Is that a Wisp?

Chapter 3 Myriad Energies Cultivation Technique

Let alone the old man, even the crew behind looked at Krune strangely. Some started to laugh, others just snorted or looked at him with blatant disdain, they thought that this wisp was definitely looking for a beating.

But contrary to what they expected, the old man just shook his head and didn’t say anything.

Why should he care? It’s just a wisp, there is no need to pay attention to what he says. Not to mention, Feifei is only a child, she will probably forget about that in a few days. Even if she doesn’t, she will definitely see it as a joke when she grows up.

On the other side, Feifei was as happy as ever.

“You said it, you can’t go back on your word.”

“Of course!”

In fact, even Krune himself didn’t believe at the moment that he would get there. Still, he now has a reason to try hard, a reason to stop fleeing, even though he believes that she will soon forget about him, it doesn’t matter. The more he looked at the smiley Feifei, the better he felt.

But then, Feifei asked something that he didn’t expect.

“To get strong, you need a good cultivation technique, which one you are using at the moment?”

The old man just gave him a side glance. With his realm, he could totally tell that this wisp doesn’t cultivate any technique what so ever. He could see that he was still at the 2nd stage of the Qi Condensation, and that was totally done through the average accumulation of energy that all wisps are used to do.

Krune was taken aback by the question. It’s not that he doesn’t know what those techniques are, by following then one’s cultivation can go faster and higher. Still, he is a wisp, what technique is there to talk about? From all the wisps he met in his 3 years of life so far, not a single one of them had ever cultivated using a technique. They basically just accumulated energy like any other wisp, that was all.

Feeling a bit embarrassed, Krune answered.

“Well, we wisps are really too weak with minimal life spans, so I’ve never heard of a technique that a wisp could use, so I don’t cultivate any.”

The girl didn’t expect that.

“But without one, there is no way you can ever get strong. If you rely on the accumulation of energy alone even, I can tell you won’t get anywhere.”

Krune could just reply.

“There is no other way, I will just have to think about something else.”

Feifei looked back at the old man.

“Uncle Feng, is there a cultivation technique that we could let him try?”

The old man already expected such a question and didn’t think much of it. Now that it got to this point and he knew that Krune wasn’t coming, he wants to get over with it as soon as possible. With a flip of his hand, a scroll appeared on it, which he simply tossed at Krune.

“This is the only technique that I know that could be used by a wisp. The problem of wisps is the fact that different from most of the other life forms, they don’t have meridians. Because of that, the big majority of cultivation techniques are useless for them, and that is still true even after acquiring the human form.”

Krune was ecstatic! He had never hope ever to find a cultivation technique that works for wisps too. As a wisp, he knows all too well the difference between him and the others. The fact that there is even one that works for them is already a miracle in his eyes.

Uncle Feng noticed that and wasn’t going to say anything else when Feifei intervened.

“But uncle Feng, isn’t that one of the most common cultivation techniques out there? Father said that there is nothing worth praising on it and that only poor cultivators would use it at the start. Isn’t there anything better?”

“There isn’t, it’s not that I don’t want to help but that there is no way to help, without meridians how can a cultivation technique even be used? Be happy that this Myriad Energies technique even works.”

Uncle Feng just said that and turned to enter the ship.

“Say your goodbyes because we are leaving in a few minutes, by the way, my full name is Su Feng.”

In fact, there were two things he didn’t say, first because this is a very common technique mostly used at the start of the cultivation path for poor cultivators. If Krune could leave this forest without being hunted, it wouldn’t be long before he found about this cultivation technique.

The second one is that although everyone considered it ordinary and easy to get, there was one thing that no one was ever able to find about it. How exactly did the creator of this technique make it work without meridians?

It follows a totally different path than any other one.

Krune didn’t mind, he already got much more than he could ever expect today. His life was saved, got acquainted with someone from the Wang clan, and got a cultivation technique that, although ordinary, it still works for wisps. Finally, it seems like he got a fiance?

Of course, just like Su Feng, Krune knows that it will be almost impossible for that to really happen.

Still, at least he has an objective, which is enough for now, he might not succeed, but he will definitely try.

By the time he came back from his thoughts, Su Feng had already disappeared, so Krune simply expressed his gratitude mentally to him.

Feifei knew it was time to go, in her childish mind she really believed they would meet again.

“Krune, you must definitely come! After you get there, I won’t need to get to know all those pampered young masters that my father wants me to see. They are all too boring, Krune is much cuter and funnier.”

Krune couldn’t help but chuckle. She really has no idea what marriage really is about. But that’s okay, even if she forgets about it or just treat it as a childish thought, later on, that won’t matter. It’s okay as long as he remembers. Of course, he is not expecting that he will marry even if she remembers anyway.

“Alright! I will definitely do my best to get there. It will probably take a long time, but I won’t give up. You can count on me.”

Before leaving, Feifei left for him a device and explained how the universe worked. It wasn’t anything extraordinary, just a compile of information. Since Krune was going to visit her, he at least had to know what planets, stars, and the universe are. And this device had a lot of information like that. Of course, from where Feifei came, this kind of thing could be bought basically everywhere, and it was quite cheap.

With that, they gave their farewells. Feifei was heading to the ship while Su Fend had already embarked on it. There were only a few last members of the crew outside finalizing the last steps to take off. No one noticed, but just at that moment, something flew out of Feifei’s glabella and entered Krune’s core. One must understand that the cultivation difference between Krune and Feifei is like the difference between heaven and earth. It wasn’t even worth to mention! Because of this, even Krune himself didn’t notice anything.

