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Chapter 934 - Skye, The Secret Saviour

Chapter 934 – Skye, The Secret Saviour

Alexander was proud of Skye.

The boy really put his head to work on this matter.

One should know that with all the pirate harassments and doc.u.mentation needed every step of the way, many merchants and travellers were greatly discouraged from travelling towards the Pyno continent.

Of course, they had no qualm taking all sorts of harassment while going to Morgany.

In their minds, it was worth with since Morgany was clearly superior, and the goods there were undoubtedly first-class.

So without a doubt, going to Morgany was a must if one was a merchant since they could buy from there and sell in Veinitta and the other backward continents around them.

But going to the Pyno continent to sell lesser goods seemed like a waste since they could just sell to the other continents around.

Of course, if there were any new items that the Pyno continent had to offer, they would rush to get them.

But really? Could the Pyno continent have anything good?

What a joke!

It seemed like a waste of time.

Of course, a handful of merchants still decided to go to the Pyno continent and check it out.

And that’s where Skye stepped in.


3 years and 8 months ago, the moment he got Penelope’s portrait, he instantly took a trip to Morgany to place an order for the pirate organization.

That’s Right!

He paid a ridiculously hefty amount to the Pirates, which he secretly stole from tge royal treasury when his father was out once.

For what he wanted, there was no way that he could ever pay the bill, even with his status as a Prince.

But the royal palace had 2 main treasures, one within the palace itself and one secretly kept within the grassy mountain at the back of the entire palace.

No one knew that it even existed, except Alexander and a few others

If not for the fact that he discovered it when he was 13 years old, he would’ve never known that there was a treasury there.

Nonetheless, the place was still heavily guarded.

Everyone assumed that it was heavily guarded because insiders might sneak in around tge Palace from there.

But they were wrong.

When he was younger, assassins and thousands of enemies bombarded the palace.

And through the chaos, he and his mother and a few others used one of the many secret tunnels.

The tunnels were all made of stone and wood that supported their frame, underground.

But while running, his mother felt very tired and decided to rest on the side.

She held one of the torch holders attached to the wall and somehow caused the wall to turn.

That’s right!

She had unbolted a mechanism on the other side of the wall.

Of course, he too did the same, and just like that, they discovered something that looked like an abandoned tunnel.

They followed it and finally reached a room as big as an entire 2-story building combined.

And it was all filled with treasure.

That was their little secret, and they always snuck out money whenever they needed it.


Anyway, Skye used an entire minty to sneak as much as possible and finally made a run for it, immediately taking his treasure to his sh.i.p.s.

From there, he heard straight to the Pirate organization in Morgany.

As for his request, it was expensive yet straightforward.

He paid for the pirates to stop merchants or people from Veinitta who tried heading to the Pyno continent.

At that time, he suffered many failures from his brothers, who also tried to kill each other for the throne.

But no matter what they did or how much he or they schemed, his father was hell-bent on giving the throne to his 2nd brother.

So the moment he saw Penelope’s portrait, a new idea hit him.

And to ensure that he was successful, he had to keep everything under wraps until he succeeded… Lest they too scramble for this one.

So he had the Pirates keep everyone from Veinitta away.

His request was expensive because, unlike other people who typically such scenarios for a few days or at most a month, he requested for 4 years of blockage.

Once he took the throne, he still needed time to firm his position, as well as strengthen himself before his brothers found out.

His enemies were many, and he needed time.

But as fate would have it, it just so happened that it was within that period that Baymardian goods had started circulating around the Pyno continent.

And so many merchants from Veinitta were still clueless.

Fate was truly a strange thing.

Without knowing it, Skye had protected the people of Pyno from other dangers.

And now, this upcoming January would mark the end of his deal with the Pirates, allowing anyone to pass through if they have doc.u.mentation or were willing to pay up all pirate crews they met along the way.

But, after all this time with continuous discouragements, it would take a lot more time for merchants from Veinitta to even think about visiting Pyno.


As for people from Morgany, they were so stuck-up that many didn’t even bother thinking about the Pyno continent.

Of course, some still went and were shocked by what they saw and even decided to go to Baymard.

Apart from Carona, the other empires within Pyno were late to receive these goods.

Take for example, the late Alec’s refusal for people to step into Baymard until a year later when he discovered that Baymard was rich…And even the fact that everyone thought it was a barren, deserted place made no one think of going there.

In fact, it took a while for people other than the Caronians to come in.

It was only 2 years ago that Baymard’s goods got distributed in them.

And even at that, not every area had the goods yet.

So only merchant Morgs, who arrived sometime last year spring, would’ve been able to see the changes.

And just buying and shipping everything back to their continent on sea would take months.

Talk less of the matter properly circulating until it reached the ears of the movers and shakers within Morgany.

In fact, it would take long for the Monarchs there to know and feel threatened that some other continent was trying to best them.

All this worked in the Pyno continent’s favour.

Actually, even though the merchants were ahead, the people most likely to spread the word to the influential figures in Morgany are those from the Arts Society.

The future was going to be chaotic!

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