Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1334 - The Black Armored Army

Chapter 1334: The Black Armored Army

Above the towering city gate hung a familiar figure.

“It’s Great Ancestor Digong of the Divine Tool School. What happened to him? Why is he hung on the city wall?”

Seeing the person on the city wall, everyone’s faces turned pale. They had a bad feeling.

“Great Ancestor Digong came here with that lucky guy who obtained a divine spark a month ago.”

“Yeah, Great Ancestor Digong is very powerful, but how did a third-step powerhouse like him end up like this? What happened to the others?”

Everyone looked pale.

Could it be that there was some danger in the chaos?

They were different from Ou Yangming. They did not know anything about this place, and they did not know that this place was also very cruel.

At this moment, they were at a loss. The city gate was right in front of them, but they did not know if they should enter.

“Sir Ouyang.”The sect leader of the Mystic Sky Sect looked at Ou Yangming.

Ruler Shanhai, the Northern Blade Ruler, Mo Buxiu, and the rest of the powerhouses all looked at Ou Yangming. They were waiting for him to make a decision.

Among them, there was probably no one who understood this place better than Ou Yangming.

Ou Yangming raised his head, and a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes.

From Dao Xuanji’s memories, he knew that the people of the Mystic Yellow World were not friendly to newcomers, but he also did not expect them to be so savage. An almighty powerhouse with a prominent reputation in the lower realm had been beaten until he was on the verge of death and hung upside down on the city gate. Such grievance was something that Digong had probably never experienced in his entire life.

There were many people on the Mystic Yellow Continent. Many Heavenly Rank powerhouses who roamed the primal chaos would also leave behind their descendants in this place. These people were the nobles of the Mystic Yellow World. They controlled many cities on the continent.

The people who came up from below did not have any background or friends. Their treatment was the worst at the beginning.

Moreover, the location they came up to was random. Daxia City should only be a small city. At least in Dao Xuanji’s memory, he did not have any impression of this place.

Ou Yangming moved his finger, and the steel chains on the city gate were cut off. The person above fell down, and Ruler Shanhai, who had a good relationship with Great Ancestor Digong, rushed forward to catch him.

“Brother, what happened to you?” Ruler Shanhai asked anxiously.

The others also gathered around, wanting to know what had happened.

“Shanhai, Mystic Sky… You’re here too…” No expression could be seen in Digong’s eyes, and he looked a bit sorrowful. “You shouldn’t have come to the city.”

“Why?” Mystic Sky asked.

“There’s no time to explain. Hurry up and leave. Don’t worry about me. It’ll be too late if they discover us.” As Digong spoke, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

At that moment, the sound of metal armors shaking rang out. Clanging sounds like iron hammers were heard, smashing heavily into the bottom of everyone’s hearts.

A large group of soldiers wearing black armor surged out from the city gates.

It was unknown what materials their armors were made of, but they looked extremely sturdy. They were also all in the second step of the laws. There were 2 people in front of them. Those 2 were a half step to the Heavenly Rank.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s hearts sank.

Those who came were not kind, and those who were kind would not come. From the attitude of these people, it was obvious that something bad was going to happen.

“How dare you!” The hoarse voice was ear-piercing.

In front of the Black Armored Army, the eyes of the person who looked like a general flashed with a fierce light.

“You should also be from the Fifth World, right? Barbarians from the lower realm actually dare to act so impudently in our Daxia City. This is simply outrageous!”

“General, why are you wasting your time on them? Ask them to hand over all their valuables and then send them to Flames Mountain to mine.”

Next to the general was a middle-aged man in a scholarly robe. His eyes were malicious, and he looked at Ou Yangming’s group with disdain.

“Lord Mo, you’re right.” The general took a step forward, and a terrifying aura gushed out of his body.

“Did you hear that? Hand over your storage equipment and follow us. If you’re honest, you’ll be spared; if you dare to resist…” The general looked at Digong, who was lying on the ground, then he sneered and said, “His end will be yours.”

Everyone was shocked and furious. In the Great Wide World, which one of them was not high and mighty? When had they ever been humiliated like this?

It was one thing to hand over their items, but they were asked to work as coolies to mine?

“Where are the people from before?” Under the gazes of the Mystic Sky Sect’s sect leader and the others, Ou Yangming took a step forward. His gaze was directed in the direction of the Black Armored Army, and there was a faint hint of killing intent in it.

“Those people?” The general looked at Ou Yangming and did not mind.

In his opinion, among this group of people, only the person who had obtained a divine spark was slightly more powerful. As for the others, they were not worth mentioning at all. Their subordinates were all wearing special armors. If they joined forces, their might would be boundless. Even a third-step lower realm powerhouse could be easily killed.

