I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Strange Talks

Judging from the first conditions given by the Strange Talk, it was clear that tonight would be dangerous since the player had to survive until 6 o’clock in the morning at the peak of Purple Mountain .

The second condition【identify the number of non-persons in the team】 indicated that someone with bad intent was hidden in the five-person squad!

The third and fourth conditions were to complete a dance to worship spirits with the length more than 30 minutes in the temple and to figure out who was your most trustworthy person .

No matter how he thought, the role played by the player was definitely dangerous…

Fu Lu only felt very excited at this moment, and he couldn’t wait to know the hidden truth of the Strange Talk immediately .

Since it was a first-person game, he began to observe the situation of the campsite .

Except him and his long-haired girlfriend, Yang Xiaoyu, who he had been in love with for three years, the appearance of other two men and one woman peers were as follows:

Wu Hao, the graduate who wore glasses, looked gentle, and stuttered .

Zhang Yanan, a middle-aged man who looked serious and always held a black umbrella .

Liu Meng, a beautiful young lady who kept gossiping all the way .

Looking through the screen of the mobile phone, every NPC was vividly dressed, and the scenery looked real .

Even some minor things, such as the sunset near dusk in the sky looked extraordinarily real!

“I really found a treasure, a mobile game had better displays than other 3A masterpieces . ”

Fu Lu was surprised and happy . He continued to observe the surrounding .

On his left was a dense and desolate forest, filled with a variety of vine bushes . According to the background of the game, they had to rely on sickles and canes to climb the mountain .

On his right was the narrow muddy road leading to the top of the mountain . The ruins of the mountain temple that had been abandoned for many years were at the end of the narrow road, and the broken walls were everywhere .

Fu Lu controlled of the characters all the way to the ruins of the mountain temple . On the incomplete walls of the temple, he could see a variety of colored murals .

Fu Lu looked at them, and finished about one-third of the murals . He found that the ancients had a mask of fierce faces and danced around the bonfire .

At the same time, the sky was getting darker in the game .

Fu Lu heard a shout in the camp about 100 meters below .

“Time for dinner, come back . ”

In a blink of an eye, the game story officially started, and four options showed up .

Option one, you don’t hesitate to answer loudly and return to campsite as fast as you can .

Option two, you euphemistically refused, saying that you have to wait a moment in the ruins of the mountain temple to read all the large murals that you have not yet understood . At this time, it’s completely dark, the only light source on top of the mountain was the mobile phone you carry with you .

Option three, you are just about to return to the campsite . Behind the secluded ruins of the mountain temple, there’s suddenly strange laughter . You immediately turn the light on the mobile phone to the maximum and check it with alert .

Option four, customize your current action . (Please customize it within ten seconds, otherwise it will be considered as option one . )

“Option one seems safe, but I won’t be able to find any clues . Option two doesn’t seems dangerous . ”

“Option three is simply to suicide . Staying alone at the top of the mountain ruins with a phone to check the source of the strange sound… Isn’t this the classic death scene in the horror films?”

“Customize? It’s really confusing . ”

Fu Lu thought that he couldn’t go back without clues . In the pursuit of stability, he chose option two .


Before Fu Lu controlled the character, strange laughter sounded behind him, and the screen of his mobile phone turned bloody red .

After three seconds, the system interface popped up .

“Unfortunately, you have been attacked and killed . ”

“You have not yet reached 25% of the opponent’s overall strength, so you cannot get the basic information of the opponent . You will automatically exit the current talk after twenty seconds . Click here to exit the system interface immediately . ”

“You haven’t got any treasure chests or rewards in this Strange Talk . ”

“Damn… I haven’t found any clues yet . Why did I die? No reason?”

Unwilling to fail like this, Fu Lu chose to enter the talk once again . He used 30 points of the fatigue value and entered smoothly .

Fu Lu triggered the options before . This time he learned, he chose option one directly and returned to the campsite as quickly as possible .

Going back to the campsite safely, he had dinner with other four people in front of the bonfire, then he chatted with them .

As the sky became darker, they returned their tents to rest . Fu Lu also entered the tent with his long-haired girlfriend Yang Xiaoyu, and each rested in a sleeping bag .

The time in the game was accelerated . At midnight, he woke up and suddenly found that his girlfriend had disappeared .

He turned on the light of his mobile phone, seeing a figure standing outside the tent .

The plot of the game was therefore triggered .

Option one, you think that your girlfriend Yang Xiaoyu went out to the toilet . Now she just came back . You immediately went out .

Option two, you whisper the name of your girlfriend to confirm whether the figure outside the tent was her or not .

Option three, you’re terrified . You recall that the local guide refused to enter the mountain and told you the most horrible legend of Purple Mountain – the mountain god is actually a mountain ghost . You quickly turn off the mobile phone light and pretend to sleep .

Option four, customize your current action . (Please customize within ten seconds, otherwise it will be considered as option one . )

“I will not be fooled this time . There is only one way to live . I must choose option three!”

Fu Lu laughed and decisively chose option three . However, at the next moment, the figure outside the tent rushed in .

