

Inside the meeting room .

“The head number 1 and the heads of the central government, this is roughly the case . ”

Quickly rushing to the heads, Director Guo described that Meng Jingyu promised to contribute to the secret martial arts, but the state needed to complete his three requirements .

At the same time, following Director Guo’s instructions, his subordinates also presented all the video files of Meng Jingyu collected by the national special bureau .

Silently flipping through the video, the head No . 1 focused on the screen .

The head No . 2 used to be a funny man . He was usually the direct spokesperson between the head No . 1 head and other central heads .

At this moment, he was also frowning and he looked at the chairman quietly . He seemed to be trying to figure out what he was going to do .

Other central heads here, according to different factions, sat a certain distance away from others .

Some of them had a smile on their faces, some looked at the video and murmured, and some were secretly squinting at each other . Everyone had their own intentions .

Although Director Guo was the leader of the national special bureau, he was extraordinarily cautious in front of them .

After a long time .

The head No . 1 looked calm .

The head of the central government of the Inner Mongolian fringe finally took the lead to question Director Guo .

“Do you have the ability to verify or ensure that the Kunlun secret martial arts submitted by him was real? Is it practical to practice? If the head No . 1 practices this and had an accident, can you bear this responsibility?”

Upon hearing this, Director Guo was speechless at first, he had cold sweats all over the back, and he even got cold feet .

Director Guo was simply stunned!

He was really drunk with the great achievements of Meng Jingyu’s secret martial arts . He didn’t think of this . Now, in front of so many central leaders, it was difficult to explain!

But Director Guo knew that he must stay calm .

Because things in the officialdom were often like this, it didn’t matter if you did nothing . If you did something, you couldn’t back down . Otherwise, you would be looked down upon, and the future promotion will be greatly restricted .

Although being the head of the special national bureau was good, but he didn’t want to be a leader of a national bureau for the rest of his life .

What’s more, he was one of the subordinates of the head No . 1 . Now faced with the complaints of the other heads, the head No . 1 couldn’t help him, but he couldn’t ignore .

Otherwise, it would be telling them that he had no talents, but only obeyed the commands of the head No . 1 .

Thinking of this, Director Guo immediately answered loudly . “Leader Liu, through internal research and investigation, we found that Meng Jingyu is brave and loyal, and has a strong national pride in Chinese civilization . He has repeatedly praised the excellence of new China in public . ”

“The main purpose of his contribution to the New China’s Kunlun secret martial arts is to allow people to practice martial arts, in order to get rid of the nickname ‘a sick man in Eastern Asia’!”

“How can such a heroic character falsify the secret martial arts that he voluntarily contributes to the country, or deliberately conceal the key?”

“As for the risk of the head No . 1 when practicing the secret martial arts, our special squad will experiment with the cultivation steps of each martial arts practice before the head No . 1 tries it… So, you mind too much . ”

Looking at Director Guo not only refused to admit that he wasn’t thinking about it, but also gave tit for tat, Leader Liu sat down quietly .

But now, it was just the beginning .

After the speech of Leader Liu, the other Standing Committee members from different factions who wanted to crack down the head No . 1 stood up and questioned him with this matter .

Although Director Guo was stuck in a cleft of wood, he still bit his teeth and tried his best to defend himself .

As the heads of the central governments came to an end, the head No . 1 suddenly said .

“Meng Jingyu is quite bold that he wants to get rid of the name ‘sick man in Eastern Asia’, but his plan isn’t feasible . ”

Hearing the head No . 1, the head No . 2 immediately added . “Right, we have mass population . It’s extremely difficult for the police to maintain social stability . “

“If we rush to promote secret martial arts, ordinary people may not have time to practice, but gangsters might be the first to master!”

“At that time, won’t China go chaotic?”

The head No . 2 said . “Guo, you should go back and tell the difficult part of his plan . We can promise his other requirements, but the idea to promote martial arts to people is really not mature enough . ”

Slightly nodding his head, Director Guo also quickly remained calm .

Returning to the administrative building of the National Special Bureau, Director Guo told Meng Jingyu everything .

Hu Feng narrowed his eyes and started pondering .

It seems that it’s really difficult .

Seems that my plan is going to fail?

Give up?

No, if I can’t let every Chinese practice martial arts, can’t I promote martial arts in the army of millions of people with the help of the state power?

This is absolutely not related to damaging social stability .


I can hold a global martial arts game . I will represent China and challenge the martial arts masters from other countries . Then I will ask the country to have a live broadcast on the whole China network and on TV!

In this way, after billions of Chinese people watch the live broadcast of the game, they will recognize the existence of Kunlun secret martial arts, so that they will greatly contribute fudge values to me!

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