In addition, the general and Lord Mo could easily kill these people.

“The honest ones among those people have handed over their storage tools and are currently mining on Flames Mountain. Of course, some of them have rather tough tempers. Those people were all chopped up by me and fed to my pets.” The general’s eyes were filled with ferocity.

“He’s not lying. None of the hundred or so people who came up with us escaped. They killed more than 60 people, and the remaining 40 or so people were captured and sent to the mine to be slaves. My foundation was injured, and I had no strength at all, so I was hung here by them.” Digong was quiet for a moment before he spoke in horror.

“Also, the armors on their bodies are very powerful. They’re all Acquired Taoist Tools of Middle Grade and above. These people are proficient in battle formations and have endless powers. Together, they’re incredibly powerful.”

‘These people are actually so powerful?’

Everyone’s hearts trembled. If it was not for Ou Yangming, they would have planned to escape in all directions.

Ou Yangming’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

60 people were killed, and the remaining 40 were captured and brought to the mine. It was the first time for the powerhouses of their Great Wide World to come to the chaotic world, and they actually suffered such a miserable treatment.

Every city had different rules, and they treated those who came from the lower realm differently. This Daxia City was clearly very hostile toward those who came from the lower realm.

From the looks of it, it could only be said that the luck of the powerhouses from the Great Wide World was too bad. They had barely escaped the calamity, but they had never expected that another disaster would follow closely behind.

“How is it? Are you ready?” The general sneered.

The eyes of the armored soldiers also revealed a fierce light.

“You’re courting death!” Ou Yangming walked forward.

“General Li, what are you waiting for? These people are audacious. Let’s teach them a lesson first.” The scholarly man looked at Ou Yangming who was walking toward them, his gaze was very cold.

“Kill him!” The general shouted.

A few armored warriors rushed out from behind him, and a few sharp spears stabbed in Ou Yangming’s direction.

These spears were all Middle Grade Acquired Taoist Tools. In the Great Wide World, every single one of them was incomparably precious. Even a third-step almighty powerhouse might not be able to obtain them. However, in Daxia City, they had become the standard weapons of these warriors.


The spears attacked, and the general had a smile on his face. The other soldiers who did not attack also narrowed their eyes. To them, Ou Yangming was just bluffing. Death was imminent, and he would reveal his true form soon.

Having said that, it was a pity that they could not see any panic in Ou Yangming’s eyes. He continued to move forward, and his eyelids did not even flicker.

1 step.

2 steps.

The spear-lights were already in front of Ou Yangming, but he did not dodge them. He did not even batter his eyelids. All 6 spears stabbed into his body.

It was worth noting that the iron-armored warriors had used all their strengths. Coupled with the powers of their Middle Grade Taoist Tools, even if a third-step powerhouse was hit, it would be difficult for him to escape death.

Ou Yangming continued to move forward. The attacks of these people had no effect on his movements.

Everyone was stunned…

They looked forward in disbelief.

The long spears had pierced into the young man’s body, but they could not cause any harm to him. They could not even pierce through the slightest bit of skin on his body.

‘How’s this possible?’ The general’s eyes widened.

“Is that guy a monster? How can his body be so strong?’

The elegant man’s expression changed slightly. The sudden change made him feel uneasy.

Ou Yangming took another step forward. The long spears bent as if they were about to break.

Suddenly, a fierce air current gushed out!

“Bang, bang, bang.”

The soldiers holding the long spears exploded in the air one by one, turning into a rain of blood. Their weapons were also abruptly broken under the attack of Ou Yangming’s profound meaning of extermination.

Numerous people took a deep breath. This guy’s strength was too strong.

“How dare you!” The general’s eyes focused, and his face gradually became serious.

He did not expect that among these people who came from the lower realm, there was such a formidable powerhouse hidden.

As such, he leaped up and suddenly pulled out his High Grade Taoist Tool, which was a treasure sword at his waist. The sword-light bloomed, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

“The general has made his move!”

“If the general makes his move, he’ll definitely be able to kill that guy. A few days ago, that powerhouse a half step to the Heavenly Rank was beheaded by the general.”

Seeing as the general made his move, the soldiers secretly communicated with each other. Even so, the result was completely different from what they had imagined.

That young fellow’s action was too fast. Before they could see clearly, he had taken out a long spear from somewhere and even stabbed it into their general’s heart.

“Puff.” Blood gushed out! The armor on the general’s body, which was close to the level of a High Grade Taoist Tool, was even more fragile than tofu.

“Hiss…” Ou Yangming pulled back the long spear. The general’s body fell from the air, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Cough, cough…”

After coughing twice, he said with a trembling voice, “Heavenly Rank…”

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