Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2361 Immovable! II

Chapter 2361 Immovable! II

Over a dozen silver gold bastions of defensive lights that would take simultaneous strikes from over a dozen Unequaled Reverend Emperors to get past were released.

Yet when the metallic blue essence arrived…these layers of defensive lights didn’t even receive an impact as the Boundary Essence that made them…seemingly turned into a hazy state, instantly changing its colors from silver gold to metallic blue as the descending power that was a fusion between two Boundary Essences cleanly cut through- its concentration even increasing the more it moved forward!

Others may not be able to see what the intricacies behind it were, but Titus saw it clear as day as he felt his soul shake.

The metallic blue essence didn’t meet any resistance where it went as it instantly changed the nature of the opposing essence that stood before it, transformed it into an essence akin to it, absorbed it, and nullified everything entirely!

When it came across an opposing essence, it entirely altered it and devoured it to become a part of its strengths as it became ever more concentrated and faster.

It meant that the layers of defenses that should have taken even Titus at least ten strikes to get through…were entirely bypassed and shredded in an instant as the metallic blue light smashed into the body of the glorious Haven Disciple!


There was no explosion, blinding light, or a booming impact.

The terrifying light sunk into the body of the Haven Disciple freely as an instant later…all light and life force emanating from this being disappeared.

All the stellar silver gold radiance around this Planar Halcyon Sparrow disappeared as its massive body began tumbling to the ground below- golden dreamy sands reaching out to grasp it as if they were welcoming the corpse to its eternal grave!

And from its body, the terrific metallic blue light emerged with even greater vibrancy and power as it instantly shot towards another direction.


Titus saw this scene as he felt as if his soul was standing on pins and needles, instantly pulling out two Apex Aeonic Soul Totems and activating the first one to release a silver gold light that protectively hugged his body!

<Fuck…fuck, fuck!>

Expletives escaped his mouth as he saw the deadly light that he assumed to be a type of Dynamis of Extremity wildly rush towards another Haven Disciple- everyone here beginning to feel surging waves of danger as their destinies warned them of their possible ends!

Titus looked at the unfolding scenes as he once more felt like he stood at a crossroads of choices.


Had he made any right choices today?

Was the choice he was currently on the right one?

‘And why the hell haven’t I received any replies yet?!’

He screamed inwardly as by now, he should’ve heard back from other groups of his Genesis Institute of Extremity or even have some of the more powerful beings near this location.

His choice to stay on this path was dependent on them- and this was why he had called for help!


When he had this thought, his soul trembled as he was forced to remember something one of his most prized teachers had told him a hundred years ago.

<Titus, you will come across many trials in your life. Something you need to remember is that in all of them, your life should always lie in the palm of your hands. If you ever find yourself relying more on Totems or the strength of others, you are leaving your life in the hands of Destiny. And destiny…is very, very fickle.>


This memory blazed in his mind as he shuddered!

He…he had actually risked his life on the premise of relying on others to come and aid him.

How did he miss this? How did he forget something so critical?!


Seeing the unfolding situation and putting his life in his own hands…he instantly made another choice.

Among the decisions he made today, this was the single most right one!


His magnificent Planar Halcyon Sparrow form turned around to instantly make a withdrawal and leave the battlefield as he forsaken his goal of obtaining the secrets of this Mysterious Entity right then and there!

Even though he had sacrificed many things to gain nothing, he would not put his life on the line any longer when this Entity revealed too many unknowns.

So he made the right choice, but…


His massive silver gold body was frozen in place as he felt his neck constricted, a voice reaching his ears as it originated much too close to him!

<I told you…that I would fuck you up.>


While they were all focused on the horrifying metallic blue essence and what it was doing, they had lost sight of the man himself as he appeared right in front of Titus’s retreating figure, his right hand clamped on his feathery neck as it felt like an Extremity Metalloid had clamped down on his body!

Vibrant metallic blue light covered the skin of this being as he looked like a devilish creature emanating essence from Unrecorded Aeons!

Yes, Titus had made the right choice. He had even made this choice as he chose to retreat first without alerting the Haven Disciples that followed him to this change- all for the sake of buying time for his retreat!

He made the right choice, the only problem was…he made it too late.

The silver gold defensive layer born from an Apex Aeonic Soul Totem around him didn’t disappear as this being had forcefully constricted it onto Titus’s feathery skin, the metallic blue glow around his hand clashing and shockingly pulverizing the power of this Totem ever so slowly as it actually seemed to win over it! ๏ฝ‚๐šŽ๏ฝ„๏ฝŽ๐š˜๏ฝ–๐šŽ๏ฝŒ.๐šŒ๐š˜๏ฝ

Titus had one more Apex Aeonic Soul Totem that he crushed at this moment to cause an attack to bloom right in front of the head of this being, silver gold light illuminating him as a boundless cluster of claws unfurled inches before his face.

And all there was…


Was a scathing clash of Essences as the metallic blue luster on his skin actually kept the essence of Apex Aeonic Soul Totem at bay!

Titus’s heart dropped at such a scene as a horrifying outcome neared this startling battle!

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