Imperial Phoenix Rules

Chapter 608 - The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 3

Chapter 608: The Mutation of the Mysterious Seed 3

The Earth Spirit rolled its eyes anxiously. There was a reason why it did not tell Jun Mohuang about the hidden lotus seed in time.

The main point was not this, but this mysterious seed.

Even though this seed was held in the Earth Spirit’s mouth, there was still a steady stream of life aura surging out, swelling its body.

The breath of life collided in its body and constantly broke through its earth elemental defense.

Qiu Hailing, who was about to reach the dormitory, felt the disappearance of the breath of life and his heart tightened.

Could it be that someone beat him to it? No, he must obtain this treasure!

Qiu Hailing sped up and entered the dormitory.

The dormitory district had already changed drastically. There were weeds and towering trees everywhere.

Qiu Hailing jumped onto the tall trees and shuttled through them agilely.

It did not matter if the breath of life disappeared. He could continue to track it.

Hundreds of meters behind him, six figures in white also entered the dormitory area. They were the six elders.

In Jun Mohuang’s dormitory.

“How can that do!”

Upon hearing this, Jun Mohuang no longer cared about the lotus seeds. Even an idiot would know that this seed was good after causing such a huge commotion.

Soon, a large group of people would sense something amiss and rush over to snatch it.

How could she give her things away?

Jun Mohuang released her divine sense and could already sense that someone was rushing towards her from 800 meters away.

“How long can you last?”

Just as she asked this, she saw a breath of life break through the Earth Spirit’s defense and float out.

Jun Mohuang tried to get Xiao Jin to put the seed in its mouth and realized that it couldn’t.

The person was only 300 meters away from her dormitory, and there was a large group of people following behind. They were obviously attracted by the commotion caused by the seed.

Jun Mohuang had to hide the seeds before these people found her dormitory.

The earth and gold elements had always been the strongest defense.

Since they couldn’t even block these two bodies, storage spaces like the Black Iron Bracelet and the Phoenix Jade Space naturally couldn’t.

The storage space was connected to the outside world. If one placed the seeds inside, their aura would still leak out.

Unless she had a completely sealed dimensional space that could ensure that no aura spread.

Just as this thought flashed in Jun Mohuang’s mind, she felt her body lighten. The light in front of her changed and the bedroom disappeared. In its place was a pure white void.

This space was as big as two football fields.

Besides the normal soil on the ground, the rest of the area was pure white as if it was covered in white mist.

There were a lot of miscellaneous items scattered on the ground. There were rocket launchers, various guns, bullets, and some cold weapons.

There were daily necessities such as clothes, tents, chairs, tables, and other furniture.

There was a small nine-storey pagoda by her feet. It was the pagoda that Bai Leiming wanted to kill her with but failed.


Looking at the items on the ground, Jun Mohuang immediately recognized that this was her Huangyu Space.

Everything in here was personally placed in by her. This was definitely Huangyu Space.

She had never been able to enter Huangyu Space before. Why was she here now!

Furthermore, Jun Mohuang could feel that everything in the space was under her control. She knew everything that happened.

But she could not be bothered to wonder about it right now. The life aura of this mysterious seed was overwhelmingly strong!

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