Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2631 Attending The Desire Sky Villa Event (1)

Shi Lin could feel the difference in her body, she could feel that her body felt more different compared to before.

It seemed like Wu Ziyi was not lying about what she said, the effect was very real and could be felt by Shi Lin.

“Feeling better already?” Ye Chen asked Shi Lin.

“I feel very good” Shi Lin told him that she felt very good, she felt very good after taking a shower and clearing her mind.

“Let’s go out” Ye Chen said to Shi Lin, he invited Shi Lin to go out. ๐›๐ž๐๐—ป๐จ๐˜ƒ๐—ฒ๐—น.๐œ๐จ๐—บ

“Let’s go” Shi Lin nodded in agreement, he followed Ye Chen out of the room.

When they came out, they found Wu Ziyi and Jia Li practicing, it looked like they were training to increase their strength.

Shi Lin tried to hide herself behind Ye Chen, she didn’t want to be seen by Wu Ziyi and Jia Li.

“You guys woke up quite early” Ye Chen said to Wu Ziyi and Jia Li.

“Of course, we have rested very well, we rested well in our room” Wu Ziyi said that they had rested quite well, now they were in peak condition after recovering their strength.

“That’s great” Ye Chen was happy to listen, it seemed like they were all better, Ye Chen could feel calmer when he saw Wu Ziyi and Jia Li improving.

“Last night we heard some disturbing sounds, I think it was from your room” Jia Li said to Ye Chen, she said that Ye Chen was noisy.

“uh. . .” Shi Lin’s face turned red as she listened to what Jia Li said, it seemed that Jia Li had heard what Shi Lin and Ye Chen were doing.

This room didn’t have good soundproofing, there was still a bit of sound that could come out, a person with good hearing like Jia Li would easily be able to hear it.

In addition, Shi Lin made a loud noise, so people around could hear it.

“That was embarrassing” Shi Lin said to herself, she felt that it was embarrassing.

“What else can I do, I can’t sleep” Ye Chen said to Jia Li and Wu Ziyi, he tried to cover up the problem from the two of them.

“We have an invitation to Desire Sky Villa” Jai Li said to Ye Chen, she wanted to invite Ye Chen, Wu Ziyi and also Shi Lin to go to Desire Sky Villa, there was an invitation waiting for them.

“Let’s go” Ye Chen just agreed, he set off together with Shi Lin, Jia Li and Wu Ziyi.

Shi Lin looked more silent compared to usual, it was probably because he was shy and didn’t want to talk to them.

“Today you are a bit more silent, are you not feeling well ?” Wu Ziyi said to Shi Lin, she told Shi Lin that she was more silent compared to before.

“No, I’m fine, I’m in very good condition” Shi Lin told Wu Ziyi that she was fine, she was just a little embarrassed to be with Wu Ziyi.

Shi Lin was thinking, how will they be together from now on, this would be a complicated matter.

” ? ? ? ” Wu Ziyi was confused, she didn’t understand how Shi Lin reacted like that.

“Did he succeed last night or not?” Wu Ziyi wanted to know this matter, whether the plan she had prepared with Jia Li succeeded or not.

Wu Ziyi wanted to know that, but it seemed quite difficult to get the answer because Shi Lin was more reserved than usual.

Wu Ziyi might not get a verbal answer from Shi Lin, even so she felt that Shi Lin had changed a bit and maybe that was enough to answer the questions Wu Ziyi had.

“Here we are” Jia Li said to Ye Chen, Shi Lin and Wu Ziyi, she informed that they had all arrived at Desire Sky Villa.

“wow it’s so big” Wu Ziyi saw it for the first time, she was a little surprised when she saw the huge villa full of rooms that she couldn’t count.

“so crowded” Ye Chen looked at the sea of people, it seemed like they all came because there was an important event.

“There will be an important event, they will of course come, be careful, there will be many strong people in this place, there might be some villains coming” Jia Li said to Ye Chen and Wu Ziyi.

“Eh, there are also criminals?” Wu Ziyi did not expect that.

“Of course there are, there are so many people in this place, there is no way they can keep an eye on everyone, plus they must be using a disguise” Ye Chen said.

Ye Chen gave an explanation to Wu Ziyi, he told Wu Ziyi about what could happen in this place.

“Then this place is a bit dangerous” Wu Ziyi said to Ye Chen and the others.

“It might be, but no problem, I will ensure your safety” Jia Li would ensure everyone’s safety, she would guarantee the safety of everyone here.

“There will be many strong people here, you better be careful” Jia Li said to everyone, she told Ye Chen.

Jia Li gave Ye Chen a warning, she told Ye Chen not to cause any trouble.

“Understood” Ye Chen, Wu Ziyi and Shi Lin could only nod and obey what Jia Li said.

“Let’s go in” Jia Li invited everyone in, all of them immediately went inside.

This group attracted the attention of the people around, it was probably because they contained a beautiful man and three beautiful women.

So it was not strange that Ye Chen’s group could easily become the center of attention.

Jia Li led everyone, she decided to ignore everyone’s gazes and look for the best place available.

“Where are we going?” Wu Ziyi asked, where are they going.

“Let’s go see Du Rao first” Shi Lin told Wu Ziyi, they should probably meet Du Rao first.

“I totally agree, he invited us to this place” Jia Li felt that they should meet Du Yao.

Du Yao seemed to be busy receiving important guests, he told Shi Lin and the others to wait for a while.

They could only wait their turn, after which they got a ticket that would give them a slight discount when looking at the good stuff around.

“It’s like an event, they opened this place to the public” Ye Chen saw that they opened this place to the public, everything in this place was free to use.

“That’s right, you can use all the things in this place, all the things in this place will be free to use, even the training grounds that are usually rented out will be free, except for medicine, weapons, techniques and special items, they are all free to use for everyone”.

“It’s not strange that they come to this place, they are loyal customers” Wu Ziyi said.

“That’s right, they are all colleagues who usually come to do business, this time there is something free, of course they will come in droves”.

“There are tons of other Sect disciples from inside and outside the Realm here, there might be some great geniuses we can meet” Shi Lin said to Ye Chen and Wu Ziyi.

“I can’t wait for that” Ye Chen might be able to see something new, that’s why he couldn’t wait to see the geniuses in this place.

“Let’s first take a tour of this place, we’re going to try out the entire training grounds, maybe you guys can give it a try” Jia Li said to Ye Chen and Wu Ziyi.

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