Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1332 - : Allocate Spots

Chapter 1332: Allocate Spots

Everyone raised their heads and saw a man walking over. It was Ou Yangming, whom they had just discussed.

They were shocked. Compared to before, Ruler Ming looked more reserved and unfathomable.

“Greetings, sir.” Everyone hurriedly bowed.

Ou Yangming nodded slightly.

“Dragon emperor!” He called out.

The dragon emperor walked out from the crowd. He looked at Ou Yangming and asked, “Sir, you called for me?”

If it was before, the dragon emperor would not address Ou Yangming this way. After all, his relationship with the young fellow was not bad. Now that the other party had broken through to the Heavenly Rank, they were no longer from the same world.

“No need to be polite.” Ou Yangming reached into his pocket and touched. A dark grey divine spark appeared in his hand.

“This is…” Everyone was shocked.

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the divine spark in Ou Yangming’s hand.

“This is the earth-type divine spark that appeared 2 months ago. How did it appear in Ruler Ming’s hands?”

Everyone recognized the divine spark. 2 months ago, this earth-type divine spark appeared. Everyone searched for a long time but could not find its whereabouts. In the end, they heard that it was obtained by a Heavenly Rank powerhouse. After confirming this news, they could only give up. After all, compared to the powerhouses who had returned from the chaos, their strengths were too weak.

At this moment, this divine spark appeared in Ruler Ming’s hands…

“Is there a need to ask?” Ruler Shanhai’s eyes flashed, “Didn’t I tell you guys just now? Ruler Ming defeated a Heavenly Rank powerhouse yesterday. The person who was defeated by Ruler Ming must be the mysterious powerhouse who took away the divine spark the last time.”

This was probably the only explanation.

Ruler Shanhai knew that Ruler Ming had been on the Shanhai Continent all these days. It was impossible for the divine spark to fly into his hands.

“This is too exaggerated.”

“Yeah, I would believe it if Ruler Ming defeated a Heavenly Rank powerhouse, but taking away the divine spark from a Heavenly Rank powerhouse is too shocking.”

Everyone was in disbelief.

Even a Heavenly Rank powerhouse would treat the divine spark as a treasure. Even if a Heavenly Rank powerhouse was defeated, he could easily leave. To snatch the divine spark from the opponent, one had to have the ability to seriously injure the opponent or make the opponent feel a fatal threat.

To these people, Ou Yangming had just broken through to the Heavenly Rank in the past few days. To be able to defeat a Heavenly Rank powerhouse who had returned from the chaos was already very impressive.

Ou Yangming ignored everyone’s expressions. He looked at the dragon emperor and said, “I’ll give this divine spark to you.”

In an instant, there was silence all around. Everyone looked at Ou Yangming with fiery eyes.

This was a divine spark!

Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief. ‘Did I hear wrongly? Is Ruler Ming giving up this divine spark?’

Even the dragon emperor was stunned. He had been wondering why Ou Yangming would take out the divine spark, but he did not expect the young fellow to give it to him.

Ou Yangming continued, “Senior Great Compassion Divine Dragon saved my life. I promised him that I’ll help the Dragons live. This divine spark will be how I repay his kindness. With this, at least some of your people will be saved.”

“Thank you, sir.” The dragon emperor bowed deeply this time.

Even the great elder of the Dragons behind him had a look of excitement in his chaotic eyes.

Now that the great calamity of the world was coming to an end and that the world was about to be destroyed, they still had no way to resist. Ou Yangming’s help was timely to them.

The others all looked at the dragon emperor with envy.

They did not expect that they would be so lucky to receive the help of Ruler Ming.

Some of them were secretly regretful. If they had known about this, they would have had a good relationship with Ruler Ming before he rose to power.

Ou Yangming threw the divine spark in his hand over.

Although everyone’s eyes were burning, no one dared to act recklessly. After all, in front of a Heavenly Rank powerhouse, they were just ants. So what if they had opened up a divine kingdom? It would still be easy for a Heavenly Rank powerhouse to kill them.

“There’s one more thing,” Ou Yangming continued.

Everyone became serious and listened to Ou Yangming’s words.

“I plan to leave the Great Wide World. My friend has opened a divine kingdom and can take away more than 100 people. I only have more than 20 people with me now so more than 70 people can still be taken away. If any of you want to go up with me, you can sign up now. Each force can send up to 10 people.”

It would be a pity to waste the spots.

There were less than 30 people around Ou Yangming including those from the lower realm. There were still many empty spots.

“Count me in. The Mystic Sky Sect needs 10 spots.” The Mystic Sky Sect’s sect leader was the first to speak.

“Okay.” Ou Yangming nodded. He had a good relationship with the Mystic Sky Sect. The Truth of Alchemy was obtained from the Mystic Sky Sect, so there was no harm in giving them 10 spots.

Mystic Sky’s face lit up, and he hurriedly thanked Ou Yangming.

10 spots. This was enough to take away the core strength of the Mystic Sky Sect. The Mystic Sky Sect still had millions of disciples, but there was nothing they could do. No one could stop the great calamity of Heaven and Earth. Just a glimmer of hope was already the mercy of the heavens.

