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Chapter 1600 He’s Back!

Artemis’ heart was filled with gratitude, seeing how easily Landon agreed to help his people.

Though Landon had arrived and initially promised to help them, Artemis and the others were still not at rest because they hadn’t fully told Landon all the dangers ahead.

So seeing him agree now, finally dropped the heavy stones in their hearts.

After all, the task itself was indeed a ghoulish nightmare to accomplish. So they wouldn’t blame anyone for turning around and not helping them.

The event was also foreign to them because they had never heard of any place like Adonis/Lampe before.

In truth, they were inwardly suspecting it was Morgany trying to play a fast one on them.

At this point, they don’t know what to think. It’s funny that they know of Morgany but don’t know where Morgany was located. The Morgs forcefully created their bubble, and they weren’t privileged to go beyond this.

They had indeed gone to other continents and even tried to broaden their horizons about the open seas. But for some reason, when people see them, the Giants, they refuse to tell any more than they already know.

At this point, even they knew they were bullied by a bigger force.

They had speculated that Morgany shouldn’t be a continent but a place within their neighboring continents.

Yes! It should be an organization.

Some Omanians do know the truth but would never tell their people, lest some war breaks off with them ending up in a disadvantageous position.

Who were Omanians?

They were proud giants. And should they know the culprit in charge of putting them where they were, they would unite to fight.

No matter their enmity with each other, they would take down the common enemy first!

They may be a small continent. But they were also mighty in pure strength! And the enemy had long been afraid of them too.

Artemis grinned. “Thank you, brother.”

“You’re welcome. And now that that’s out of the way, then it’s time we prepare.”


In no time, a massive paper was laid out before them.

Everyone was silent, with deep tension filling the space.

Their hearts were thinking loudly, and their throats were dry.

“With all the time already gone, it’s safe to assume the enemy might be down not just one city but other nearby towns and villages too. Again, they might have decided to attack many coastal regions across your Soma Empire… Nonetheless, our starting point remains at the Coastal city you first reported.”

He was talking about the coastal City Payne escaped from.

“Since time is of the essence, this is how things will go. Our main team will begin operations on that Coastal city while the other teams scout around the other Coastal Soma waters.”

Their task is only to scout. They won’t be engaging even if they notice something wrong.

Collection info would be their priority.

“Sir Payne, I don’t suppose you have a map of the territory, do you?”

“Regrettably not, your highness Landon. But I know it right off the back of my hand. I can sketch it out for you in my sleep.”

The corners of Landon’s lips tucked upwards. “Good… That’s exactly what we need.”

As the future heir inherited his father’s position, the lad should’ve been shown his territory a million times by now.

Like Landon had stated a gazillion times before, people in this era were too smart. With danger always one step closer, they had to keep on their feet by absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

Payne should have been shown his territory from the age of 7 over and over again.

It was almost like the scene in Lion King when Mufasa shows Zimba their territory.

[Everywhere the light touches is ours.] (~_~)

Well, in this case, he was taken across the city borders, as well as through all footpaths, roads, and every part to ensure he knew his land.

As an aspiring City Lord, he must always know all about his city.

Mind you, coastal regions were most likely to be in danger compared to other territories within the empire.

They were at the forefront of it all. So security could never be lax!


Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.

Payne’s brows were together as he finished drawing the layout of his territory.

Even more impressive was that he could recall how many minutes it would take to walk from one point to another.

This was how he measured his distance. And with this, they could also calculate a rough estimate of the distance too.

In some places, he estimated the time through horseback riding or carriage use. But on footpaths, he of course, did so by walking or running distance.

He also highlighted the many terrains, be they rocky or not.

It was also important to note that in the land of giants, the trees were also far taller and thicker around the middle than other regions in Hertfilia.

Over 95% of Omanian regions had never experienced snow before. They had just 4 weather seasons:

?First Dry Season.

?Rainy Season

?Second Dry Season.

?Hail Season

Those were the only 4 seasons they had.

Yes. Though there was no snow. They had a whole season where Hailstones would fall on and off again for roughly 3 months. The weather would be foggy, and the raindrops would turn into stone drops before hitting the ground.

Their 1st Dry Season was at least better than their 2nd Dry Season.

During the 2nd one, the heat was delicious for one to bear if they hadn’t adapted to Omania’s climate.

Even the cattle and animals there had developed adaptive features over the centuries to face the boiling weather.

And wouldn’t you know it? When they arrive in Omania, it should be the 2nd Dry Season.



Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.~

Payne drew to the best of his capabilities. And soon, a plan began to form.


In another week and a half, they should arrive. Landon took several breaths, somewhat anxious to complete his mission. But he wasn’t the only one anxious to death.

Far, far away, several people stood by to welcome the young man in a carriage.

The group had broadened smiles seeing the many carriages pull into the estate.


The boy was finally home…

The Adonis Heir was back!

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