Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 958 958: Overwhelming

Chapter 958 Chapter 958: Overwhelming

Wherever Lucifer passed through, death followed as people kept disappearing, turning into dust.

At the moment, Lucifer was the most dangerous being in the entire world, according to the people who were in the surroundings. They were scared of running away before, but they also knew that even if they stayed behind now, they were going to be killed. Did they even have any options?

Some of them even started begging for Lucifer to let them live. In exchange, they promised that they were going to leave the city forever and never step foot here. They also claimed that they had no hand in what happened here.

Unfortunately, their pleas fell on deaf ears. They were strangers to him. He already took the people he cared about to safety. Now, there was nothing more for him to do with these people but kill them.

No matter what they did, they died. Even the ones who tried to run away couldn’t go far before being killed.

At the moment, Lucifer was the god of death… The Hunter who was on a hunt.

“Brother Lucifer, stop!”

Lucifer was in the middle of his carnage when he heard someone call his name. Hearing his name again brought him out of his zone for a moment. He raised his head, wondering just who was calling him.

“It’s you.” Lucifer recognized the young man who had called him.

“Golden Rhino Clan, Deon?” He had met Deon in the past as well. In fact, he had used Deon to kill the Thunder Lion without getting in trouble.

What was more surprising was the person behind her. It was a beautiful woman, having flaming red hair that came down to her waist. She was Amelia from the Phoenix Clan.

Amelia had some fear in her eyes. It’s been a long time since she last saw Lucifer, and now that she saw him, it was in this situation. He had killed so many innocent people without even the slightest hesitation. Just what had happened to him? She couldn’t understand.

Lucifer also didn’t care to explain anything to her. He wanted to keep his interaction with her as little as possible.

“I-” Amelia tried speaking, but Lucifer didn’t look like he cared. He started walking away. He was still on a mission. Since he didn’t know what kind of scores his opponents had gathered, he couldn’t afford to take things lightly.

Watching Lucifer walk away, Amelia lowered her head.

‘He still hates me.’

“You two should take shelter,” Lucifer stopped after some distance. “And if possible, stay together. You should reach safety when my mother Summon Amelia. Use the portal to escape.”

“But remember. If you take anyone other than your own family members, when I get back home, I’ll destroy you and them with my own hands!”

Amelia was a Summoned Beast of his mother. He had already told the Snow Wolf Clan to give her mother a message that she needed to Summon Amelia. As soon as she got that message, she was going to Summon Amelia.

And due to the existence of his decay in the atmosphere, there was no way that portal was going to work as expected. If anything, it was going to be nothing less than a portal similar to what he used to send the Snow Wolf Clan.

He didn’t want that portal to be used by these people to do social service and clearing the entire city to take it to earth. He had already warned them in advance before disappearing.

Amelia and Deon were the only ones left behind who were alive. Everyone else in that area was already dead, which prompted Lucifer to move to the next area.

Amelia and Deon looked at each other.

“He… He has gotten stronger. But he still told us a way to safety. I think we should believe him,” Deon told Amelia. “I’ll go tell my family to gather at your home. In the meantime, don’t tell anyone about this. It would be wise to not upset that guy.”

Amelia nodded, glancing at all the dead bodies on the ground. The carnage here was just too much.

Lucifer moved through the city from one area to the next, leaving no life behind. There were times when he felt slightly bad that he had to kill so many people who did nothing to him, but eventually, he was also working toward a goal.

He knew that he couldn’t do anything to stop the Star Alliance, even if he wanted to. He was already taking a huge risk by taking the Snow Wolf Clan, the Phoenix Clan, and the Golden Rhino Clan into his world. If he did more, he believed he could really upset the Star Alliance. ๐˜ฃ๐˜ฆ๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐‘™๏ผŽ๐‘๐‘œ๐˜ฎ


“Two Million!” After a day of work, Lucifer’s score had already crossed two million.

He was the first person who had managed to reach such a high score. The second person at the moment was still Raayi, who was also getting closer to two million, closely followed by Ron.

Even though those three candidates were given the provinces with the strongest beings, that was not proving to be a problem for them. It was just as Lucifer had stated before. The weaker candidates were going to have a hard time, even when their opponents were weaker, compared to stronger candidates.

“At this rate, he might clear the city before time runs out! This guy, he is incredible,” the Data Analyst of the ship stated. Lucifer’s score had even surpassed his expectations. And the speed of his score rising was only increasing with time, which was the most incredible part.

“It’s not that easy. The real headache will be the King of that world, who is still inside the city,” the old man stated, carrying a frown.

“Exactly,” Another person agreed. “Don’t you don’t this strange that the king, who was so arrogant during the negotiations with the Star Alliance, hasn’t even made a move even though so many of his people have been killed?”

“Can’t it be that he’s just scared after seeing the level of destruction that Lucifer is able to bring forth?” The Analyst asked. He was sure that if the King of that world were really that strong, he would’ve already taken action.

“Not quite. I can’t help but have a bad feeling. I have seen those negotiations. He didn’t seem like the person who would be scared of this much. He was also quite powerful. I wonder just what he’s planning. Why is he staying back?”

“We would have to wait and see. If something bad happens and Lucifer’s life is in danger, we will take action personally and call an early end to this test.”

“Yes Sir.”

After seeing Lucifer’s skill, everyone knew just how important he could be for the Star Alliance. He was still a young man who hadn’t been with the Star Alliance for long, and he was already that strong. With time, the boy had the potential of being the strongest general in the Star Alliance.

Losing them on trial like this was undoubtedly going to be a pity. Moreover, it was clear that the old man had taken a liking to the king.

“Just what are you planning… I wonder when you’ll show your hand, Aizar!”


Back at the Royal Palace of the World of Summons, the King was still sitting on his throne. He had his eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

“Your Majesty, the Southern Block has been destroyed as well,” One of his men informed him.

“I see.” The King of Beasts only gave a lackluster reaction even after hearing that news.

Even his strongest Warriors, who were sitting in the Main Hall with him, couldn’t understand just why they weren’t being mobilized to stop the intruder. As soon as the attacks began, they asked for permission to go and kill the intruder, only to have the King reject that request for some reason.

They were given no explanation even after all this time. Since then, they had been sitting here as if waiting for something.

“The South East Block has fallen as well!” After about an hour, another news came.

There was still no difference in the man’s expressions. Even his reaction was the same. He didn’t even bother opening his eyes as if it wasn’t worth his time.

“Your Majesty, may I ask you a question?” With so much time having passed, one of the men couldn’t help but take the initiative to ask. “Why aren’t we attacking the intruder?”

“At this rate, he would destroy the entire city. Eventually, we’ll have to face him as well. So why not face him right now instead of waiting for later?” The man who had two Ox-like horns asked.

He wasn’t the only one who had this question. Almost everyone here had this question. It’s just that the others hadn’t been able to gather the courage to ask that question yet.

Finally, the King opened his eyes after receiving the question. As soon as he opened his eyes, almost everyone felt a heavy pressure that was pushing down their bodies…

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