Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Exchange

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 A row of armed soldiers came over to pull both parties aside.

 After all, they were in a military camp, so the Armament Camp was guarded by soldiers who quickly interfered when the incident happened.

 Sui Hezhi took a few steps back, then crossed his arms in front of him disdainfully.

 Those who were picked by Chen Yifan to join the Guards were wild and unruly soldiers. Since Sui Hezhi was one of them, he was not afraid at all, even when surrounded by soldiers.

 An elder walked out of the camp and frowned. “What’s going on?”

 Upon seeing the elder, Ou Yangming was relieved.

 The elder was Zhong Yunda, an experienced Military Fire Blacksmith in the Armament Camp. Though he was not on par with Old Craftsman, he was quite a remarkable figure.

 Besides, he was close to Old Craftsman, so he would not make things difficult for Ou Yangming.

 After a soldier approached him to whisper to his ear, he cast an unfriendly look at Sui Hezhi, then looked at Han Changling, who was on the ground. He felt that the man whose face was like steamed bread was familiar, but could not recognize him.

 “Hmph, who are you? Why are you fighting in the Armament Camp?”

 Sui Hezhi cupped his hands at him, and answered, “I’m Sui Hezhi, a guard soldier under General Chen Yifan.”

 The soldiers who surrounded him were stunned and slowly lowered their weapons.

 ‘The Armament Camp’s an important section of the military, but compared to General Chen Yifan… Hmm, it’s best that we take things easy instead of courting our own death.

 Zhong Yunda’s face turned dark. “General Chen’s Guards are wild indeed. Hehe, I’ll go look for General Chen to discuss this incident!”

 Sui Hezhi’s face changed slightly, and he turned to look at Ou Yangming. Should Chen Yifan find out that he caused trouble and fought for no reason, he would not end well.

 “Grandfather Zhong, listen to me,” Ou Yangming quickly spoke, pointing at the muddle-headed Han Changling with tears on his face, “After Big Brother Sui escorted me back here, I met Han Changling. He wanted me to be his helper, but the old man already gave me a task, so I said that I’d finish the task before I helped him. He refused to listen and started attacking me. You should know that my weak body can’t take many blows, but he kept hitting me, look…”

 Zhong Yunda later noticed that Ou Yangming’s clothes were muddy, and few parts were torn. On top of that, dried blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth.

 “Jeez, how can this brute be so ruthless!” He was startled and enraged when he took a closer look at Ou Yangming. He turned to look at Han Changling with disgust. “Drag him away, I’ll explain to Sir Kang!”

 The soldiers responded to him at the same time, then took Han Changling away.

 “It doesn’t matter if those rude fellas don’t learn diligently, but the fact that they put on an act in front of you really embarrasses Military Fire Blacksmiths.” Zhong Yunda sighed, then tapped Ou Yangming’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll stand up for you.”

 Ou Yangming nodded. “Thank you, Grandfather Zhong.”

 Zhong Yunda left after he comforted him.

 Ou Yangming was relieved, then he bowed at Sui Hezhi. “Thank you for saving me, Big Brother Sui.”

 Sui Hezhi waved his hand and helped Ou Yangming up. “Sheesh, Brother Ouyang, what are you doing? Get up, quickly.”

 Afterward, he rubbed his hands together and was about to say something but he stopped on second thought.

 1Ou Yangming guessed what he wanted to say, so he chuckled. “Big Brother Sui, what’s the matter with you?”

 Sui Hezhi hesitated. “Brother Ouyang…”

 Ou Yangming quickly corrected him. “Big Brother Sui, you said it wrong!”


 “My surname is Ou, not Ouyang!”

 Sui Hezhi was stunned for a moment. He thought. ‘Since your surname is Ou, why did you give yourself a confusing name?’ However, he said, “So your surname is Ou, Ou Yangming is such a nice name!”

 3Ou Yangming chuckled. “Big Brother Sui, you’re flattering me. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

 Sui Hezhi quickly replied, “Ah, Brother Ou, I’d like to ask about the… The military saber that you created earlier. I wonder what you’re going to do with it?”

 His eyes were sparkling when he spoke, and sweat could be seen on his forehead.

 Ou Yangming was not surprised because he had guessed what Sui Hezhi wanted to say. “Big Brother Sui, I did smith this military saber, but it’s military property, so it should be put in storage.”

 The muscles on Sui Hezhi’s face twitched. “Brother Ou, that’s a small matter, why should you go through the trouble of doing it? How about I do it for you?”

 Ou Yangming laughed. “Big Brother, I think you want to keep it for yourself!”