Everyone secretly cursed at Mystic Sky for being so shrewd and quick-witted.

They also fought over the spots one by one.

“We want 10!”

“The Northern Blade sect wants 10 spots!”

“I want 3,” Ruler Shanhai pleaded. He only had a disciple and a son, and he did not have any influence. He only needed 3 spots.


70 spots were quickly allocated.

Even though the results were not satisfactory, it was enough. At least, Ou Yangming nodded in agreement to those who proposed first. Other than the 10 spots from the Mystic Sky Sect, the Phoenixes asked for another 10 spots. In addition to the Divine Saber School, the Northern Blade Sect, and Ruler Shanhai, the 70 spots were already filled to the brim.

“Those who have spots, come to the Shanhai Continent in 10 days. We’ll head to the primal chaos together.”

Considering that some of them were not strong enough and were too far away, Ou Yangming gave them more time.

After saying that, he disappeared once more.

The next second, Ou Yangming arrived in the sky above the Shanhai Continent. With his strength, he could appear in almost every corner of the Great Wide World in an instant.

“Master.” Wutong was the first to notice Ou Yangming’s return.

Big Yellow, Lil’ Red, and the old man quickly noticed him as well.

Ou Yangming patted Wutong’s body and said, “Everyone, get ready. In 10 days, we’ll head to the chaotic world.”

He did not go to other places these few days. He just stayed on the Shanhai Continent.

10 days were almost 3 years in the Enlightenment Pavilion. Ou Yangming did not plan to waste this time.

From Xing Tian, Ou Yangming knew a lot about the chaotic world. Despite that, Xing Tian’s explanation was definitely lacking. Furthermore, it was impossible for Xing Tian to say everything in a short period. There would be some things that were overlooked. Since he was going to that place, Ou Yangming would need to have a detailed understanding of it first.

The best information channel at the moment was Dao Xuanji’s soul fragments.

Observing the soul fragments would be as though Ou Yangming had personally experienced everything. The information that he learned would be truer and more detailed. Dao Xuanji had lived in the chaos for countless years. His experience would be of great help to Ou Yangming.

Ou Yangming absorbed Dao Xuanji’s memories bit by bit.

1 day, 2 days.

Time passed day by day.

In the blink of an eye, more than 500 days had passed. Half of the time of the days left to leave the Great Wide World had passed.

Only then did Ou Yangming slowly open his eyes.

In more than 500 days, Ou Yangming had digested Dao Xuanji’s soul memories. These memories were vast, almost covering all aspects of the primal chaos. Not only that but there was also the situation regarding the Heavenly Path Alliance. Even so, Ou Yangming no longer had much interest in them.

From Dao Xuanji’s memories, Ou Yangming understood that those who entered the primal chaos world through the Immortal Path to Heaven would live in a place on the Mystic Yellow Continent. That was a strange place with an infinitely vast area, and it blocked the chaotic aura from the outside world, allowing weaker people to survive in it.

After all, the chaotic aura was a tonic for those who were a half step to the Heavenly Rank but for those who were weaker, it was more frightening than any poison.

Once Ou Yangming understood everything, he did not continue to watch. He was not in a hurry to leave either. Instead, he entered the poisonous pill’s world.

After breaking through to the Heavenly Rank, Ou Yangming had noticed the changes in the poisonous pill’s world. He had destroyed Dao Xuanji, and he had also gone to the heart of the world. Now, he could take a look inside.

There was no one in the poisonous pill’s world. With the Shanhai Continent as his back garden, he had placed everyone in a safer place.

The cracks from the battle with the Nine-sworded Ruler in the sky had disappeared.

As for the ground, it was covered in greenery. As he had not taken care of this place for a long time, the trees were a little dim, and the sky was grey.

“Rain!” Ou Yangming willed and instantly, it began to rain cats and dogs.

The rain came and went quickly. A rainbow appeared on the horizon, and the world was brand new.

A head poked out from the river. The person had croissant braids and eyes like a spring of clear water, bright and pure.

It was Lil’ Shuang, the spiritual vein of the poisonous pill’s world. She had followed Ou Yangming from the lower realm all the way here.

“Lil’ Shuang,” Ou Yangming called out.

Lil’ Shuang came out from under the water. Her light blue dress was not wet at all, and her eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Have you been very lonely these days?”

Seeing Lil’ Shuang’s appearance, Ou Yangming could not bear it. In order to be safe, he made everyone leave the poisonous pill’s world. Only Lil’ Shuang was here. She was just an innocent child.

Lil’ Shuang nodded. She did not say anything, but she looked a little lonely.

“Watch this.” Ou Yangming’s fingers moved.

Instantly, flowers bloomed on the ground. The flowers bloomed, and the fragrance assailed his nostrils. This was not an illusion as they were real flowers. After mastering the profound meaning of creation, this was not a difficult thing for Ou Yangming.

Lil’ Shuang’s smile bloomed like a flower.


Ou Yangming suddenly raised his hand. Lil’ Shuang also raised her head and saw a large group of butterflies flying down from the sky.

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