Inside, uncle Feng was just hearing his subordinate commenting.

“Master Feng. Is it really okay to let that wisp go after what he said? Master Wang won’t be happy if he finds about it.”

Su Feng replied as if it was nothing.

“Why would he? It’s just a wisp. If Krune was one of those boys from the big clans, then sure, he might have said something. But he definitely won’t give even a second thought about the matter.

Considering who said that, he will just take it as another one of his daughter’s crazy child talks. As for me, it would be beneath myself to make a move on such a weakling.”

The subordinate heard that and didn’t say anything more.

Outside, Krune was looking at the Airship taking off. He doesn’t know when he will be able to leave the planet nor if he would ever be. But since things have got to this point, there is only one way to go now, and that is forward.

After that, Krune found a place to hide. It was a waterfall, and behind it, there was just enough space for him to stay. But that was enough, he took the information device that Feifei gave him and started memorizing everything. The device only had information about the universe. It explained how it worked, like what are planets, stars, black holes, etc. But it was still an eye-opener for Krune. He really lived at the bottom of the well.

After finishing memorizing everything, Krune threw the device away. It would be annoying to carry it with him anyway. Not to mention that wisps are extremely intelligent. Once Krune learned something, he would never forget as long as he willed so. As for studying the contents, Krune would take his time to do it. While he is cultivating, for example, he could use the time to access those memories and comprehend them. He is confident that he won’t need to use too much time to understand everything, at least not until he can grasp the basics.

A few days later, Krune was still hiding behind the waterfall while scrolling through the Myriad Energies technique. After fully memorizing the contents, he came to understand why it worked for wisps. It turns out that it wasn’t that the method could be used without meridians, but that it merely has no use for meridians to start with.

In fact, although all races could practice this one, it seemed like it was tailor-made for wisps. Instead of using the meridians, the cultivator had to manipulate the energy in his body to create a thing called pseudo energy meridians. Which are made of energy themselves and will disappear when you stop cultivating. That’s why the meridians that one was born with had no use since this technique only worked through the energy meridians. Your own true meridians would not be able to absorb the spiritual energy while this technique was activated.

The reason is that because when a cultivator absorbs energy from heaven and earth, he changes the energy properties in accordance with his own. Only then it is deposited into the dantian or demon core. But the Myriad Energies technique follows a different path. It absorbs the energy as it is and stores it inside without making any conversion. The conversion itself only happens inside the dantian or demon core. This is why this technique can’t be used with any other method since they will conflict with each other and probably cause a cultivation deviation.

Krune felt that this technique was made for wisp precisely because of that. Since he doesn’t have true meridians, the pseudo energy meridians are the only ones that he would be able to use to start with.

That was also why almost no one used this technique for an extended period of time. In the end, by using real meridians, you will have faster results in your path of cultivation since most of the life forms are born with over a hundred of them. And unfortunately, the Myriad Energies technique can only allow you to create up to 9 pseudo energy meridians.

The reason why the other races even used this technique at all was that they need first to open their real meridians for use. And for that, they need spiritual energy, and that’s where this technique comes in hand. After a few months of cultivation, a cultivator with average talent would still be able to open more than 9 real meridians for use. After that, they would cast this technique aside since it loses its purpose.

Of course, there were several other ways to open the channels of the real meridians. Take big clans, for example. They would have their elders inject spiritual energy into the body of their offsprings. It would help them opening those channels, which is a much faster and reliable way to do it.

Krune put his thoughts aside and started with the pseudo meridians’ creation. As a being of energy, he obviously had it easy. By the end of the day, he had already created a full working meridian, life forms of blood and flesh could do that too but would definitely take several times longer.

Once a meridian is successfully created, it will dissipate after the cultivator stops cultivating. But the next time he starts again, it will only take a few minutes to reform that energy meridian. It’s just like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, you will never forget.

The time passed, and just like that, a week went by.

Back inside the Wang Clan Spaceship, Su Feng was inside Feifei’s room. He then sent out some spiritual energy, and a barrier appeared around them. After that, he looked at Feifei, who was playing around and finally decided to ask.

“Feifei, even though you are quite the playful girl, that was a lot coming from you, especially that marriage thing. What is happening here? What did you see?”

Feifei kept playing while laughing, it was as if she didn’t hear Su Feng at all.


This time, Feifei answered.

“I didn’t ‘see’ anything.”

Uncle Feng didn’t believe it and kept pressing.

“There is no need to keep a secret from me, you should know that as well. There is no way I would betray my words from back then. So why can’t you tell me?”

Feifei finally stopped playing and looked at him.

“Uncle Feng, I know very well that you would never do me any harm. That’s why I’m not hiding anything from you. I really can’t see anything about him at all. And that’s what caught my attention.”

This time, Su Feng was really taken aback.

“Is that even possible?”

Feifei laughed again and simply answered.

“Seems like it is. That’s why it will be very fun! As for this marriage promise, I will hold onto that until he comes for me. I won’t give him to anyone! I’m not lying, I liked him very much. He is funny and cute, but above all, I can’t see anything.”

She then made a playful smile.

“I even gave him my mark.”

Su Feng’s heart almost stopped at that moment.

“You can’t be serious!”

Feifei just laughed after that, but Su Feng couldn’t find it funny at all.

“If the Wang Clan finds out that your mark is gone, they will flip the universe upside down looking for it.”

Feifei didn’t mind that at all.

“I trust that he will be able to deal if this bit of trouble; otherwise, he wouldn’t be the one I chose.”

Uncle Feng sighed and didn’t say anything else.

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