Immortal Path to Heaven

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Testing A Saber

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Upon seeing Ou Yangming who was eager to try, and the dejected Yan Chengcai, Yan Haobo had an idea. “Master Ou, I heard that other than a fist art and a body technique, you’re adept in a blade technique too?”

 ‘I only taught Ou Yangming the simplest blade technique and fist art in the military saber, I didn’t mention that he’s adept in the blade technique,’ Sui Hezhi wondered as he was stunned. Nonetheless, after witnessing Ou Yangming’s fist art and body technique, he honestly looked forward to his blade technique too.

 “Squad Leader Yan, are you testing my blade technique too?” Ou Yangming chuckled.

 “Master Ou, you misunderstood. You won’t need to make a move if you join us in the forest, so having a body technique is enough,” Yan Haobo quickly explained, “I’m just excited to see you do what I love to do, so I’d like to see how deep exactly your foundation is, and how deep we can go in the dense forest.”

 Just as he mentioned, Ou Yangming would not be attacking wild beasts even if he followed them into the forest. As long as his body technique was good enough that he would not be a burden, they would be glad.

 Nonetheless, the stronger Ou Yangming was, the more confident they would be, so much so that they could go deeper into the forest as planned since they would not be affected.

 Ou Yangming nodded. He knew that the better he performed, he would be less restrained in the forest and could go deeper with the others.

 He entered his house to retrieve two military sabers. “I refined these two sabers for fun. Though they’re of Good Grade, they’re not at their peak, so just put up with it for now, Brother Yan.”

 Yan Haobo and the others thought to themselves, ‘Put up with a Good Grade military saber? Why does it sound so awkward…’

 Nevertheless, they knew that Ou Yangming was not shaming them on purpose. After realizing that he could carelessly give three pieces of equipment at the peak of Good Grade to someone, they understood that their vision and financial ability were not comparable with his anymore. As such, it was normal for the master to ask Yan Chengcai to put up with the two Good Grade military sabers.

 Just as Yan Chengcai was about to accept the saber, a big hand snatched it away.

 Everyone was stunned because it was Yan Haobo who took it.

 “Uncle, what are you doing?” Yan Chengcai asked as he was shocked.

 Ou Yangming was confused too. He was rather confident about battling Yan Chengcai, but if he were to defeat a squad leader, a squad leader of the Guards led by Chen Yifan… As presumptuous as he was, he knew that it was impossible for him according to his current power.

 Yan Haobo chuckled. “Master Ou, a saber doesn’t have eyes, and Chengcai isn’t very flexible with it yet, so I’ll battle you this time.”

 1“Okay, sorry for the trouble, Squad Leader.” Ou Yangming understood.

 He took a step back, then lifted his saber in front of his chest to be on guard.

 On the other hand, Yan Haobo held his saber casually. “Master Ou, please make a move.”

 Ou Yangming was terrified. Even though Yan Haobo was not in a stance and was holding the military saber loosely which gave off the feeling that there were plenty of loopholes, he seemed extremely threatening.

 It was similar to when Ou Yangming was forced into a dead-end in the abandoned depot by Zhang Hanyu, where he was prickled with fear.

 Ou Yangming instantly stopped breathing, and the purple light in his mind shone brighter.

 The greater the crisis, the more focused he was, and the better the purple light cooperated.

 It was not strange at all because any living being would either wait helplessly for death or unleash a shocking potential during desperate moments.

 This was what people meant when saying that one would be quick-witted in an emergency, and pressure always resulted in motivation.

 Suddenly, Ou Yangming shifted his body to dash toward Yan Haobo, then slashed his saber down.

 Yan Haobo was taken aback. The slash was not great as it was not above a Force Grade Class Three martial artist’s limit, but he sensed a fearsome killing intent when the slash was made.

 It was the violent killing intent that made him shudder with fear.

 A saber that was used to kill and was covered in blood was completely different from the saber used by a normal martial artist during cultivation.

 In Yan Haobo’s opinion, Ou Yangming was exceptionally talented and was a good sprout in martial arts cultivation, but as hard as he cultivated, he could not compete with an experienced soldier who had fought in the war. Hence, it was normal for Ou Yangming to lack the guts and the killing momentum no matter how great his blade technique was.

 That being said, Ou Yangming’s slash totally overturned Yan Haobo’s understanding.

 The saber was certainly a murder weapon, and the killing intent did not come from the treasure saber, but the person holding the saber.

 Yan Haobo was puzzled. ‘Can someone become a cultivating god by cultivating from home?’

 5Although he could not figure it out, he did not slow down his attack. A saber-light was seen heading for Ou Yangming’s wrist when he attacked.