 Sui Hezhi’s face reddened as he was embarrassed. “Brother Ou, honestly, for rough fellas like us, a good weapon is like life. When I saw the military saber you forged, I don’t feel like using normal ones anymore.”

 In actual fact, the saber he used to battle with Ou Yangming earlier had been carefully selected, but he could only pick from Common Grade weapons, which were far from one that was at the peak of Good Grade. As such, his saber was cut into two.

 Ou Yangming grinned, then gave him the military saber. “Since you put it like that, I’ll have you take it to the armory for me.”

 Sui Hezhi’s eyes glowed right away and he accepted the saber without wanting to let go of it.

 Ou Yangming knew that Sui Hezhi would not take the saber to the armory, but he also knew that Sui Hezhi would not make things hard for him. Another saber would surely be brought to the armory. It would be none of his business.

 Sui Hezhi was elated when he looked at the military saber, but he suddenly frowned. “Hey, Brother Ou. I owe you a huge favor this time, and I really don’t know how I can repay your kindness.”

 Ou Yangming replied, “Big Brother, you just saved my life…”

 Sui Hezhi waved his hand to cut him off. “Brother, I only helped you to deal with a scoundrel, I didn’t save your life. Please don’t put me to shame.”

 Ou Yangming was touched, and he suddenly recalled something. “Big Brother Sui, I heard that the members of the Guards often hunt in the dense forest?”

 “Yes, it’s a rule set by the general. Hehe, the guard soldiers of the five camps in the military will head to the forest every ten days or so, and the general that leads the Guards with the most kills gains more reputation.” Sui Hezhi was filled with pride as he spoke. He then tapped the saber in his hands. “With this good item to assist me, I’m very confident!”

 Ou Yangming nodded. “I hope that you’ll be victorious!”

 Sui Hezhi laughed happily. The battle for honor was extremely important to soldiers like them because anyone who caught the general’s eye would certainly be promoted in the future.

 Ou Yangming blinked his eyes as he asked, “Big Brother Sui, what do you usually do with your kills?”

 Sui Hezhi answered without any hesitation, “That depends on their grade, but most wild beasts are sent to the kitchen and cooked for everyone to enjoy.”

 “Ah,” Ou Yangming responded, seemingly disappointed.

 Sui Hezhi was stunned. “Brother Ou, do you have any opinion on this?”

 Ou Yangming shrugged. “Nothing. I actually enjoy wild animal meat very much, but there isn’t enough to eat…”

 Sui Hezhi burst out laughing as he finally understood what the young fellow meant. Instead of feeling unhappy, he was extremely excited.

 That was because from that day onward, everyone would be able to tell that Ou Yangming had a bright future.

 His talent in smithing truly made one’s blood boil. If he could smith a Good Grade military saber now, what could he smith in the future?

 Sui Hezhi was very aware of where he stood and he knew that he could still converse with Ou Yangming at the moment, but once Ou Yangming became famous, there would surely be a big difference between their status.

 Nevertheless, if there was a chance for him to continue being acquainted with Ou Yangming, it would be a perfect gift.

 Once he decided, he slapped his chest. “Brother Ou, that’s a small matter, so leave it to me. Hehe, I’ll bring a wild beast to you every ten days. I guarantee that you’ll be blessed with delicious food!”

 1Ou Yangming was overjoyed, but he was rather hesitant. “It won’t be good if people see it…”

 Sui Hezhi replied proudly, “There’s a rule in the Guards that allows us to keep one of the kills for ourselves. Hehe, don’t worry, it’s just a beast, so it’s not a big deal.”

 1He actually had to pay a certain price if he wanted to obtain the entire beast, but if it meant that he could be close friends with Ou Yangming, it was definitely worth it.

 After sending Sui Hezhi away, Ou Yangming was all smiles.

 Now that he finally understood the source of his Qi and blood, he had to ensure they were constantly replenished. Although it would be a strange method, he was left with no choice.

 Of course, it would be fine for him to steal from the pigpen occasionally because nobody would say a thing if only a few pigs were missing.

 However, someone would notice if he were to use the domestic pigs to replenish his Qi and blood for years.

 Three missing pigs could be easily dismissed by a simple excuse, but if there were thirty or even three hundred missing pigs…

 4Therefore, Ou Yangming decided to approach Sui Hezhi after he knew that the Guards often went hunting. He made a great deal by exchanging a military saber that could be smithed at any time for an endless supply of Qi and blood!

 7Nonetheless, he did not know that Sui Hezhi was thinking similarly.

 Sui Hezhi also felt that he made a great deal by exchanging some wild beasts for a long-term friendship with Ou Yangming!

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