Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 1335 - Came Knocking on the Door

Chapter 1335: Came Knocking on the Door

No one had expected that among this group of people, there was actually a Heavenly Rank powerhouse.

If they had known that there was such a powerful person, even if they were extremely bold, they would not have dared to provoke him.

General Li did not hold on for long before he lost his life. The profound meaning of extermination on the Reincarnation Spear had completely destroyed his body.

“Who told you to do this?” Ou Yangming looked at the scholarly middle-aged man. His eyes flashed with a cold light and a killing intent that caused everyone’s bodies to turn cold.

“S… sir…” The scholarly man’s eyes also flashed with fear.

In terms of strength, the general who had just died was much more formidable than him.

He understood that if a Heavenly Rank powerhouse attacked him, he would not have any ability to resist.

Heavenly Rank powerhouses were invincible in the entire Mystic Yellow Continent. Their governor was only at the peak of being a half step to the Heavenly Rank.

“Tell me.” Ou Yangming took another step forward.

If no one allowed it, Ou Yangming would not believe that they would take the initiative to attack the people from the lower realm.

He had some understanding from Dao Xuanji. There were countless cities in the Mystic Yellow Continent. There were many places that did not welcome the people from the lower realm, but it was definitely not so bad that they would kill them all.

After all, there were some Heavenly Rank powerhouses in the chaos who came from the lower realm. Who knew if there was any connection between them?

They would at most let the people from the lower realm enter the city, throw them into a random place and ignore them, or even directly shut them out, openly slaughtering and enslaving them. Even Dao Xuanji had never heard of such a situation.

“This…” The scholarly man stuttered.

Ou Yangming moved slightly and appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye. He had lost his patience.

These people dared to attack him, hence they deserved to die. He stretched out his hand and tapped the scholarly man’s head. A wave of the profound meaning of extermination entered his head, turning him into an idiot.

At the same time, Ou Yangming silently chanted in his heart, ‘Soul-sucking.’

With that, the scholarly man’s soul exploded. Countless pieces of information flooded into Ou Yangming’s mind. Soon, he found the reason.

The governor of Daxia City was originally a Heavenly Rank powerhouse in the primal chaos world. 1,000 years ago, he was seriously injured by a Heavenly Rank powerhouse from the lower realm. At that time, he almost died. Later, he was lucky enough to survive, but his strength also plummeted. In the end, he could only hide in Daxia City.

It was also because of this that Daxia City’s governor hated those people from the lower realm. When he discovered that the Fifth World’s passageway had appeared near Daxia City, he immediately gave an order. He absolutely could not let those fellows have a good time.

The scholarly man was the trusted aide of Daxia City’s governor. If it was anyone else, they might not have known about this news.

Ou Yangming’s expression gradually turned cold. He raised his hand, and the scholarly man fell to the ground as well. After losing his soul, even the supreme powerhouses at the Ninth Heaven could not revive him.

“Clang, clang…”

The armored soldiers’ eyes were filled with fear, and they could not help but take 2 steps back.

Now that the general and Lord Mo were both dead, they did not have the right to stop Ou Yangming.

“You should die too!” Ou Yangming did not intend to let these people go.

The last massacre of the Fifth World’s powerhouses was done by these people. They were all the governor’s elite soldiers and were under the governor’s control. As executioners, they should also have the awareness of death.

Ou Yangming raised his hand slightly.

“Run!” The Black Armored Army was terrified.

They screamed in fear and ran away in panic.

Nevertheless, it was all in vain.

They had just taken a step when they found that they could not move their bodies at all as if there were a few mountains pressing on them.

“Explode!” Ou Yangming shouted coldly.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

The bodies of the soldiers exploded. In the blink of an eye, these powerful iron-armored soldiers fell to the ground without having a complete body.

Outside the city gate of Daxia City, it was like hell on earth.

Behind the city wall, there were some people who were watching from afar. They were in disbelief.

General Li of the imperial guards of Daxia City, Lord Mo by the governor’s side, and the hundreds of imperial guards were all dead.

“Tell the governor!” The onlookers scattered.

The people who came up with Ou Yangming were still fine. They all knew that he had broken through to the Heavenly Rank and was incredibly powerful. It would not be a problem to get rid of these people.

Only Great Ancestor Digong looked at Ou Yangming with a look of disbelief. In his impression, Ruler Ming was only a half step to the Heavenly Rank.

“Brother Digong, Sir Ouyang is now a Heavenly Rank powerhouse,” Ruler Shanhai whispered in his ear.

Digong’s body trembled. Suddenly, he struggled to get up and knelt on the ground. “Sir, please save my juniors!”

Heavenly Rank powerhouses were invincible.

The last person who obtained the divine spark was one of Digong’s juniors, so most of the people who came up were from the Divine Tool School.

