I'm the Boss Who Modified the World

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Do I like you?

His hands were trembling .

He opened the seal very nervously .

He took out the thin yellowed letter paper .

There was only one simple line on it .

The handwriting was beautiful, and it was obviously written by a girl .

I like you .

At the end, there was a fresh bloodstain that hadn’t dried up yet .


Taking a deep breath, Fu Lu was horrified and dropped the yellow paper on the ground .

He was 100% sure that before reading the bloody book, there was no such love letter on his desk!

“Do ghosts really exist in this world?”

“Or the ghosts in the mobile game have come to reality?”

As he came up with this thrilling thought, it became hard to forget .

“No, I must have thought too much, or it might be a prank!”

Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Fu Lu saw his roommates staring at their computers .

Not only nobody paid attention to him, but they also focused on typing on the keyboard and yelling .

“In the middle!”

“Focus on this swordsman, kill him!”

“Remove! Are you stupid, why are you going home?”

Seeing this, Fu Lu feared more and more .

No matter how he thought, this love letter didn’t seem like a prank done by his roommates!

Considering the geek in black cloak – the scary eyes that frightened people, and the strange permanent buff【Increased the chance of ghost haunting by 100%】on the character status…

Fu Lu believed, that the ghosts in the mobile game came to reality .

That’s right, if that’s the case…

Those in the forum encountering the geek in black cloak and drawing the books a few hours earlier than me must have encountered this weird situation in reality!

Maybe I can find more information from them and then solve the mystery of receiving a bloody/love letter .

Thinking of this, Fu Lu quickly entered the ghost forum with his mobile phone to post .

【Help! The ghosts in the mobile game have come to reality . What should I do?】

He described that he had received the bloody/love letter in the post .

He refreshed the post . He couldn’t wait to see others reply, in the first time . After a while .

“Stupid! Is it fun? Is it interesting to joke with such a stupid title and story?”

“What’s the number of the nearest mental hospital? I can give you a free call . ”

“Send money to this account: 8486782, and I will help you . ”

No one believed him . All the replies were laughing and joking .

Unable to get a valuable reply, and his post couldn’t attract players who had drawn the books . Fu Lu became a bit scared .

“I am the tenth player who drew the book . Those nine players should have encountered similar events like me?”

“Why don’t they reply to my post? Did they have an accident in reality? Did ghosts attack them?”

“Or, these nine people are already dead…”

Fu Lu was almost shocked by his own cranky conclusions .

Without any reason, obviously it was five o’clock in the afternoon, even the sun was hanging high in the sky, but Fu Lu felt cold .

Especially his arms, he had goosebumps on them .

“Calm down, it’s still daytime . Even if ghosts exist, they are impossible to come out . I have to stay calm . ”

Watching a lot of horror movies, he knew that staying calm at all times was definitely the key to survive .

“First, I should go to the toilet, and then plan in detail how I can save myself . ”

Reluctantly calming down, Fu Lu quickly rushed to the end of the hallway .

At this moment, Hu Feng, who dominated everything behind the scenes, closed his eyes and paid attention on Fu Lu .

In Hu Feng’s mind, the behavior of Fu Lu was shown .

He watched everything like God . If he was willing to consume a certain amount of fudge value, he could easily understand what Fu Lu thought, and could also make a slight spiritual suggestion to him…

Observing that he wanted to go to the toilet at the end of the hallway, Hu Feng thought of the female ghost who sent the bloody/love letter before . She began to appear from the invisible state and followed him .

“Hey, I’ll threaten you and force you to go to the police!”

Like controlling the character in the game, Hu Feng speeded up the action .

Walking in the hallway, Fu Lu found lots of students passing by looked at him with a strange and complicated look .

In a bedroom of which the door wasn’t closed, there were people who were whispering and pointing at him rudely .

What happened? Is there something dirty on my face? Is my fly open?

With this confusion, he bowed his head and looked at his dress, but found nothing wrong .

He was too lazy to care about it . Fu Lu rushed to the toilet and began to pee .

While he was peeing, a familiar voice suddenly came from the corridor .

It seemed to be the security on the first floor questioning someone .

“Little girl, what are you doing here? It’s the boys’ dormitory, you can’t be here!”

“Why do girls come to the boys’ dormitory? It’s ridiculous!”

“Where is your boyfriend? Call him out! I want to talk to his counselor!”

“A boy taking his girlfriend to the dormitory . Are they going to spend the night? It’s really courageous . ”

Fu Lu was shocked in the toilet .

After all, the school regulations are very strict . In addition, the security kept patrolling, hence no one had ever succeeded . Washing his hands, Fu Lu came out .

However, the security stopped him .

“Anything wrong?” Turning around with a little doubt, Fu Lu completely didn’t understand why he was looking for himself .

“It’s too ridiculous! Don’t fool me!” The security seemed to be angered . He started criticizing .

“How dare you take your girlfriend to the bedroom and let her wait for you in the hallway? Now that I found out, and you have nothing to say? What is the name of your counselor?”

“What? I have never had a girlfriend . I’m not the one you wanted to find!” Fu Lu was confused .

Looking at his face, the security became more furious . His voice was so loud that it was audible in the entire hallway .

“Are you still arguing with me here? Your girlfriend is a petite girl whose hair is so long that it covers her face . She was waiting for you in the hallway . After I blamed her, she went silently into your bedroom . Don’t fool me?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Fu Lu felt unlucky since he accidently took blame for other .

Hearing the loud noises and Fu Lu’s defending, his roommates who were playing computer games could not help but quickly come out .

Quickly understanding the situation from Fu Lu, several roommates helped him .

“He’s the wrong guy . We have been living together for almost a year, he has never had a girlfriend!”

“This lonely kid has a girlfriend whose hair is so long that it covers her face? And she’s waiting for him outside the bathroom? It’s impossible!”

“Are you serious? We have been playing computer games in our room, and we didn’t see any girl coming in at all . ”

But the students in other dormitory rooms were dissenting .

“The security is right . When he went to the toilet, he was followed by a long-haired girl wearing a school uniform . ”

“And they were very close to each other!”

“We all have seen it . You still don’t admit it?” The security saw only his roommates helping him, so he became furious .

“Okay! You’re all covering for him?”

“Well, let me show you the fact!” Rushing to Fu Lu’s room, the security said in confidence .

“I saw the girl coming in this six-person dormitory . It’s such a small place . You cannot hide a person here . Let’s find out who’s inside!”

Several roommates were more confused .

Fu Lu was uncomfortable and panicking because he suddenly thought that one sending the bloody love letter he had received before was 100% a female ghost…

If the security wasn’t lying, then wasn’t there a female ghost waiting for him silently at the door of the toilet?

The students in the hallway also saw this long-haired female ghost follow him all the way .

It was no wonder that along the way, the students on both sides of the hallway looked at him so complicatedly, and the security was so confident to consider her his girlfriend…

The most crucial point was that this long-haired female ghost was now in his bedroom!

“Damn! There is a ghost in the dormitory! Is she waiting for me?”

Thinking of this, Fu Lu could not help but feel fearful .

He didn’t even care for other people, and rushed to the outside of the dormitory building .

At this moment, Fu Lu felt that only under the sun, he could have a sense of peace and security!

Behind him, he could still hear the unbelievably loud yelling of the security .

“How is it possible?”

“I clearly saw that his long-haired girlfriend come in . Why can’t I find anyone?”

Hearing this, Fu Lu, at the end of the hallway, ran faster .

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