In an instant, his mobile phone screen turned red .

“Unfortunately, you’re already dead . ” “What? Did I choose wrong?”

Angrily scratching his head, Fu Lu couldn’t understand . Fu Lu entered the talk again and spent 30 points of fatigue . He came back to this four-option interface again .

Knowing that option three would lead him into a dead end . Also, he knew that the figure outside the tent rushed in to kill him last time . Hence, obviously option one – leave the tent and face her would also extremely dangerous .

As for customized option, he felt that there were too few known clues, so he didn’t think about it .

Holding an open attitude, he chose option two . ——【whisper the name of your girlfriend to confirm whether the figure outside the tent was her or not】 .

He’s surprised!

On the screen, the figure outside the tent actually began to tremble .

After a few seconds, the figure quickly left .

“What?” Fu Lu was stunned . Half an hour had passed in the game interface . Suddenly, the tent was destroyed by external forces .

Wu Hao and Liu Meng both rushed in and told him an extremely horrifying news: his long-haired girlfriend Yang Xiaoyu was not a human . The heart of the gloomy man Zhang Yanan, who kept holding a black umbrella, was eaten by Yang Xiaoyu!

Now Yang Xiaoyu was still chasing Wu Hao and Liu Meng, who knew her secrets . They had the chance to survive only if they escaped into the temple .

Just then, his long-haired girlfriend in a white sportswear, Yang Xiaoyu, rushed over from the bottom of the mountain and screamed at him .

She claimed that Wu Hao and Liu Meng were ghosts, so he should leave them quickly .

Seeing Yang Xiaoyu rushing over, Wu Hao and Liu Meng were so scared that they couldn’t wait to rush to the ruins of the mountain temple on the top of the mountain .

When Fu Lu came out of his trance . Zhang Yanan, who had a pale face and bandages tied to his chest, and, still holding a black umbrella, showed up out of nowhere .

He grabbed Fu Lu’s wrist and began to run down the mountain .

While running, Zhang Yanan also explained .

“Cousin, wake up! We don’t have netizens?”

“Before entering Purple Mountain, it was only you and me . They are not humans . Run, this is the only way to survive!”

“If you don’t believe what I said, check contact history . Only I have called you!”

In an instant, new options appeared on the screen .

Option one, believe what Zhang Yanan said and followed him to the foot of Purple Mountain .

Option two, leave Zhang Yanan and sprint back to meet up with your long-haired girlfriend Yang Xiaoyu .

Option three, lie to Zhang Yanan that you cannot run anymore and need some rest . Take the opportunity to go around the road and go to the top of the mountain temple quietly .

Option four, customize your current action . (Please customize within ten seconds, otherwise it will be considered as option one . )

Fu Lu was completely confused now .

Who should I trust?

He chose option one .

On the screen, the character followed Zhang Yanan for a minute and finally ended up in a jungle .

“Thank you for trusting me so much . ” He smiled and turned around .

On the screen, Zhang Yanan grew a horrible canine tooth and bit him unceremoniously .

Fu Lu wanted to escape, but the character was caught up quickly .

The scarlet blood color once again filled every inch of the screen .

“Unfortunately, you’re already dead . ”

“Ah! How can it be so difficult?” Annoyed and angered, he exited the game interface .

He still wanted to continue to try this Strange Talk . But a pop-up system prompt completely dispelled his thoughts .

【Each player only has three chances to enter the same Strange Talk in one day . 】Only three times in one day? How sad!

I really want to know the follow-up fact of this Strange Talk!

He had already realized the charm of this mobile game, and really didn’t want to give up .

“Wait a minute, there may be other players who have played this copy posting the tips!”

“I should search it . If there’s none, I should ask!”

Looking at the ghost forum on the top of the screen, Fu Lu was suddenly surprised .

Ghost Forum: Currently 4,891 players online . The total number of posts if 19,703 .

“There are so many players in the forum? This mobile game is really popular . ”

Slightly surprised, Fu Lu remembered that when he downloaded the game, the game had only been released for less than three days!

Looking down, he found a large number of posts asking for teammates and trades .

“Level-11 assassin asks for two teammates to the Strange Talk of the haunted house . Location: High Street, Hong Kong!”

“Level-11 mage wants to buy a long-range spell book . It must be a fire-element spell . The price is negotiable . ”

“Level-13 Fighter looks for seven teammates to challenge the level-4 black monster – Ming dynasty corpse . Location: Yibin City, Sichuan Province . Already found six . Need one more person!”

“Ask for energy pills used to restore the fatigue value with WeChat cash . No matter what the quality is, I want to have them all!! Nickname: Mouse in the City!”

“Looking for a powerful brother to help me with the Strange Talk – 7-day . We can chat first . Location: Baohe District, Hefei City, Anhui Province!”

“Selling powerful servant – third-order Yin soldier . He has three talents and spells【Hide】,【Frenzy Soul】,【Arrows】 . The buyer must bring a second-job underworld skill to exchange . Any type will be fine!”

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