Ou Yangming frowned slightly and said, “Don’t worry. As long as it’s someone from the Great Wide World, I Won’t leave them to die.”

He had no choice but to help those who had been massacred. Despite that, there were still some people who were imprisoned and enslaved on Flaming Mountain. These people were all from the Great Wide World. Since he had met them, he would not stand idly by.

“Thank you, sir, thank you.” Digong hurriedly kowtowed.

Ou Yangming took out a Five Revolutions Golden Pill and threw it over. “Eat it, and your body will feel better. Then, let’s go into the city together.”

Great Ancestor Digong did not hesitate. After eating the pill, his expression immediately relaxed. He slowly stood up and with the help of Ruler Shanhai, he walked into the city gate.

Daxia City was a terrifying place to him, but he followed behind Ou Yangming and swaggered in at the moment.

In a luxurious palace in the middle of Daxia City, there was dancing and singing. Dozens of women in thin long dresses were twisting their bodies in the hall. Their dancing was charming and soul-stirring.

A one-eyed man in a black robe sat on the main seat. He was dressed in a black robe, and he raised his cup and said to the crowd, “It’s Daxia City’s honor to have you here today. Everyone, follow me and make a toast to sir.”

The dozens of people sitting around hurriedly stood up. Each of them raised their cup and downed their drinks in one gulp.

Beside the one-eyed man, there was an old man dressed in a golden robe. He did not stand up. Instead, he raised the cup on the table and took a small sip.

“Lil’ Huang, how are the preparations going?” The old man put down his cup and asked indifferently.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ve ordered people to speed up the mining. In 3 days at most, I can help you prepare the ores that you need!” Huang Kun’s eyes were filled with flattery.

Having said that, his heart was filled with hatred.

If not for the disaster 1,000 years ago, he would also be in the Heavenly Rank. Why would he need to be so polite? However, he had no choice. Now that his strength was not there, and he had to conceal his identity, he could only compromise like an ordinary powerhouse a half step to the Heavenly Rank.

“Not bad.” The old man nodded. He squinted his eyes and looked down.

Huang Kun understood and hurriedly said, “Sir, I’ll get someone to send her to your courtyard in a while.”

The old man turned his head and looked at Huang Kun. The more he looked at Huang Kun, the more comfortable he felt.

At this moment, a guard suddenly rushed over in a hurry.

“Governor!” There was a hint of fear in his voice.

Huang Kun was about to exchange a few pleasantries with the old man, but he did not expect to be interrupted. He was furious and looked down. “What’s the matter?”

“Sir!” The guard let out a breath and said, “Someone is killing his way in from outside the city gate.”

“Someone is killing his way in?”

“What a joke!”

The powerhouses from the Governor’s Residence stood up one by one.

“Who’s coming in? Let General Li finish them off. Is there a need to report such a small matter?” Huang Kun’s voice was cold.

The guard felt his body turn cold, and he hurriedly said, “Sir, General Li has already fallen. He was killed by someone from outside the city. Not only General Li but also Lord Mo. Sir, your imperial guards were also killed by the person from outside…”

“What!” Huang Kun hurriedly stood up.

His body moved, and he instantly appeared in front of the guard.

He grabbed the guard’s neck and coldly questioned, “Are you sure you’re not joking with me?”

General Li and Mo Qian were his trusted aides. They were both a half step to the Heavenly Rank. Although they were much weaker than him, they were still at that level. How could they possibly be killed?

There were also his imperial guards. Those people were all meticulously trained by him. He had poured his blood and sweat into every single one of them. Furthermore, he had paid a huge price to prepare a set of powerful equipment for everyone. How could they be destroyed so easily?

Unless the other party was a Heavenly Rank powerhouse!

That said, Heavenly Rank powerhouses were very rare. How could they possibly find Daxia City and even clash with his subordinates?

In just a short moment, countless thoughts flashed through Huang Kun’s mind.

The guard’s neck was grabbed, but he said with a panicked expression, “Governor, everything I said is true! It happened outside the city. Many people saw it. Those people have different strengths. They seem to have come from the lower realm that’s about to be destroyed. They’re seeking revenge on us!”

“Crack…” Huang Kun snapped the guard’s neck.

“Nonsense, how can there be a Heavenly Rank powerhouse from the lower realm?” He believed that someone had killed their way in, but he did not believe that those people had come from the lower realm.

“Rumble…” Suddenly, there was a loud sound, and a lot of rubble fell from the top of their heads. The dancers hurriedly dodged and retreated to the side. Everyone looked up and saw a huge hole in the roof of the palace. A young man slowly floated down from it.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this person. The people from the Governor’s Residence took out their weapons one by one.

Even the old man who was complimented by Huang Kun had a look of surprise in his eyes.

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