It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

Chapter 31: The Weak Have No Right to Speak

Chapter 31: The Weak Have No Right to Speak

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“Why?” echoed the examiner with a cold smirk, “Do any of you have the right to ask?”

Han Jijyun was not flustered by the examiner’s rebuttal. With his usual level-headedness, he said, “Isn’t the test over? The examiner at the start had stated very clearly that once we reached the finish line, the speed and stamina test would be over. So we have the right to refuse your command.”

Han Jijyun knew that everyone was already on their last legs — some were even having trouble standing, only staying upright out of sheer bullheadedness. Leaving aside attacking the examiner, they may not even be able to take even one more step.

The examiner looked at Han Jijyun, and there was a trace of approval in his eyes. This child was calm and analytical, not easily swayed by an opponent’s show of force. In addition, he could defend his stance with evidence, displaying solid logical thinking, and was good at catching on to key points and discovering the logical flaws in other people’s speech. Overall, a good candidate for a military strategist.

Still, no matter how much he admired Han Jijyun, he wouldn’t change his mind. With a mocking smirk on his face, he said, “Brat, let me teach you all the first rule you need to know to survive in this world — the weak have no right to speak.”

He swept a critical gaze over the angry children, and ten pairs of fierce and stubborn eyes stared right back at him. He was satisfied — if they hadn’t been angered by his words, then their parents would have raised them in vain.

When the examiner’s gaze swept over Ling Lan, he couldn’t suppress a soft exclamation — Ling Lan’s eyes were the calmest among the ten children, still like dead water, deep and unfathomable. Was he scared silly? Or had he seen through the ruse? Or perhaps he was just unmoved by all this? The examiner frowned, and watched Ling Lan thoughtfully for a beat or two.

What the examiner didn’t know was that his gaze filled with killing aura was completely ineffective against Ling Lan. Remember, Ling Lan had grown up under the crushing pressure of Number One’s presence. In contrast, this kind of superficial scare tactic was really nothing to Ling Lan.

Reining in his curiosity towards Ling Lan, the examiner’s face turned sly, and with an evil grin on his face, he said, “You all can choose to ignore my command. However, your results for the speed and stamina test … well, sorry, you will all fail.” His killing aura dissipated as he said this, as if it had never been there to begin with, but his words were cruel, casually threatening to destroy the children’s dreams and ambitions.

These words caused the faces of all the children in Ling Lan’s group to fall. They had come brimming with confidence to enrol in this top-ranked scout academy, not to return home with their tails between their legs.

“We have the right to submit a complaint.” The expression on Han Jijyun’s youthful face was frigid; he was indeed an extremely intelligent child, but no matter how smart he was, he was helpless against this sort of irrational bullshit. His chest felt choked with rage; this was the first time he had experienced the futile anger of the weak and downtrodden.

“No, no, no! Didn’t you all read the examination rules? Any child who complains or protests will have their results thrown out for this year — Could it be that you all would like to wait and try again next year?” The examiner laughed as he shook his head, strolling over to stop in front of Han Jijyun, where he then bent over slightly to look the boy in the face with mocking playfulness. With deliberate slowness, he bit out a word at a time, “Smart little repeat student!”

This expression, these words, and this sort of dismissive look — it was all just too infuriating. Damn, this examiner was just asking to be beaten up.

Asking to be beaten up? Ling Lan sweat-dropped, and immediately yelled out in her mind, “Little Four, are you messing with my thoughts again?”

Little Four slunk out from a corner, face scrunched up in an unhappy pout. His usually round face now looked like a steamed dumpling as he spoke through pursed lips, “He’s too despicable! Bullying children!”

Alright, so Ling Lan wasn’t even angry yet, but the mentally immature Little Four had already been riled up by the examiner on her behalf. “Lord, beat him up for me.”

Ling Lan quirked her lips in a slight smile. “What’s in it for me?”

Little Four was slack-jawed. He had not expected Ling Lan to ask for something in return for his request. Didn’t she know that he was requesting this for her sake?

“Why?” Little Four wailed. Wasn’t his host angry as well?

“You said it — you want me to beat him up ‘for you’. Since I would be helping you, of course you should give me something in return.” Ling Lan’s self-satisfied smirk made Little Four think to himself that she was no better than the examiner, a big bully who bullied children.

“But he’s bullying you! Don’t you feel angry?” Little Four couldn’t understand — the examiner was being so mean that even he felt indignant … why was Ling Lan so calm?

“Bullying me? I don’t feel it.” Although Ling Lan didn’t know why the examiner was being such a hard-ass, still, she could sense no ill intentions from him.

Ling Lan was extremely grateful for all the pressure that Instructor Number One and Number Nine had exerted upon her all these years. They had given her an ability that wasn’t really an ability — being able to sense when someone had evil or killing intent towards her. Of course, according to Instructor Number One, this ability of Ling Lan was still only at the rudimentary level, not really applicable and actually quite useless. If she ever encountered any true experts or assassins, Ling Lan would be dead before she could sense anything.

Ling Lan’s words made Little Four want to tear his hair out — his host was just too insensitive; the examiner’s bullying was already so obvious, like a slap in the face, and she could still say she didn’t feel it?

Ling Lan was just about to reassure Little Four when her expression abruptly changed — she sensed something off in Qi Long’s aura; his spiritual power was fluctuating wildly.

“Help me think of a way to pass Instructor Number One’s exam three days later!” Ling Lan threw out her request, and without giving Little Four any chance to protest, she retreated from her mind-space. There was something wrong with Qi Long and she needed to keep her attention on him.

At this point, Ling Lan’s nerves were taut, on full alert as she leaned slightly forward with both arms held low and slightly bent, one up and one down in a vague cross. Her right leg was shifted back, with her weight resting fully on her heel — this was a basic combat stance that she had learned this year from Number Nine. It was the best neutral resting stance for attacking or defending, allowing the body to move and expend energy with ease.

Suddenly, Qi Long lifted his bowed head and everyone could see his bloodshot eyes, filled with killing intent. However, this killing intent was directed only at the examiner — it looked like the examiner’s taunting of Han Jijyun had thoroughly angered Qi Long, and he was ready to explode.

The examiner sensed Qi Long’s killing intent and leapt backwards with some surprise in his eyes. But by the time he landed, his entire demeanour and stance had changed, and all his eyes held was the anticipation for a fight.

Hollering loudly, Qi Long shot forward like a torpedo, swinging his tightly clenched fists at the examiner. There was a loud crash and then dirt went flying, blocking everyone’s vision.

Could it be that Qi Long had actually hit the examiner? Did he throw the examiner to the ground? The other children couldn’t see anything clearly and could only look at one another helplessly.

Only Ling Lan had a solemn expression on her face, her brows slightly raised. Though the others couldn’t see what had happened due to the dust, Ling Lan had seen everything. Little Four had displayed everything that had occurred between Qi Long and the examiner in her mind, bypassing the problem of the dirt and dust entirely.

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