Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: A Master’s Treatment

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While being in a daze, Ou Yangming was brought by Kang Weibo to the equipment depot.

 Upon seeing Supervisor Kang, everyone at the depot greeted him quickly, but they looked at Ou Yangming strangely, including Xiong Gaoan.

 They could not understand why Sir Kang was pulling Ou Yangming by his hand, and they seemed to be conversing happily. In fact, Sir Kang treated him respectfully and was very friendly.

 Actually, the expression on Sir Kang’s face was not rare at all, because that was how he usually welcomed top-notch Military Fire Blacksmiths in the camp.

 However, Ou Yangming was not a big master like Old Craftsman as he was only a little helper. Though the little helper was personally appointed by Old Craftsman, who was the chief of Military Fire Blacksmiths, they did not think that Sir Kang had to humble himself to get acquainted with him.

 Kang Weibo glanced at the others, then winked at Xiong Gaoan.

 1While Xiong Gaoan was indeed Kang Weibo’s confidant, he could not figure out what the wink meant.

 1Subsequently, Kang Weibo’s angry voice was heard. “Officer Xiong, why did you obstruct Little Brother Ouyang earlier when he came to retrieve some materials?”

 Xiong Gaoan was startled, and he finally realized what the wink meant, but he could not understand why Sir Kang was doing this.

 Whether he understood it or not, he had to cooperate since Sir Kang made his choice, or his position as the accounts officer would fly away.

 After bowing at Ou Yangming, Xiong Gaoan replied, “Brother Ouyang, please don’t blame me. I’m only a small accounts officer, and I dare not disobey the order given by the Provision Camp’s superior!”

 Kang Weibo scoffed. “Orders from the Provision Camp must be obeyed, but the way they’re executed differs from person to person. What are you doing? You’ve been living for nothing!”

 “Yes, yes.” Xiong Gaoan dared not defend himself. “Sir, don’t worry, I’ll definitely allow Old Craftsman to withdraw materials in the future.”

 Kang Weibo widened his eyes. “Nonsense!”

 “Huh?” Xiong Gaoan was dumbfounded because he did not know what he did wrong.

 Kang Weibo pointed at Ou Yangming. “From now on, if anyone brings Little Brother Ouyang’s personal letter here, the materials he requests will be approved! Hmph, those that are available should be given to him immediately, and those that aren’t available must be requested from the Supply Division! I don’t care how you do it, but you must do it well.”

 Xiong Gaoan and the others looked at each other as they wondered if they heard him wrongly.

 If Kang Weibo was pointing at Old Craftsman, nobody would object to it, but he was pointing at Ou Yangming… They wondered, ‘He’s just a little helper, so why does he get to enjoy this treatment?

 ‘Won’t the other old blacksmiths be displeased if they know about this?’

 “Why? You can’t hear me?” Kang Weibo questioned coldly.

 He was extremely polite to Old Craftsman and Ou Yangming, but showed his threatening aura to his followers, which caused Xiong Gaoan and the others to shiver.

 “Yes, we’ll obey you,” Xiong Gaoan responded, then said to Ou Yangming, “Brother Ouyang, I’ll assign a help… Oh, an errand boy for you. If you need anything in the future, just give an order!”

 Xiong Gaoan initially wanted to say that he would assign a helper for Ou Yangming, but Ou Yangming was a helper himself, so how could he assign a helper for him? Luckily, he was smart enough to change the term quickly.

 Nonetheless, Kang Weibo laughed. “What do you mean by an errand boy? Gaoan, Little Brother Ouyang is already an official Military Fire Blacksmith, so you should arrange a personal smithing workshop and a new accommodation for him. Mm, you should do it according to Old Craftsman’s standard!”

 “What?” This time, Xiong Gaoan exclaimed, and he looked at Ou Yangming for some time before he smiled bitterly. “Brother, you’re already a blacksmith! Oh, you hid it very well!”

 He finally understood why Kang Weibo was being so friendly.

 Ou Yangming became an official Military Fire Blacksmith at such a young age, so he would definitely have a bright future. When should Xiong Gaoan and Kang Weibo become friends with him if not now?

 In spite of that, Xiong Gaoan felt that the investment made by Sir Kang was too big because Sir Kang asked that he refer to the treatment given to Old Craftsman, which confused him.

 On the other hand, Ou Yangming had been feeling like an outsider the moment he arrived.

 His face changed only when Kang Weibo gave his order. “Sir Kang, you mustn’t do that!”