 Instead of using the saber blade, he attacked with the saber back because Master Ou would not be injured even if he was hit.

 While it seemed like Ou Yangming went all out, he suddenly changed direction the moment Yan Haobo attacked. Additionally, he moved with his saber such that he dodged Yan Haobo’s saber, and even went behind him.

 The feeling when he battled with Yan Chengcai earlier emerged again, but it was clearer and more thrilling this time.

 A flash of saber-light was seen as Ou Yangming swung his saber at Yan Haobo’s arm. Needless to say, he did not exert all his force, but his attacking angle was so tricky that it was truly plausible.

 Yan Haobo was indeed a towering mountain when he remained still, but when he moved, his flaws were exposed.



“Nice!” He yelled, then faced the attack with his saber.

 “Ding—” A loud sound was heard when both sabers clashed.

 Ou Yangming’s face changed a little, and he quickly moved backward. He finally realized that there was a huge disparity between their strengths.

 Yan Haobo’s quick reaction was definitely beyond Ou Yangming’s reach. His saber hit first though he struck later, and it managed to stop Ou Yangming’s saber. On top of that, the snow-white saber-light, as well as the powerful momentum, forced Ou Yangming to retreat.

 On the opposite, Yan Haobo did not shake a bit, let alone swaying.

 The huge difference made Ou Yangming hopeless.

 Despite that, Ou Yangming was not resigned to the outcome yet. Yan Haobo was indeed powerful and agile, but Ou Yangming was certain that he would be superior if he had his equipment set on.

 Of course, he was not going to reveal his trump cards yet.

 He took a step back to stare at Yan Haobo. Instead of taking the advantage to attack again, the squad leader stayed on his spot to wait for Ou Yangming’s next attack.

 Perhaps Yan Haobo thought that Ou Yangming would not be threatening at all no matter what tricks he used, because he had a saber with him.

 Ou Yangming took a few steps back, and his eyes shone brighter.

 Some people would withdraw themselves during difficult moments, whereas some would have a higher fighting spirit upon facing greater dangers.

 Ou Yangming was unquestionably the latter.

 After knowing that Yan Haobo would not kill him with a slash, Ou Yangming decided not to retreat at all. He had been hoping to train with a powerhouse like him.

 Subsequently, he took a deep breath and went against the current.

 A saber-light from Ou Yangming’s saber was aimed at Yan Haobo’s head again, but the instant Yan Haobo moved a little to attempt a block, Ou Yangming’s blade force changed. The saber-light that was slashing down took a turn to attack Yan Haobo’s arm.

 It was as if the same scenario was repeated, but the difference was that Ou Yangming’s saber-light became faster.

 Yan Haobo smirked and thought to himself, ‘So what if it became faster? I’m definitely going to eat him up by suppressing him with my power and speed.’

 However, just as there was a movement from his wrist as he changed his direction, Ou Yangming’s saber-light flashed and headed for his thigh instead.

 Yao Haobo was stunned, and was forced to change accordingly.

 Soon enough, he realized that Ou Yangming’s military saber was ever-changing, and it was simply impossible to guard against it.

 Ou Yangming’s blade technique was not exquisite, and his attacks were neither fierce nor fast. In fact, he was actually inferior to Yan Chengcai.

 In spite of that, his ever-changing blade technique left them in awe.

 Additionally, Ou Yangming’s saber-lights were aimed at Yan Haobo’s weak point. Though he was much slower than Yan Haobo, Sui Hezhi and Yan Chengcai could tell that the latter lost his dominance and was being led by the former by the nose.


Sui Hezhi and Yan Chengcai were speechless when they looked at each other.

 Especially Yan Chengcai who finally understood his uncle’s real intention. If he had battled instead, he would not be able to suppress Ou Yangming with his power and speed, and would probably be defeated already.

 Yan Haobo who was in the battle at the moment was beginning to feel that way.

 Ou Yangming was like a vortex. The vortex was not powerful in the beginning, but it became deeper as his saber-lights kept changing, to the extent that Yan Haobo felt like he was being restrained.

 When the feeling grew stronger to a certain point, Yan Haobo felt a sense of crisis.

 He must make a change, or like a frog being boiled, he would not even know how he would die in the end.

 Following that, Yan Haobo widened his eyes and roared. His voice was thunderous and full of killing intent.

 He did not bother about the incoming saber-light as he fixed his gaze on Ou Yangming, then slashed his saber without hesitant.

 Under the pressure from Ou Yangming’s strange blade technique, he actually put his status aside, and attacked with a method that would cause destruction to the both of them.

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