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Chapter 1601 A Good Trick!

Several luxurious carriages pulled in, accompanied by 400 horseback riders at the front and back, protecting the entourage.

The scene made many smile as they wore their majestic robes of various colors, showing their ranks.

Some had overly long hats and staff, while others had specially made gloves with sharp, colorful rubies and gems embedded in them for sharpness.

Make no mistake.

They might be wearing these prestigious and overly long robes like priests. But what lay underneath were deadly weapons ready for the killing.

Today, several Holy Kardinals, Battlefords, Monkards, Holy Generals, Men of Cloth, and all sorts of people with prestigious ranks, were lined up to meet the Heir!


Their smiles never ceased, and their eyes turned crescent with delight seeing the entourage approach the open space.

They stood on a massive roundabout the size of an entire street block, all eyes focused on the scene.

Soon, the carriage was here, and the trumpets blew. Some dropped down on one knee while others bowed deeply, depending on their rank.

“We salute the Heir, future ruler of Adonis!”


The words alone made their hearts tremble.

This was the heir… The one most blessed by their God, Adonis. ๏ฝ†๐‘Ÿ๐‘’๐ž๐š ๐’†๐š‹๐š—เซฆ๐ฏโ„ฏ๐™ก. com

He would be the one to lead them into a new era. And it seemed he was indeed the most blessed, seeing as they had just made a discovery that could change their lives forever!

The proud 29-year-old man calmly walled out of the carriage with his head high.

The number of people here to welcome him was astounding.

Over 10,000 people of high importance were gathered within the space. Such a welcome was indeed grand. But he felt It should be like so.


He was the heir, a person blessed by the heavens. So it was only fitting for him to be worshiped and praised. In fact, he felt they should be grateful just for being in his presence.

Java smirked, inwardly pleased with the welcome party.

He stretched forth his right hand, and the top most powerful people kissed the stone on his ring.

“I’m honored to receive your blessings, heir.”


He acknowledged them, walking straight into the estate. And as he moved, the grounds were sprinkled with special water, blessed by his Holiness himself.

It was a rule and a must that whoever the heir was on Adonis’s soil, the sacred water must be sprinkled on the grounds and floors he walked in the public’s eye.

Once in his mansion, estate, or private sanctuary, he could do without. But provided he stepped outside a building and was underneath the sun’s rays, it was seen as a bad omen to move on land not blessed yet.

As per tradition, he had to carry out the same practice until he took the throne.

Mind you, this could only be done on Adonis’s land. Should he do this in foreign land, it’s said he would gather ill luck instead.

Very quickly, several half-naked women in special attire held basins of blessed water, using their hands to sprinkle the oath the heir was supposed to use.

“Oh, Holy heir… May your feet be blessed.”

“Oh, Holy heir… Adonis uses you to walk along our blessed lands.”

Flick. Flick. Flick.~

The water droplets fell, and a few more powerful people began walking alongside the heir.

Don’t look at this roundabout and think this was all to the place.

This roundabout led to a massive open walkway as broad as 2 highway roads. And the path then led to an even bigger open space.

The space they were in was far bigger than that of Vatican City back in Landon’s former world.

No carriages were permitted to go any further, as the place was taken as Holy Land.

Only in times of war were horses or carriages allowed any further in.

Mind you, the place was already so big that it would take one 3~5 hours to get from the entrance to the furthest point within the space.

Again, it was akin to one walking in Disneyland.

The place was incredibly high, and one could get lost if care wasn’t taken.

Of course, 4~5 hours was if one was going to the other end of the space.

As it stood, the space had 3 main zones, the outer, middle, and innermost, some situated at the very center.

Each Zone was reiterated by a wall, as though one was in the world of Attack on Titan.

To get to the innermost Zone from where he was, it would take roughly 2 hours. And that was why several maids had been stationed across the scene since they got word that the heir would arrive.

These women all held blessed water.

The first group starting the scene would stop when they reached the next group ahead. By then, the water in their massive bowls should’ve been finished or neatly gone.


Java spoke to the important people walking beside him. Though his face remained expressionless, his eyes flashed with excitement, especially after he recovered word via a secret letter.

“Hahahhaha~… You all did good. Those Morg bastards were probably searching for It all this time.”

“Yes, Heir.” One of the stoic men with a long white beard replied. “We’ve always known they’ve been looking for something. But it’s been hidden for hundreds and thousands of years, with us never getting bigger blues as to what they were searching for.”

Everyone’s eyes burned with thrill. Their expressions said it all.

“Heir, over the years, we did have some values, but nothing could have prepared us for what we found.”

Java nodded. “From the reports, those Morg fools searched the place before leaving in failure.”

“Yes, heir. They even came back later on, maybe to double-check things. But we had only gotten the goods by then.”

Everyone smiled tactfully.

It felt good to do a one-up on their most hated enemy.


They have it in their possession…

They have the Holy Feather with them!


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