 “Why mustn’t I do that? Don’t worry, I’ll bear all the responsibilities.” He laughed, then tossed a military saber to Xiong Gaoan. “This was made by Little Brother Ouyang, so store it in the depot, and keep it well before handing it to the Supply Division at the end of the month.” Following that, he pulled Ou Yangming outside. “My boy, let’s take a look at the smithing workshops and the courtyards, you must pick the one you like.”

 Xiong Gaoan and the others felt like they were dreaming when they saw them leaving happily.

 Sir Kang actually brought Ou Yangming over, scolded his followers, and told them that Ou Yangming was a blacksmith. Additionally, he asked that they give him the same treatment given to Old Craftsman.

 The change was so big that they found it hard to accept it.

 Xiong Gaoan sighed. “Everyone, this is Sir Kang’s order, so listen well. From now on, if Ou Yangming comes, you must welcome him properly.”

 The others responded to him. Even though they could not understand it, they would execute it since it was Sir Kang’s order, and they would try their best to understand it.

 “Go, record this.” Xiong Gaoan handed the military saber in his hands to a person beside him.

 The person was about to leave when Xiong Gaoan suddenly called out to him, “Wait!”

 Everyone else turned to look at him. He had taken the military saber back to check it out.

 A brief moment later, someone asked him carefully, “Officer Xiong, is there something mysterious about the saber?”

 1Xiong Gaoan did not bother, and he channeled a hint of his essential Qi into the saber. At once, a light flashed, and it was as if lightning struck although there was only a glimpse of it. It lit the pitch-black earth, and it was unforgettable.

 “This, this is an Attribute Military Saber!”

 “Who, who was it that Sir Kang said… Made the saber?”

 The others fell silent as they looked in the same direction. They knew at once that the Armament Camp had a new master who could not be offended from now on, but the master was too young to be one.


 8After an hour, Ou Yangming was touched when he looked at the courtyard that he was assigned to.

 The courtyard was simply luxurious as compared to the single room that he used to stay in. Not only did it have a master bedroom, but it also had a side bedroom, a living room, a guest room, a kitchen, a dining room, a garden, etc. Besides, the rooms were already decorated with fine materials.

 Nevertheless, it was somewhat scary that he was the only one living in the huge courtyard.

 Once Kang Weibo left, Ou Yangming did not stay in his new courtyard for long as he went to find Old Craftsman.

 The old man was still in deep thoughts in the smithing workshop, so much so that he only smiled at Ou Yangming when he arrived, then continued thinking.

 Ou Yangming scratched his ears and cheeks for half an hour before Old Craftsman finally sighed. “Can’t you just behave well. You’re already a master who has a personal smithing workshop, yet you’re still unsteady.”

 “Old Man, you know already?” Ou Yangming was surprised.

 Old Craftsman chuckled. “Since Kang Weibo knows that you can smith an Attribute Equipment, he’ll definitely do anything he can to flatter you. Hehe, if I guessed it right, you have a personal smithing workshop and a courtyard now, right?”

 Ou Yangming nodded. “Old Man, you guessed it right!”

 “What’s the split ratio he set for you?” Old Craftsman pouted his lips indifferently.

 “Two in ten.” Ou Yangming dared not hide the truth.

 “Two in ten, hmph, he’s so wicked,” Old Craftsman commented as he was displeased, “Among the twenty over Military Fire Blacksmiths in the Armament Camp, other than three of them, the ratio given to the others is one in ten.”

 Ou Yangming was startled. “Sir Kang really thinks highly of me…”

 Old Craftsman laughed. “It’s not you whom he thinks highly of, it’s me.”

 “I understand, he must think that I’ll seek help from you if I can’t do it.” Ou Yangming quickly realized what was going on.

 “Not bad. The standard set by the Supply Division for the Armament Camp is one in ten. Above that, it’ll be considered as the Armament Camp’s benefit, so blacksmiths who can achieve two in ten have a high status. Hehe, Kang Weibo thinks that he took advantage of us!” Old Craftsman nodded, and he looked wise and sly as though he could see through everything.

 Ou Yangming laughed as he thought to himself, ‘I wonder how Kang Weibo’s face will change if he finds out that I only used three precious ores to smith two pieces of Attribute Equipment.’

 Following that, the master and his apprentice looked at each other and laughed together.

 1Old Craftsman patted Ou Yangming on his shoulder. “Young fella, you’re a rising treasure in the Armament Camp, so you must work harder!”

 Ou Yangming nodded.

 “Besides that, based on what you did today, Zhang Yinfan will probably face you squarely. Hehe, they won’t give you a hard time anymore,” Old Craftsman mentioned confidently.

 However, Ou Yangming’s face changed.

 If Zhang Hanyu was still alive, Old Craftsman’s words might come true, but since that was not the case, Ou Yangming was not sure of what would happen

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